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August 15, 2021 · 7 min read

work hard, working hard
A talent which doesn't work hard can be beaten by a person who puts enough hard work.

You’re going to become a successful person in the coming years if you consistently work on your goals.


With a firm belief, we all are addicted to listening to this pet phrase to work hard and become successful from our school times. But, sometimes a few moments came like a breeze to weaken our determinations.


In that case, people with perseverance and determination assemble themselves and continue their work. On the other hand, people with weak intentions and incompetence turn their back to dreams.


You can’t deny the reality that hard work is the key to success. Without working hard, you can’t achieve success and will regret the whole life with shattered dreams.


Unfortunately, there’s no magical recipe behind a successful life. 86% of successful people worked hard to fulfill their dreams and achieved all their goals that seem impossible to others.


So, if you want to achieve success and are ready to work hard, then nothing could stop you from your final destination except yourself.

Why is working hard important?

Working hard is important due to the fierce competition that nowadays everyone faces. If you want to be successful in business, you must work hard to stay on the top of the competitors. If you want to attain a successful mindset and get positive results, you will have to put work into it.


Living within the society, we need to contribute to the development of the society. The human race is considered as super creatures who have the capacity to turn visions into reality.


Therefore, hard work is the essential element in everyone’s life who is willing to become a champion. To earn respect and honor in society, we have to work hard.

work hard, working hard

Our world needs achievers, not only dreamers. Moreover, living in a world with advanced technology is also a challenging task.


With time, technology is turning the world into a completely new dimension. So, the world becomes quite competitive and every field is now full of competition. That’s why we need to work hard to fit into society.


In other words, the world is following Darwin’s theory that states that only the fittest one survives. Work hard and become the fittest one rather than depriving yourself of basic life resources.

Why are people unable to achieve their goals?

Most people are unable to achieve their goals in life because of inconsistency and fixed mindset. As a result, they’re living a mediocre life like others despite owning talent.


Here are 5 basic reasons that are stopping people to achieve their goals.

5 Basic Reasons That Stop People From Achieving Their Goals

#1 - Lack of consistency

Without working consistently, we desire to get exceptional results. This is not possible.


If you’re passionate about a dream, then you have to invest consistent efforts to reach your specific goals.


But, if you’re just doing things half-heartedly and do not give your 100%, then you will only get half the results. This is the biggest hurdle in the way of success.


Consistency is the secret ingredient of success. If you have dreams and you want to accomplish your dreams, then consistency will add the magic.


Your tiny efforts will add up to make you a successful person.

#2 - Afraid to fail

Most people do not try because they’re afraid to fail. Thinking about failure always restricts them from taking risks or crossing their limitations.


But, successful people own their failures and work hard to turn their failures into success stories.


Success doesn’t result from a magical wand, it requires your sweat and time. If you’re capable of confronting failure, then it will only strengthen your goals, rather than becoming your weakness.


After every failure, try to evaluate your performance and seek lessons from your past mistakes.

#3 - Fixed mindset

Success always comes with hard work.

A fixed mindset will never let you grow in your life. People with a fixed mindset always believe that only talent and luck are basic elements to become a successful person.


On the other hand, people with a growth mindset believe that they can beat talent with their hard work and consistent attitude.


As a result, people who embrace a growth mindset become successful in their lives.

#4 - Living within the comfort zone

The comfort zone is the most dangerous place to live in. Because living within the boundaries of the comfort zone, people became unable to achieve their goals.


Comfort zone makes you addicted to living a comfortable life and slowly you will start forgetting your dreams.


The comfort zone is a drug that triggers a sense of compromised living within minds.

#5 - Impatience

Due to people’s impatient nature, people become incapable to wait for results. After investing energy and a few efforts, they start to expect desirable results.


In other words, if you’re sowing a seed and start digging up after every few hours to see the growth then you can’t get the results.


Therefore, you need to put in your efforts and have to wait patiently for better results.

What is the difference between smart work and hard work?

In general, by working smarter we can achieve a certain result faster than working harder. Hence, it is said that you should work smarter, not harder.


Imagine that you are sewing jeans by hand. For sure it is hard work, but if you would use sewing machine, you will achieve the same result (or even better!) much faster.


Smart work always pays off better than hard work. In other words, smart work is analogous to hard work but requires less time and effort.


You can achieve the best results by struggling smartly. In that case, you have to plan effectively to work smartly.

work hard, working hard

If you want to achieve your goals, then you have to plan things before going to work. Indeed, the 80/20 rule will help you to achieve your dreams.


This rule suggests working 20% effectively to gain 80% results. For instance, if you’re going to complete a task and you have 2 days to complete the task, then your mind will work according to the provided deadline.


But, if you have a full week to accomplish the same task, you will invest your whole week to complete the task.


The basic difference in both cases is your mindset and you have to train your mindset with the right tools.

10 Productive Ways To Work Hard To Achieve Your Goals Successfully

In order to work hard, you have to put your mindset to the work.


