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November 9, 2021 · 8 min read

feel like something bad is going to happen
No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. ~ Maya Angelou

Do you currently feel like something bad is going to happen? Do you feel like you something life-threatening, such as crashing a car/plane, becoming critically ill, will happen?


Your sense could be in fact very true. It’s your inner self, or also known as sixth sense, talking to you. It’s an extrasensory perception which is correlated with predicting events in future or the past.


It is speculated that some people are gifted with having a very accurate gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. While everyone can try to predict the future, some people seem to be just better at it.

Regardless, having a sense that something bad is going to happen signals a few things which have to addressed as soon as possible.


If you can’t have an ease of mind due to this occurrence, I’m providing solutions at the end of the article.

7 Signs you feel like something bad is going to happen

Here are signs which might indicate that you are currently experiencing that something bad is going to happen:

  1. Feeling anxious.
  2. Inability to stay in one place.
  3. Inability to fall asleep at night.
  4. Having ‘that unexplainable’ feeling.
  5. Having a sense to do something now.
  6. You are very conscious of the present.
  7. You’ve experienced a bad event recently.

What is a feeling of having a sense that something bad is going to happen?

Feeling that something bad is going to happen is called intuition. It’s your ability to use instincts to predict future events without needing a solid reasoning for that.

Essentially, it’s a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. It can become a tool to prevent yourself or others from negative things happening.


It can be also called in some scenarios sense of impending doom, which is correlated with life-threatening events or that something really bad is going to happen.

What does it mean if you feel like something bad is going to happen?

Even when bad things happen you have to try to use those bad things in a positive manner. ~ Natalie du Toit

Your gut is telling you to protect yourself or warn others about a bad event that might involve you. The feeling of intuition has been called from your subconscious mind and connected with conscious mind for some particular reason and belief that you have.

You are able to connect your senses and real events to predict outcomes. It can range from mild or almost non-existent to life-threatening dangers. Nonetheless, you might experience eye opening events.

What are the main causes to feel like something bad is going to happen?

It’s not a surprise if you feel that something bad is going to happen. Considering that a lot of negative events are happening in the world, it’s normal for you to think so too.


The main causes of feeling like something bad is going to happen are as following:

  • Overthinking.
  • Belief in superstitious events.
  • Anxiety.

Mainly, every unexplainable thought is coming from your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind only translates your thought to an understandable language.


Falling to such beliefs mean disconnecting from any scientific facts and trusting your own gut. Science, at least for now, can’t explain such phenomenon.

What you should know about intuition

First and foremost, intuition is a prediction. While some predictions are based on statistics to foresee the future more accurately, a human intuition without no backup is similar to a prick of a needle in a haystack.


It only can be speculated that some people have more accurate subconscious mind, while others are only making up events and frighten themselves out for no reason.


So, while you feel something is wrong and bad is going to happen might be actually true, no one knows for sure until the time comes.


Though, I believe that thoughts are like magnets. If you believe that you can manifest success, you might also believe in attracting negative events.

feel like something bad is going to happen

Surely, there are occasions when people have predicted bad things happening. However, predictions can be very abstract, such as: “I feel like people will be suffering in the world”. It can give you a false perception that you have a superb sixth sense to foresee the future.


The reality is that your prediction will be absolutely true, because people suffer on a daily basis, just on different scales. A lot of crimes are happening in the world, both on huge and small scales.


However, if, for example, you can foresee that your friend or relative is going to face a car crash on a particular day, that’s a truly bold and specific statement. If you can predict such event, it means you have higher subconscious mind than others, unless it’s the 500th prediction which finally comes true, which then loses its value.

15 Reasons You Feel Like Something Bad Is Going To Happen

1. You have a superstitious mind

Generally, superstitious mind means believing in supernatural forces, such as destiny, unpredictable events, and uncertainties. Overall, it’s highly based on predictions without any reasoning.  

You learn to rise above a lot of bad things that happen in your life. And you have to keep going. ~ Lauren Bacall

Some more general superstitions come from range of centuries which are engraved regionally or worldwide. Therefore, a lot of people tend to believe the same things.


Personal superstitions come from repeating a behavior. When you receive the wanted or foreseen result, you tend to go over it again. Even if it’s not scientifically proven, you still believe that this is how an occurrence works.

2. You’re overwhelmed

Emotional overwhelm comes from stress. If you feel like you have time constraints, financial insecurities, any substantial life changes, it’s no wonder that you have a bad feeling about it.

If you also have no healthy boundaries over your life, you can also be easily overwhelmed. For example, if you tend to hold all the stress within yourself, it will be very likely that you feel like something bad is going to happen, which is reasonable.


You need to step back and refill your emotional energy tank. Take care of yourself, do your favorite activities, and anything else that makes you feel happy.

