Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

March 13, 2021 · 6 min read

abundance mindset
Abundance mindset can be perceived as wealth of mind. The more wealth you have, the happier you will be physically, financially and mentally.

Do you know that your mind acts like a magnet? You can attract both negative and positive thoughts with the same powerful force.


Invest only a few minutes to compare the consequences of both negative and positive thoughts.


Did you know that thinking negatively can alter your genetic make-up and may skip a specific sequence in your genome?


On the other side, by thinking positively there would be a burst of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin in your body.

abundance mindset

But, I know it’s quite complicated for human beings to avoid negative thoughts. These chains of thoughts build a strong connection to our mental and physical health.


Therefore, it’s highly considerable to create a mindset free from distrust and hopelessness. Lying within our comfort zones, we always demand exceptional results.


In other words, we feed our souls with lame excuses to satisfy ourselves. So, if you’re one of those, then a completely different life is waiting for you.


You just need to step out and embrace yourself like a champion.


Wait! How can we become our heroes? Of course, this question always rolls over your mind.


But, this possibility lies within yourself. You can make this phenomenal change to your life by shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.


Guess what? Here we’re going to highlight 10 secret ways to learn how to awaken the abundance mindset and leave the scarcity mindset forever!

What is abundance mindset?

I could assure you that an abundance mindset can change your life automatically.


You will experience a wave of happiness after adopting this mindset.


The abundance mindset has the ultimate power to change the world.


People with this mindset can break out all chains of fear and have enough audacity to take risks.

abundance mindset

They think that there’s always plenty of everything and they can achieve whatever they want.


In this way, most people with an abundance mentality strongly believe that every cloud has a silver lining.


If you have an abundance mindset then you are nearer to a successful life.


Greater things demand great efforts and success doesn’t mean cowards.

Benefits and negatives of an abundance mindset


There are unlimited pros of an abundance mindset. But, here we’re highlighting a few ones.


  • People with abundance mindsets can see beyond expectations and they never depress themselves about outcomes.


  • They broaden their vision and never quit in their life.


  • Their mind attracts ideas rather than focusing on problems.


  • An abundance mindset helps them to take risks and explore the world by standing out among the crowd.


  • This mindset can magically work for every individual living around the globe.
abundance mindset



  • It demands efforts from your side to step out of your comfort zone to change your life.


  • It challenges you to struggle to dive into the river of change.

What is a scarcity mindset

Most of us have adopted a scarcity mindset like an in-built feature.


Surely, a scarcity mindset is a belief about limited resources and getting imprisoned in strong chains of toxic thoughts.


This mindset always sows the seeds of unhappiness in your mind and will convince you to live a compromised life.


Consequently, this mindset will be a source of hopelessness and graft a feeling of unhappiness. As a result, you will feel pity for yourself and decide to live like a mediocre.

poverty mindset
Toxic thoughts are like poison. Either you find an antidote to it, or stay poisoned and flow to mediocre, unhappy life.

Moreover, scarcity mentality will drain your every ounce of energy and will leave you within the boundaries of fear.


Consequently, you will find yourself stuck in nowhere waiting for a miracle.


Note that, you’re the only barrier to your way to happiness and success.


Above all, this mindset needs to be uprooted by replacing it with an abundance mindset.

Benefits and negatives of scarcity mindset



Unfortunately, there are no pros of scarcity mindset except that an individual has to live in a comfort zone.


A comfort zone doesn’t demand struggles from your side. It only relies on survival mode rather than growing in life.


So, from a point of personal development view, being in comfort zone can be perceived as a negative.



  • When a person follows his scarcity mindset, then he limits himself to only fewer opportunities.


  • Usually, humans with a scarcity mentality put their potential in thinking negatively rather than focusing on better outcomes.


  • The scarcity mindset will never let you take risks and will believe in a continuous flow, that means no risks taken and no diversity in life. Therefore, that results in a mediocre life.

Here is the summary of abundance and scarcity mindsets.


Abundance Mindset

Scarcity Mindset

Open for opportunities

Open for opportunities

Open for opportunities

Mediocre person

Mediocre person

Mediocre person

More Successful In Money And Happiness

More Successful In Money And Happiness

More Successful In Money And Happiness

Going Out Of Comfort Zone

Going Out Of Comfort Zone

Going Out Of Comfort Zone

Negative outlook of the world

Negative outlook of the world

Negative outlook of the world

Challenges and self development

Challenges and self development

Challenges and self development

Poverty Mindset

Poverty Mindset

Poverty Mindset

10 ways to adopt abundance mindset and leave scarcity mindset

People have scarcity mindset due to lack of self-belief and ambitions. To get abundance mindset, people need to set higher goals than they expect to manage and act immediately after setting a plan.


Every person can squeeze more out of them than they believe.


We will discuss further how to achieve it.

1. develop an attitude for gratitude

Firstly, you need to focus on things that you have in your life.


It could be your business, relationship, kids, home, job, friends, lunch, dinner, a cup of coffee, and peace of mind.


You have to adopt an attitude of gratitude that will trigger positive thoughts within your mind.


Most importantly, people with an abundance mindset can overcome every hurdle within their way by staying positive.

abundance mindset

Because positivity is the real key to happiness and if you’re seeking happiness in small things, then you’re successful.


Above all, you are your own competition.


You just have to grow yourself day by day from a minute particle to a strong rock without envious of others’ success.


Your attitude for gratitude can transform your scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset.

2. Take risks by overcoming fears

Risks are vital for self-development and abundance mindset. Step out of your comfort to feel the cold gusts of wind that will take you to more promising future.

Fears are ghosts lying within ourselves.


