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August 19, 2021 · 7 min read

human characteristics
You are not rich until you have a rich heart. - Roy T. Bennett

Human characteristics are like a magnet – when you have a certain foundation in some kind of area, you attract alike objects.


For an instance, if you are a gardener, you will be getting shovel, towel, watering can, a variety of seeds and similar. You will not get anything else that you think is not beneficial for your activity. You will not be obtaining any sofas or pianos for your gardening.


Very similar situation comes to human characteristics. If you feel like you want to improve in relationships, you will be needing compassion, honesty, good listening skills, kindness and so on.


On the other hand, for a rich life you will need another set of tools. Rich life consists of different life areas: financials, relationships (friends, love life, family), mental and physical health.


Therefore, if you want to improve in your rich life areas, you are in the right place.

Why human characteristics are important?

Human characteristics are important because it defines our personality. Our human qualities define how will we act in life areas and whether we will be successful in life.


If a person is a stubborn (in a good way) and hard-working, chances are that he will be successful in financial section of life. However, to succeed in other life areas, that is definitely not enough

As with most areas of life, everything starts with a mindset.


If you have a positive abundance mindset, you will always believe that there is a way to become a successful person and achieve your goals no matter what obstacles are.


With the right mindset, you can develop set of skills and human traits for a rich life.

How to adopt successful human characteristics?

Every person can adopt different human characteristics if he is willing to put enough work and practice what is preached. Simply by thinking that “I’m going to become a better person” is not enough.


A person must be very precise where he wants to improve at.


Therefore, you have to have a long-term goal and short-term goal that you will preach every day.


For example, if you want to learn a new skill (play a guitar or any other musical instrument), then you will have to practice it and set very precise goals every day.

Usually people simply make very general big goals to achieve. These goals are like: “I want to become a millionaire” or “I want to find passion of my life”, or “I want to find my dream partner and fall in love”.


That is not sustainable, because after a few days people give up.


The reason for that is because they have no strategic plan and they honestly have no vision on how their end goal looks like.


Let’s say a person wants to become a musician and play in a well-known band. That’s truly an abstract goal to have.


However, let’s narrow it down.


He wants to become a guitarist. Now he will have to practice exercises every day to become good at that. He will also have to learn new songs, music theory, do ear training and learn to improvise.


Nevertheless, these goals are still abstract and they have to be broken down even further. But you got the idea.


All in all, to adopt new human qualities, you will have to set very precise tasks and goals and practice every day or every other day.


These tasks and goals depend mostly on the individual depending on what the goal is. Therefore, the goal varies from person to person and consequently, the tasks vary also.


Only you know the best where you want to be with a certain human characteristic.

15 human characteristics that will make you succeed in life

1. Be persistent and patient

These are the most important human traits, because without persistence a person won’t achieve any of his goals.


He/she can be the smartest person in the world, but something along the lines was said “hard work beats talent”.


A person that will show up every day and do the work that has to be done will always win over a talented person and will succeed in life.

human characteristics

2. Prioritize quality

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. - John Ruskin

Quality over quantity.


It doesn’t require a lot of effort to do something without a lot of care and attention. That is somewhat a lot of people prefer to do over doing their job with respectable quality.


If you are or will ever be a business owner, you have to brand your business name in a positive way.


One of the most important elements to acquire this honorable status is by completing a quality work.


Not only will the clients be happy or your family for whatever work you do, but you will also improve your attentive and analyzing skills.

3. Be alert and active

Once Albert Einstein said along the lines that “Intellect is measured by the ability to change and adapt”.


Our nowadays world is a very fast pace changing environment. To be fair, it is the fastest changing environment ever in the humans’ history.


As a result, only the ones that adapt the fastest to the changes get the benefits to pick the sweet fruits.


For example, Jeff Bezos took the advantage of the internet and created an e-store that is now known as Amazon.

Now a lot of businesses follow the steps of Amazon and try to recreate something similar to Amazon or even better for the customer experience.


The point is that you always have to be insightful and take advantages of what life offers to you.


Stay alert and be curious about the opportunities that are open for you.

4. Have never-ending goals

If you stop having ambitions, your life will become stagnant.


In other words, your rich life that you have created or trying to create will crumble to pieces.


It is not a coincident that a lot of people prefer to stay at home and basically do very little or nothing after their job.


You should always have at least one long-term goal that would drive you towards the self-improvement.


Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, establish new friendships, paint the walls in your house, make a surprise party for your best friend and similar.


Certainly, there are goals that are more beneficial than the other ones, but life is a marathon, not a sprint.


Enjoy it as much as you can while still improving yourself in one or another way.

5. Stay creative

Do you know what is one of the traits that differ one person from another person?


It is their ability to be creative and implement it into real life situations.


Creativity is one of the main forces that drive this world to the changes that it is experiencing at the present.


However, it can be simpler than that. With creativity, you can surprise your significant other in a way that he or she wouldn’t expect at all.


Something like hiding a small gift in the house with clues left behind would bring excitement to your lover.

human characteristics

Can you imagine what smile you would leave on their face?


One simple laugh or smile is enough to change one person’s world.


Being creative is what differs you from other people and attracts people to you if they find you interesting enough because of this human characteristic.

6. Be confident and respectful

One of the most significant human characteristics is confidence. That’s how leaders are born and that’s how people gather around him.


