signs you’ve sold your soul

Complete change in your character can indicate you becoming evil. Signs you’ve sold your soul can help you understand the situation better.

don’t let others bring you down

Whatever your goal is, don’t let others bring you down. Don’t listen to people that don’t support you in life.

does life get better

If a question “Does life get better?” crossed your mind, the answer it does. Every step you take further in life, your life quality becomes better.

Why am I bad at everything

If your mind has ever crossed a thought “why am I bad at everything?”, it means you are aware of your imperfections. You’re not bad at everything, though.

visualize your highest self

You can unchain your inner strength if you allow yourself to visualize your highest self. It’s a source of inner strength to overcome all difficulties in life.

empathy without boundaries is self-destruction

You need to find balance of empathy to other people not to sabotage your own happiness because empathy without boundaries is self-destruction.