These fears always act as an obstacle to our way to prosperity.


What do we do in return? We just surrender ourselves to our fears that become the biggest hurdle to our right path.


Therefore, watering the seeds of fear will never lead you to your destination. You have to struggle to overcome all inner fears and take risks.

Give yourself challenges and take risks. You have to put considerable effort to achieve your targets.


Simply, you have to follow a do-or-die situation. It will enable you to get exceptional consequences.

3. Surround yourself with successful people

Surround yourself with successful people who are always a source of inspiration for you. In that way you can seek the best lessons from them.


Surrounding yourself with people having an abundance mindset will help you to grow.


You can make your wings from all imperfections.


Because people with an abundance mentality will always encourage you to become productive.

abundance mindset

On the other hand, people with a scarcity mindset will always belittle you. They will always portray a frustrating scenario in front of you and will try to limit your potential.


Moreover, they only blame others for their failure rather than rectifying their behaviours.


So, today’s task is to kick out all toxic people from your life and hunt for positive people.

4. Always dream big

We dreamed a lot as kids. Why stop now? The only difference is that you will achieve your dream this time.

Dreaming big is one of the best steps that can move you towards a successful life.


These powerful words will enable you to go through everything to fulfil your dreams.


Because the only thing that matters in everyone’s life are ambitions. Invest your every ounce of energy and empower yourself.

For this purpose, you have to make changes in your life. So, adopt an abundance mindset by planting seeds of self-confidence and self-worth.


Ask yourself a question in front of the mirror:


“Who do I want to become? Do I always want to stay who I am now?”


If not, then you have to crush your scarcity mindset right now and find your ambitions to move forward in your life.

5. Recognize your inner potential

“Do I really know what I am capable of?”


Shout out this most important question to yourself repeatedly.


Everybody claims that they know themselves.


But, think again before answering “I 100% know myself.”


Because human beings are unable to recognize their inner potential.

money mindset

You might be misleading to understand yourself, because people tend to settle down as how it is and don’t go deeper into details.


This is the inner judgemental voice that drags us towards the past. That’s why a lot of us are preys in this trap of critical sounds that can subdue our nerves.


Therefore, we need to break all shackles and we need to recognize our inner strength. Life is a cycle of changes and you have to update yourself day by day to cope with all changes.


You have enough potential that you see in others. You’re only one step away from your goals.


So, stop wasting your time regretting it. Recognize your inner strength and go ahead to win your life.

6. Crave to learn new things

People with a scarcity mentality always feel themselves enough and never wander in the quest for knowledge.


But, people with an abundance mindset act as hungry creatures to get knowledge from everywhere.


They always seek ideas and always focus on exploring themselves. Certainly, your craving for learning will enhance your knowledge and your mind will perceive new ideas.


Learning new things can make your thoughts more powerful.


You will feel a river of joy after learning basic life lessons.

wealth mindset

Therefore, every difficulty comes into your life to help you to grow.


Consequently, you can either deal with difficulties with solutions or regret everything.


I know you’re capable of defeating every difficulty.


Remember that, you will be unstoppable in life after leaving a scarcity mindset.

7. Welcome changes

The root cause of scarcity mindset is the fear of changes.


People lying in this category always believe that we should go with the flow like dead sharks.

They always follow the same routine and put in the same level of effort that gives the same results.


In other words, they always self-doubt their inner strength.


The people within this category are also known as the king of excuses. Because they deny changes and comfortably survive in their comfort zones.

abundance mindset

So, if you’re fearing changes, then uproot these fears from your mindset and embrace all changes happily.


Accept all changes and apply the most effective strategy to cope with these challenges.


As a result, your body will burst up with a qualitative dose of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin to make your life the happiest.

8. Never settle for things less than you deserve

A goal should scare you just a tiny bit and EXCITE like nothing would stop you from achieving it.

The most important step that will ameliorate your mental health, is never settling for things less than you deserve.


A scarcity mindset will always mislead you to compromise on everything that could be your job, relationship, profession, or anything else.


However, you are the master of your own life. Create opportunities for yourself. Never rely on others for anything.

wealth mindset

With the strength of self-belief, you can move rocks. Never underestimate yourself that you’re not enough.


Most importantly, I believe in you and you believe in yourself.

9. Give a shut-up call to your overthinking mind

If you are an overthinker, then give a shut-up call to your overthinking mind.


Because this act will bring serenity to your life. Overthinking is the thief of your happiness.


scarcity mindset


Once you become a prisoner to overthinking, then you’re just tilting at windmills.


Besides, overcoming these thoughts will bring new dimensions to your life and will open the door to prosperity.

10. Take some time for self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is a hack in a way. If you take your time and evaluate yourself, you can save a lot of time not to do what has been done already.

One of the best things that can make your life successful is self-evaluation. You have to self-evaluate yourself daily.


Get a pen and pencil and write down all do’s and don’ts. Scrutinize yourself. In the end, you will get an answer to every query.

You should have the audacity in your life to step forward. Therefore, this is the most important step that you have to take for your betterment.


Give thirty minutes to yourself and point out your weaknesses and strengths. In short, make an actionable plan to alter your every weakness to strength.

Final Words

You need to invest your energy wisely in the pursuit of opportunities rather than regretting them.


Instead of watering toxic thoughts that could affect your genetic makeup adversely, try to think positively.


With positive thoughts, you can take actions with an appropriate plan according to your goal. It has to be manageable by dividing it to small pieces and coping with them one by one.


Most importantly, you have to awaken your abundance mindset and leave the scarcity mindset forever.


Only then you will be able to progress in life and achieve results that you have never thought of.