Nowadays leadership is very valued by other people, especially by the employers.  Leaders are initiative and insightful on the occurring problems.


However, leadership is usually associated with business related area.


But have you ever noticed that when you are in a group of friends, some of your friends or one friend just differ from other people?

Skill and confidence are an unconquered army. - George Herbert

People just seem to gather around him/her, because of the entertainment that he/she provides. Not only that, but I bet that person is confident and respectful about the other people.


A true leader doesn’t hurt other people. Instead, he shows a better path for the others.


Leaders don’t bash others with rude words, that’s what bosses do.

7. Maintain relationships and establish new ones

One of the biggest problems that happen after high school or college is that the relationships of friends and acquaintances start to fall apart.


People become lonely, they don’t have whom to talk to and to express how they feel.


Not only relationships are important for well-being, but for financials also. A strong social network can boost immensely your business profits or just simply can help to find a new better job.

human characteristics

Nevertheless, people are social beings and we thrive for interaction in some sort our preferred way.


Human interaction is one of the human qualities that is natural to people.

8. Be kind and helpful

To be successful and have a rich life, you have to be friendly and generous.


Who wouldn’t like that the other person would act with the same friendliness and generosity?


Perhaps you know how to fix a sink and offer to a friend to help, and perhaps later in return after 2 years you need a consultation on what fence to choose for your yard and your friend happens to be an expert in that area.


Of course, you shouldn’t expect to get every time something in return.

No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank

People will notice your kindness and they will always be willing to talk to you and just brighten your day by just stopping by and saying hi.


Be kind and helpful because we already have a lot of negativities in this world.

9. Be Curious And Logical

For whatever project: business, home, friendships, well-being related, ask a lot of questions. Stay curious and try to find out whether if your initial opinion is logical or not.


For an instance, if you are not sure what is the best way to lose weight, but your initial opinion is that it is weightlifting, then ask your fit friend or search in online forums.


You should find that the best way to lose weight is by doing cardio and applying CICO method (calories in, calories out).


There is no reason for you not to be updated on questions that you are interested in.


Being successful in life means finding the answers based on science and experience.

10. Stay organized

To be truly successful in life, most of your belongings have to stay in a fixed place.


The less time you spend on little decisions, the more you can make big decisions that impact your life.


That’s exactly how the big names, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos act.


They don’t make small decisions, because they are already sorted out and organized to be completed every day.


That includes meals, clothes, personal belongings, means of transportation and similar. Of course, you don’t have to be as precise as they are, but there are definitely lessons to be learned from them.

human characteristics

A very basic example is your living place: every item should have a certain place where it should be. If you need extra 5 minutes to find a pen instead of 10 seconds, that is a waste of time.


The key element to take away from this is that don’t waste time on things that should not require time to be solved.

11. Show initiative

Initiative is one of the leadership traits.


Initiative is an exceptionally important human characteristic because it differentiates who follows the rules and who makes the rules.


Obviously, the most successful people make the rules and other follow them.


They take the step first and set the standards for the others.


If you want to add to your rich life initiative that could help you to gain respect from others, then certainly do it.

12. Stay simple, but tactical

It has been a lot of discussed already about how over-engineered technology creates unnecessary problems later on.


To fix an over-engineered technology, for example, a brand-new car, you have to take a lot of things out before actually starting to cope with the main problem.


With this example I wanted to illustrate that sometimes adding and piling new things add more problems.


When you cope with a problem, you have to stay simple, but at the same time satisfy the goal that you are trying to fix.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

This is especially important, because not only it will save you time, but also it will save tangible resources that you would’ve wasted.


Therefore, stay simple and apply fundamental principles to cope with the problems that occur.

13. Be Integrous

In other words, have strong moral principles and be honest.


You shouldn’t sugar coat your actions when you know you did something wrong that you shouldn’t have done in the first place.


This leads to compromising your wrong actions and having excuse to them why you did that way.

human characteristics

Instead, be honest with yourself and analyze the situation. Tell yourself that this is morally wrong and you won’t do this mistake again.


It is important for successful person to be integrous and self-conscious about his acts, because only in this way he will make self-improvements and will lead a rich life.

14. Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you have, but don’t fall into a comparison trap to compare yourself with other people.


The reason is that you will start to compromise your happiness and you might stop to improve. I’m certain that by comparing yourself to others you will find less happy people than you.


However, this doesn’t mean that you have achieved enough and should stop your happiness journey because you are already happier than someone else.

When eating fruit, remember the one who planted the tree. - Vietnamese proverb

When you achieve something, try to look and appreciate how much you have done to accomplish your goal.


Perhaps treat yourself with a movie, have some chocolate, go out with friends or anything else what makes you feel happy.


Celebrate your small and big achievements.

15. Stay Honourable

To understand the best what honour means, I’ll repeat the saying “Fight with honour”.


Whatever you do, you should act with the moral principles and do the right thing.


Try not to hurt anyone’s feelings in a mean way, try to help others, stay passionate about life and spread the love among your friends and family.

Final Words

Human qualities are especially important in self-development.


The only way to attain these qualities is by practicing them one by one.


Remember that there is no rush in life and take your pace. The most important thing is that you never stop to improve and pour your heart in whatever you do.


That’s what successful people do to attain rich life.