Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

August 15, 2021 · 7 min read

negative mindset, overcoming negativity
The world is negative enough. Don't become a part of it. Thriving on positive thoughts bring success and happiness.

Do you know that your negative mindset is responsible for your unhappy and unsuccessful life? About 99% of people around the world experience negative thinking as a hurdle to their successful lives.


But, overcoming negativity to become happy and successful is itself a challenging task. Take a few minutes and think about what we’re stacking in our minds. We are stuffing our minds with guilts, disappointments, frustrations, anxiety, unhappiness, rejection, mistakes, hate, anger, and doubts.


All these negative emotions are connecting strongly together and leaving no room for positive emotions. Fortunately, we can overcome all negative thoughts by replacing them with positivity.


In that regard, we need to nurture ourselves with a dose of self-love, happiness, self-believe, self-worth, forgiveness, peace, satisfaction, and contentment.


Therefore, this piece of reading will rescue you from the devastating effects of a negative mindset. So, let’s walkthrough 10 powerful ways to overcome negative mindset for success and happiness.

What is a negative mindset?

A mindset is a driving force that drives our lives in a forward direction or takes us in a backward direction.


Despite knowing about all unhealthy consequences, we majority of us decide to own a negative mindset.


When your mindset becomes a hub of toxic thoughts and starts manipulating worse scenarios every time, then you can consider your mindset as a negative mindset.


Because people usually retain negativity by nourishing pessimistic and defeatist thoughts in their minds. As a result, their life revolves around negative outcomes and become deprived of happiness and success.


Sowing seeds of negativity will always grow into frustration, dissatisfaction, and failure. Stop watering your negative thoughts with hate, anxiety, and anger.


Thoughts are our choices and living amid negative societies, we choose negativity over positivity.


Remember that, humans are super creatures, and they have the potential to overcome every situation through their powerful minds.


This universe is working on the principle of the law of attraction. Your mind is a powerful magnet and can attract negative thoughts.

negative mindset, overcoming negativity

All negative and toxic thoughts will make their way towards your mind with the speed of light. Consequently, you will feel full-drained and lack the energy to deal with your daily tasks.


Scientifically, this happens due to the overproduction of cortisol that is a stress chemical. This chemical subdues our central nervous system and ceases our basic abilities to think and solve problems.


With all disabled thoughts, we build our world full of limitations, fears, insecurities, bitterness, and lack of happiness.


This negative mindset prevails in our happiest moments and bumps us into dark moments making us victim to our mindset.


But, the good news is that we can escape ourselves from a negative mindset by letting go of things that constantly bother us. We can do this by trusting people, helping others, forgiving people, and seeking happiness in small acts of kindness.

Effects of negative mindset on success and happiness

Your negative mindset will not only affect your mental health. But, it will also affect your physical health and become an obstacle to your way to happiness and success.


Here, we’re going to highlight the major effects of a negative mindset on success and happiness.

#1 - Lack of concentration

The impediment to our way to a successful life is the lack of concentration.


When we try to cope with negative thinking, we lack our focus.


As a result, we become uncapable to complete our tasks.

#2 - Make you a victim of past

Negativity always enslaves humans to their past. It will remind you of all past traumatized moments, all depressing thoughts, your all mistakes and regrets.


You will consider yourself a victim of all memories. In other words, you will be unable to unleash yourself from the shackles of past events.


As a result, you will foresee your future with a blurred vision, confining yourself to your inner ghost feelings and spreading toxicity.

#3 - Expecting negative consequences in every situation

To become confident, you have to get rid of negativity within you.

With time, negativity starts to live within you and become a part of your skin.


Therefore, you always try to expect toxic results in every situation and automatically predict outcomes.


This is human nature to assume predictions. This feeling lives within us to accomplish a life that lacks happiness and peace. In that case, all of us strive for peaceful moments.


But the reality is that you don’t deserve this life that is full of contaminated thoughts. You have the right to change your situation and enjoy every single blessing.

negative mindset, overcoming negativity

#4 - Low energy

Negative thinking will always drain your energy.


Radiating negative energy everywhere will not result in positive outcomes. All the struggle and hard work that once you did to achieve a successful life will never pay you with negative energy.


You will start blaming yourself for every mishappening and it will impact badly your personal and professional life.

#5 - Emotional instability

Owning a negative mindset will make you a product of depression, hate, anger, regrets, and bitterness becoming an ingredient of your bloodstream.


Due to emotional instability, you will start losing your willpower and decision-making ability.


Remember that, nothing will come your way by feeling sorry for yourself. You need to cast out negative thoughts from your brain to fill your life with happiness and success.

10 ways to overcome negative mindset to become happy and successful

Overcoming negative mindset requires time and determination.


Most importantly, you have to really want it and thrive it. It is true that no one else but only you can shape your mindset.


Mentors can only make the process faster, but the responsibility to reach the end point is all on your shoulders.

1.Be positive

People will usually advise you to become positive for overcoming negativity.


However, the question how to change the negative mindset can still arise. In that regard, start taking baby steps towards optimistic behavior.