3. You have anxiety

Anxiety, that can come from a lot of life areas, such as work life, relationships, can cause this emotional state. Similar to being overwhelmed, you will feel buildup of anxiety and eventually explode.

feel like something bad is going to happen

Anxiety can come from fear of losing someone you love, being unsuccessful at your career, failing at relationships, and similar.


The best way to cope with it is to don’t hesitate of your feelings. Let them flow. Otherwise, you will feel that something wrong is with you or other people.

4. Your subconscious mind is in action

Your subconscious mind is the main reason why you have a bad feeling. It signals you about incoming threat or tries to defend you from something bad happening.

Subconscious mind is a warehouse of your beliefs, previous experiences, skills, and everything else that you’ve gone through in life.


It can indirectly indicate about a danger from your past experience, even though you consciously don’t see anything in common. Essentially, that’s the power of subconscious mind.

5. You’re confused

Take a look if you’ve experienced any of these occurrences:

  • Incoherent speech.
  • Absence of awareness of time or location.
  • Often forgetting what tasks you’ve done throughout the day.
  • Swift and sudden changes in emotions.

Naturally, you will feel that something is wrong. You might correlate these symptoms with yourself or with others. Only your imagination can limit you from interpreting things in one way or another.

6. It’s a self-defense mechanism to grow

If you take a casual life example, such as public speaking, it’s normal to feel nervousness. People will start thinking about worst scenarios and have a bad feeling about it.

The good and bad things are what form us as people. Change makes us grow. ~ Kate Winslet

In that particular scenario, nervousness makes you feel more alert and think more carefully of what to say. It’s a self-defense mechanism to develop yourself as a person. Gradually, you will become better and better at public speaking.


You could be facing a similar situation. If you think that your life is threatened when you drive a car, you will be more alert and focused on the road and your actions. After all, it’s a part of self-growth.

7. You have an assumption

Assumption is accepting a thing without a proof. If your bicycle is making weird noises, you might assume it will soon need some repairs. That’s not necessary the case.

Similarly, you will also have some kind of an assumption about your bad feeling. It comes from signs that might indicate about a problem.

8. You know this pattern

You’ve faced exact same situation and you are sure what’s going to happen. You know how a certain event starts, you know its process and how it ends.


For example, you’ve driven yesterday to the mountain at 7 AM on a slippery road. You’ve nearly gone off the road because of it. Luckily, everything ended well.

feel like something bad is going to happen

Now you know that your friend will be driving to the same mountain and will be at the same place by 7 AM. You feel that something bad is going to happen.


However, there can be a lot of variables to prevent it. Your friend might drive more carefully, he will choose appropriate speed, he will put all his focus on the road, and similar.


So, just because you know this pattern, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the same outcome.

9. You’ve heard of it somewhere else

Hearing horror stories about a particular event might completely freak you out.


Imagine you’re going to skydive. You’ve read bunch of stories how parachutes (not even an emergency one!) don’t open and people fall to death.

Now you’re scared for your life. You feel like something bad is going to happen.


It’s easy to drown in negative thoughts and expect for the worst. Nevertheless, the odds of you experiencing the same tragedy are almost nonexistent.

10. You feel insecure

A common cause for having a bad feeling about something is lack of self-confidence. When you don’t trust yourself, you always have a feeling like something bad is going to happen.

Having lack of self-confidence always plants fears. Your mind becomes your biggest obstacle.


If you got a really good feeling something bad is going to happen, you might need to fix your confidence issues. You might need to find what you’re good at, strengthen those skills, and leverage them.

11. You overthink

Overthinking is the biggest enemy of your mind. You suddenly have inner self critic that is afraid of everything and criticizes even you.

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. ~ Winston Churchill

Overthinking complicates a lot of things and makes things only worse. You gradually build a house of pain and frighten yourself.


What you should do is ask yourself: “What else could my thoughts mean?” The answer could be very simple, such as overthinking.

12. You feel like you have a superpower

Natural superpowers are highly doubted by the science, unless you use assistance of artificial intelligence.

However, some documented cases are trying to prove the opposite. Some people truly claim to have natural superpowers which let them do unusual things that a normal person couldn’t do.


You really can’t tell if you have a superpower if you can’t replicate it enough times to prove it. Though, there could be a possibility that you have a natural gift.

13. You have a negative mindset

If you tend to think negatively of everything, you will eventually reach a point when you will constantly have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

feeling like something bad is going to happen

When you face a lot of failures, they follow you in your mind. You tend to believe that you can’t achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.


That’s the pivotal moment when you start having a lot of negative thoughts. But, the reason for your negative thinking could be very simple – you are just setting unrealistic expectations. All you need to do is to overcome your negative mindset and embrace happiness.