You must avoid distractions and be persistent about your goals. Only with a dedication you can be fruitful in your goals.

1.Setting higher goals

To become a successful person in life, it’s necessary to set higher goals.


Being successful doesn’t only mean earning more money. You can become successful in your academics, relationships, and professional life.


Firstly, you have to set your goals. Goals provide a dimension to your life so you can move to a specific path rather than wandering.


Without goals, your life will be like a piece of a letter that doesn’t have an address written on it. Your hard work will only offer productive results when your mind has clear goals.

2.Plan your day

Stick to your goals and don't let anyone distract you. Remember why you started in the first place.

Without planning properly, you can’t run the day either. But, when you plan everything and write it down on a piece of paper, then your mind accepts to overcome all obstacles easier.


Therefore, whether you’re a student or a professional, you have to plan your day. For that purpose, make a to-do-list and strictly follow the list.

work hard, working hard

While dedicating your time to work, don’t forget to assign at least thirty minutes to an hour for yourself.


Spending time reading a book or playing a game will nurture your mind with happiness. It will boost your productivity.

3.Strong determination

A strong determination is an inner strength that supports our goals.


Without a strong determination, we can’t lead a successful life.


Due to firm determinations, we can face all privations coming in ways that try to weaken us. Your determination has the capacity to create a do-or-die situation.


As a result, you will end up achieving impossible goals. Therefore, working hard with strong determination will enable you to procure exceptional results.

4.Working consistently

Hard work is a prison if it doesn't have a purpose. Once it does, hard work becomes the same as making a morning coffee.

Everything is impossible until you try multiple times and turn that impossibility into a possible task.


But you have to accompany consistency as your partner in your journey of success.


Your enthusiasm will pay off with consistent work. So, if you’re willing to become a successful person in your life, then adopt consistent behaviour.


Do not make a room for distractions and stick to your target by turning deaf ears and blind eyes toward all toxic remarks. Your diligence and perseverance will end up with a fruitful product.

5.Embrace failure

Failure doesn’t mean that you’re not capable to achieve a specific goal or you’re not talented enough for your dreams.


Your failures are silent lessons that add expertise to your life and strengthen you to become a strong individual. If you’re working hard, then do not stop after failure.

work hard, working hard

Because failure is the vehicle that will drive you towards your desired land. Do not allow your failures to become a hurdle in your life.


Despite this, seek lessons from your failures and develop new strategies to cope with all failures.

6.Never quit

Never quitting is the basic quality of all successful people. They go through all pitfalls in their way to success and continue working hard toward their goals regardless of consequences. Because they know one day, they will get what they want.


If you’re going through the worst situations, then never stop dreaming or running behind your dreams. Time will change and your situation will also change.


If you can’t run, then walk in the direction of your goal. But, if you can’t walk then crawl, but never quit.


Quitting is for losers, champions face all difficult situations and devote themselves completely to their dreams. Therefore, working hard with passion is the primal step to a prosperous living.

7.Become responsible for your every action

The earlier you start working hard, the more time you will have to harvest the fruits of your efforts.

The sanguine approach to fulfill your dreams is to take responsibility for yourself.


The very fact is that you’re the only responsible for your life. You can’t blame others for your problems and all difficulties.


If you’re successful today, it’s because of your efforts. But, if you’re a failure today, then this is only because of your mistakes.


It’s rare that someone will come to rescue you from your situation. So, you need to take charge of your life and stop blaming others or satisfy your inner self with lame excuses.

8.Believe in yourself

Your self-belief is a strong tool to achieve success in life.


You can become an achiever from a dreamer, a winner from a loser, a warrior from a cowardly person by implanting seeds of self-belief.


When you believe in yourself, then nobody can stop you from flourishing life full of contentment.


So, work hard and believe in yourself. You will soon vanquish all roadblocks from your way.

9.Do what you love

You have to follow your passion rather than following the world.


If you love to do something, then you should try to put your efforts into all your favorite tasks.


Because when you start investing time in your favorite tasks, you will experience exceptional results. Therefore, search out jobs that always attract you and work with passion.


Do not waste yourself in following a specific profession just because of their demand in the world. Choose your way so you can live a cheerful life without regrets.

10.Challenge yourself

Work for something that is worthy of recognition rather than for the sake of being recognized solely for hard work.
work hard, working hard

Challenging yourself and working hard to achieve all challenges always cultivate creativity.


Therefore, if you want to grow in your life, then you have to apply a simple rule to your life that is challenging yourself and taking risks.


When you take risks in your life, you explore your inner potential. Accept changes and after completing one challenge, set a series of challenges.


As a result, you can become a successful person.

Final Words

Talent and luck don’t matter if you don’t work hard to achieve your goals.


If you want to become a champion in your life, then working hard will make your way towards a successful life.


The reality is, there’s no specific recipe for becoming a successful person except hard work.


Be persistent, stay consistent and life shall award you for all your hard work.