This is only possible when you try to conceive positive thoughts.


You can start your day with a positive thought that ”I’m going to have the happiest day”.


Consequently, your brain will conceive this message and will notify all nerves to enhance the dose of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, and serotonin.


As a result, you will experience happiness and positivity to combat all negative elements.


But, if you’re pouring a negative message that “this day will be the worst day of my life”, “why am I doing this job?”, then you will experience sadness, anxiety, hatred, emotions, and all negativity.


Therefore, be the reason behind a happy day rather than a day full of disappointment. Be thankful for every blessing and adopt an attitude of gratitude.


Learn to forget people and memories that always hurt you.

2.Give a shut-up call to overthinking

Let positivity dominate you. Spread happiness and remove negative people from your life.

If you’re a professional overthinker then don’t worry, because you’re not alone.


We all overthink every situation and stick to every past mistake that needs to be forgotten.


Now, we need to give a shut-up call to overthinking. Suppose that our mind is a piece of land where we need to grow seeds of our thoughts.

negative mindset, overcoming negativity

Sowing seeds of anger, sadness, disappointment, regret, failure, and hate will only grow weeds that only absorb nutrients from the soil and turn soil into barren land.


But, sowing happiness, love, hope, creativity, passion, joy, confidence and peace will germinate into a fruitful tree. So, what will you grow in your land of erratic thoughts? Think twice before planting anything.

3.Turn a deaf ear to negative comments

Be aware of all negative people who are relentlessly spreading toxicity and negativity everywhere.


Turning a deaf ear to all negative comments will secure you from stuffing your mind with negativity.


Do not step into the circle of negative people just to get rid of loneliness. Nobody prefers to drink poisonous water just to satisfy thirst.


So, ignore all negative comments and do not accompany negative people whether in a relationship or professional life. Above all, unfollow all toxic people from your friend’s list on all social platforms.


Start following passionate and successful people, which leads us to the next point.

4.Start networking with successful people

Thinking positive might be hard, but you must give it at least a try before giving up.

Your networking with successful people will provoke a sense of motivation and you will try to follow in their footsteps.


You should want to become successful like them. But the reality is, you become an average of five-persons who are surrounding you.


So, discuss ideas and life lessons with successful people, they will encourage you to take risks. On the other side, do not discuss your ideas with negative people as they will belittle you and will criticize your opinions.


The root cause behind their criticism and negative thinking is their unsuccessful life and they will never let you flourish in your life.

5.Engage yourself in self-improvement task

You know, you can favor yourself by investing your valuable time in self-discovery.


The most important element to become happy and successful in life is to discover your potential.

negative mindset, overcoming negativity

You need to spend time with yourself. You should choose a day from every week to evaluate yourself. Differentiate your recent situation: “where are you standing now and where you want to be in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?”


Spend hours walking alone and implement new strategies to achieve your goals.


Scrutinize your weekly performance and add new ingredients to your recipe of life to fulfill your dreams. Give at least thirty minutes to read a book.


In the end, believe in yourself and shine brightly.

6.Learn to say NO

You should learn to say no to all things that aren’t good for you.


The reason for that is when you start compromising your real value, then people will take advantage. If a situation is not suitable for you, leave it.


If you’re dragging your relationship through compromise and sacrificing your happiness, then leave it.


You need to know your self-worth and never become prey to others’ opinions.

7.Work to achieve your dreams

Your thoughts reflects your soul and personality.

Dream big and leave no stone unturned to achieve your dreams.


This is very remarkable, because you are capable of fulfilling your dreams. Your efforts and passion will give you fruitful results.


You just need to train your mindset and put every ounce of energy into achieving your dreams. Your hard work, consistency, focus, and discipline will make you a champion.

8.Help others

Be altruistic in your life and seek happiness by helping others.


Your small acts of kindness and help for others will open new doors of opportunities in your life.

negative mindset, overcoming negativity

So, become a helping hand in others’ life and you will experience marvellous consequences.

9.Don’t become a victim to the comparison trap

Comparing yourself to others will always provoke an inferiority complex within you.


Do not allow your inferiority complex to command you.


Most people want to know “how to change the negative mindset?” To get rid of a negative mindset, you need to stop comparing yourself to others.


Because we only judge others by their outcomes rather than analysing a struggling period behind their success and happy life.


So, you should stop comparing your initial stage with someone’s final stage.

10.Cheer all present moments

Don't entertain your negative thoughts. They betray your success.

Overcoming negativity is only possible when you try to live in the present.


Living in the present will unfetter you from all past mistakes and future thoughts.


So, free yourself from every past mistake whether you were responsible or not. You can’t change your past moments by stressing your mind.

Final Words

By overcoming negativity, you can change your negative mindset to a positive mindset.


So, if you’re struggling to win a victory over negative thinking, then you should be consistent and optimistic to achieve your goals.


To gain success and happiness, changing your mindset is the first step.


Prioritize your mindset and strive to fulfill your dreams.


The dreams are worth it, so are you.