14. You are too self-aware

If you are absolutely sure that you know yourself to your fullest (honestly, it’s almost impossible), then you might know your limits and you know exactly when to give up. You might know the limits of other people as well.


That’s why you feel like something bad is going to happen.

One small positive thought can change your whole day. ~ Zig Ziglar

Nonetheless, the chances of you knowing yourself (fully understanding others is absolutely impossible) to your fullest potential is too low for you to consider that you know your true limits.


People are capable of almost everything and you shouldn’t ever devalue yourself.

15. You care too much

When you care too much about everything, you will end up in a loop of worries. Escaping from worries is essential if you want to feel peace of mind.

Otherwise, you will always have instinct of uneasiness that something wrong is going to happen.

Ultimately, you need to focus on yourself and live less for others. You really need to know the boundaries and how to cope with your mind in such scenarios.

6 Ways to cope with a feeling that something bad is going to happen

1. Turn off social media

Social media can be a big source of negative events. Constantly seeing the negative headlines plant seeds of negativity in your subconscious mind.

As you might’ve already guessed it, you tend to think more negatively. That’s why you start having a gut that something bad is going to happen.


A lot of people don’t realize what impact social media has on our mental health. It provokes negative thinking, anxiety, depression. 25 percent of people ranging from 18 to 25 years old experience mental illness.


It’s recommended to spend maximum of 30 minutes per day to minimize the negative risks of social media.

2. Take care of your health

Exercising can be a great source to reduce levels of fatigue, anxiety, depression. It also increases your self-esteem and enthusiasm, which helps tremendously coping with your uneasy mind.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

To gain the most out of exercising, it’s recommended to do it outside, as you will gain the benefits of vitamin D. It’s an important vitamin for our general health, strong bones, and muscles. 10-15 minutes a few times a week of exposure to the sun is enough.


Nutrition is also an important aspect of our health. Drinking more water, cutting out processed foods, eating more fiber will surely add up to your better well-being.

3. Approach a positive mindset

If you often experience anxiety and feeling that something bad is going to happen, it could be that you suffer from a negative mindset. As an antidote, you need to adopt a positive mindset.

feeling like something bad is going to happen

Positive mindset is all about focusing on the bright side of life and expecting positive results. This, by no any means, implies that positive mindset is a blind movement that sees only one part of life, which is positive.


All it means is that you’re expecting more positive results than the negative ones. Failures are inevitable in our life, but having an overall positive attitude towards life increases chances of your success. Therefore, you need to change your mindset.


A few tips how to adopt a positive mindset:

  • Practice gratitude.
  • Practice positive inner self-talk.
  • Track your triggers that make you think negatively and eliminate them.
  • Spend more time with positive people.
  • Focus on good parts of challenges and goals.

4. Stop overthinking

While overthinking can help you to protect yourself from negative events and prepare from them better, often it only makes you uncomfortable and might even provoke depression and anxiety.


Without no doubt, overthinking also makes you feel like something bad is going to happen. You put all the worst scenarios in your mind and repeat them. The situation only gets worse by then, because our imagination is a powerful tool both for positive and negative purposes.

To stop overthinking, you can:

  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Focus on the present and not on the past or future.
  • Instead of creating scenarios, create solutions to your problems instead.
  • Think less, act more.

5. Turn on analytical thinking

In other words, challenge your thoughts.

  • How likely are your thoughts to come true?
  • Have majority of your doubts come true?
  • Why are you trapping your mind in negative thoughts and don’t want to approach positive life?

The main key is to provoke your thoughts with challenging questions. You need to prove their validity. In most cases, you shouldn’t be able to prove how they are benefiting you.

6. Be mindful

Thoughts are just thoughts. They are only your vivid imagination.


Also, actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to frighten yourself. However, if it’s too easy, it means it’s not the best way to live a life. At least, not for your mental health.

you feel like something is wrong

Focus on the present. Our mind is the biggest enemy. It constantly creates false perceptions and makes you feel like something bad is going to happen. Ultimately, you need to create a healthy mindset.


Focusing on present doesn’t mean that you don’t have to have any goals or perspirations. All it means is that you need to enjoy living life now and enjoy every process and decision that you make.


Don’t trap your mind in a cage. Free yourself from worries to live a happier life.

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

Intuition is a very strong tool that can help you foresee a lot of potential dangers and obstacles in life. However, try to validate how likely your thought is to become true.


In majority of cases, the probability of your feeling that something bad is going to happen is very low. It’s really unknown if superstitious occurrences are more likely to happen or whether it’s only socially accepted concept.

All in all, intuitions have helped to survive humans throughout our whole existence. Only you can tell if your sense of feeling that something bad is going to happen is valid or not.


Regardless, try to keep a healthy balance and don’t overwhelm your mind. Your mental health is the number one priority.