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December 11, 2021 · 5 min read

visualize your highest self
Highest miracle is to discover who you are – the ultimate possibility. ~ Amit Ray

There is an existing ‘life hack’ that a lot of people don’t know about.


A lot of people are unaware of the inner potential that they carry in themselves. The main reason for such unawareness is being disconnected with what really matters in this world – your happiness and peace.

You can find self-love, unchain your self-esteem, and accomplish whatever you want if only you visualize your highest self.


It’s a source of your inner strength that everyone needs to push through all life difficulties that we face from day to day.

Visualize your highest self meaning

Visualizing your highest self means to connect with your perfect and eternal self. It’s a part of you which isn’t fully exposed and awakened. It’s a place of calmness, strength, inspiration, and self-esteem.

Our highest self is all about what is good in us. It shouldn’t be mistakenly associated with ego, though. Visualizing your highest self is a completely different experience to satisfying ego.


If you are grateful, peaceful, joyful, insightful, and focus on long-term, you are visualizing your highest self.

How do you find your highest self?

If you want to find your highest self, you have to abandon everything that makes you feel superior to others. Finding highest self is all about you and understanding yourself more deeply.


You have to dive into your own spiritual realm and start finding yourself, as if you were an archeologist and would take time to explore the findings carefully and with a lot of attention to detail.

Your highest self can appear in form of inner voice, as if it would tell you what is right and wrong to do. You might even visualize some situations, have a strong intuition about something.


Your highest self is a complementary version of yourself that guides you in life with wise decisions and more care.

10 ways to visualize your highest self

1. Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations encourage positive valuation of yourself. When facing a threat, positive affirmations can help to cope with the occurring problem by restoring faith in yourself [1].


Positive intentions and affirmations remind you of the core values and what really matters – your highest self and your goals.

visualize your highest self

It’s fairly easy to fall into the abyss and darkness in this world. With so much negativity in social media, new platforms, you have to keep faith in yourself and believe that you can push through everything.


Positive intentions are the source of peace and affirms you that the steering wheel of your life depends solely on you.

2. Focus on long-term

See, this world is insisting us to focus on fast results. It is a form of greed and seeking for approvement of your work from others. In other words, it’s ego.


The sooner you will understand this, the happier you will be. While chasing after a carrot on a stick certainly can be rewarding, but the odds are simply not in our favor.

Surround yourself with those conducive to you being your highest self. ~ A.D. Posey

If I were to speak from fundamentals, picture this: how better can you memorize a piece of information after just one day of learning it and after one week? Without a doubt you will be able to memorize it much, much better after one week of continuous learning.


The same method applies when you want to visualize your highest self. You have to be patient, work on yourself, and have a comprehension that the ripest fruits come not in short-term, but in long-term.

3. Meditate

Meditation can be a great stress reliever and keep your mind sharper. Not only that, but it helps you to connect with your deep inner self [2].


Ultimately, meditation has always been a tool to enhance your spiritual state. It helps you to find your higher intuition, insight, and stay in harmony with yourself.

If you are just starting out, I highly suggest you watching this practical video about meditation:

4. Be positive

Thinking positively might help you to stop having a negative self-talk [3]. You will never succeed in connection with your higher self if your mind will stay cloudy and will continue negative self-talk.


You need inner peace and positivity in your life to visualize your higher self successfully.

Though, positivity doesn’t mean to ignore life problems and avoiding them all. It simply means to approach problems in a more positive and effective way. It means always keeping your head up and never giving up.


Such mindset shift will allow you to understand yourself better and find your highest self.

5. Connect with nature

Nature is the source of calmness to everyone. Visiting natural environment can reduce your stress [4]. That is a great bonus because you need to focus on your inner self to successfully visualize your highest self.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. ~ Mae West

A person is a physical channel that acts as middleman between spiritual and material world. Nature is the highest form of spiritual form where all ideas, thoughts come from.


Nature helps to awake your emotions, gratitude, and imagination. You simply connect with yourself in such environment way better than in any other.

6. Stay grounded

Your higher self must be centered and peaceful with surroundings and your outer self, which other people see. You can’t let outer chaotic world distract you from what really matters – your highest self.


Picture an old, wise man that has seen everything in his life. He feels as if he has done everything he needed. That’s highest self which is grounded to the happiness.

becoming your highest self

Now picture a middle-aged person which still can’t find himself and can’t focus properly on a task or anything else he’s doing. That’s ego, impatience, and will to prove himself in front of others.


You have to be centered with yourself if you want to visualize your highest self.

7. Have boundaries

Highest self will always be able to say a strict “no” to whatever is inappropriate. There are way too many temptations in our modern era.

Unfortunately, a good number of temptations are no good for your highest self. Since a lot of these temptations are short-sighted, they are toxic for your personal development.


Sorting out what is good and bad for you will definitely play a key role to visualize your highest self.

8. Be compassionate

Being compassionate lets you see the world through a whole different lens. It means that you are not focusing only on yourself and are able to understand other perspectives on life.

Compassion lets you visualize your highest self through eye opening experiences. Living comfortably in your own shell will never bring the best out of you. You have to embrace changes if you want to see a change in yourself.

9. Reflect your accomplishments

It’s very likely that you might think you haven’t achieved anything so far in life. That’s completely okay, because it’s a part of human nature.


However, think about yourself 10 years ago. Currently, you’re higher version of yourself. And yet, you are true self which is absolute and eternal.

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Visualizing your highest self can be possible if you take a perspective from the past. Life goes on very gradually and we simply don’t notice and believe that we have no time to reflect on our past.


However, past can be a fantastic source of spiritual inspiration for your higher self in the next 5 or 10 years. It helps you to understand yourself much better and comprehend your linear concept.

10. Let go of limiting beliefs

Arguably, this is the most important key to visualize your highest self. Without believing in yourself, you won’t be able to unleash your true potential.


Limiting beliefs are like chains that disallow you to find peace and embrace your actual connection with higher self.

higher self

As soon as you accept the idea that you are capable of achieving everything, your emotional state will go from fear to hope.


You need to recognize that limiting beliefs are potentially damaging your identity. Repeat the ‘new truth’ to yourself and you will soon embrace new and positive beliefs.

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated to visualize your highest self. The most important thing is to start and never look back.

Also, don’t forget that ego and your higher self is not the same. Your highest self is about peace, strength, and gratitude. Greediness and ego are the roots of evil which will definitely make you a worse person.


Always remember to stay positive by utilizing optimistic intentions to yourself and people that you care about.

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