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August 18, 2021 · 7 min read

what does love feel llike
You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. - Dr. Seuss

Ever found yourself amid a fantasy world where you’re hanging out with your loved one?


Have you ever been in love where things started changing and your life becomes a hub of happiest moments?


Everything seems perfect and you’re just lost in thoughts with a beautiful smile and wondering about your love life.


From feeling butterflies to smiling over silly moments, you’re going to step into the world of love.


Loving someone is not only a feeling, it’s a lifestyle that has the power to make changes within you. Of course, positive changes and perfection are going to become a part of your life.


Undoubtedly, love does wonders and has the power to change anyone.


This piece of writing will offer goosebumps by unfolding all feelings that every lover shares in love.

What Does Love Feel Like?

Love feels like nothing else in this world. If you ever fall in love, you will certainly distinguish it from any other feeling. Some people get butterflies in their stomach, some daydream for days, weeks or months, some people simply get obsessed with their significant one and try to make them feel as special as possible.


Love feels like holding an umbrella during rainy days.


Like a breeze of fresh air or like sunshine during chilled days of winter.


With the warmth of love, you can conquer everything that seems impossible.


Love could introduce beautiful changes to your life by eliminating all toxicity. If you’re in love or exploring signs of love within you, start counting down to a completely different life.


When everything looks different and new, accepting someone with their flaws and spending your days and nights with them, is love.

what does love feel llike

Your efforts to look perfect and curiosity to look for your soulmate after a hectic day or switching from a bad mood to good are all signs of love.


However, love has the potential to wipe out all difficulties and introduce peace to your life. From prettiest eye contact to having lunch together and enjoying the pleasure of kissing for the first time, this is a feeling of love.


Imagining your life without a soulmate is the hardest part of the imagination that you want to skip.


Living together and sleeping together and satisfying all the physical needs of each other is the best part of love life.


If you have ever questioned yourself how to know if you’re in love, then these are 10 signs of love that can help you.

10 Major “Signs you’re in love”

  • Feeling energetic around them
  • Could compromise on anything just for sake of love
  • Finding everything exciting and new
  • You’re ready to do everything to meet their expectations
  • Love became peace of mind and addiction like drugs
  • You always want to spend your whole day with them
  • Enjoying their company and when you’re with your loved one, nothing seems important except your partner
  • An elevation in hormone production that reduces stress and enhances peace and happiness
  • You lack focus in work life and always busy daydreaming

How do you know if you’re in love?

You’re in love if you keep thinking about other person majority of time, which includes daydreaming, creating future plans together, thinking of how to please the other person in every way.


You have to ask yourself if:


Can I live my life without that person?


Can I start my day without looking at my partner?


Do I feel like at home around a certain person and always willing to talk to them whether in happiness or sadness?


If all these questions have a straightforward answer of “YES”, then you’re badly in love from head to toe.


So, if you’re also thinking of going through different stages of love, then muster up the courage and select your partner to live a life of happiness.

what does love feel llike
The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. - Audrey Hepburn

Can you hide your love from the person who is your favourite human being on this planet? Of course not.


This is because your expressions and body language will not support you if you’re thinking of hiding your feelings.


Just go back to the past and imagine the very first day when you were in love with someone.


On that specific day, you were trying to give your best to purpose the love of your life and live a worthy life with your partner and that’s how you know if you’re in love.

What does it feel like to be in love?

Being in love feels like there are no obstacles in your life and the only main focus in your mind is your loved one. You will feel butterflies, rainbows in your stomach, you will feel the happiest in your life.


From recognizing signs of love to expressing your love to the right person, there are many other stages that you need to pass. Every lover has experienced butterflies and many other signals when their favourite person came closer to them.


You will feel the whole world in a single person. Have you gone through this feeling? You will experience a sudden change in your personality. A positive change, rays of happiness, even songs hit differently when you’re in love with someone.


Starting your day with a text or having a morning kiss is a perfect dose that everyone desires to get in the morning. Moreover, spending your whole day with a person without getting bored is called love.

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. - Henry Miller

You might also after a while feel like you are not good enough and that you should improve on yourself. Love often transforms people to better version of themselves and it can lead you to learn new skills, buy nicer clothes and improve your financial situation.


Undoubtedly, this feeling can’t be explained in words completely, but you can relate love to the tranquillity of the mind.

18 Powerful Feelings that will Explain “What Does Love Feel Like”

1. Craving for your favourite person

If you’re in love, whether it’s the initial phase of your relationship or spent years together, you will crave your favourite person.


However, this craving has no other solution except that specific person. With your right person, everything looks perfect.


Be heedful to your inner voice that is constantly asking that “how do you know you’re in love?


Pay attention to your inner voice and answer your confusions. If you’re experiencing a similar situation, then you’re in love. Do you crave to look for a specific person every time?


If yes, congratulations on exploring this treasure of the world.

what does love feel llike

Moreover, craving doesn’t end sometimes just after a glance, you need more. You always crave to spend time with them. If your lover is not around you, you will feel absorbed in their imaginations.


With time, you will observe an increase in the degree of cravings. Of course, you will try to fulfil all cravings by doing everything that sometimes doesn’t make sense.


For your concerns, craving for a person is completely different from food cravings at midnight.


So, if you’re consistently waiting for the hour of their arrival and want to meet your partner at any cost, this is called the feeling of love.

2. Production of hormones of happiness

Let’s clear one thing at first – your health is at no risk when you’re happy and satisfied in life.


Of course, happiness boosts your immune system, becomes your strength to deal with all adversities in life.


Moreover, mental and physical health are two sides of the same equation. If you’re mentally healthy, then you’re physically stable too.


Have you ever noticed which elements are responsible for stable mental health? The list is quite lengthy, but its major elements include happiness, success, love, appreciation, positivity, and many others.


Among all, love is the basic element that is considered a source of happiness. If you’re in love with the right person who is satisfying your all needs, then it will make you happy.

what does love feel llike
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu

This happiness occurs due to hormones that are ready to become part of your life that add more happiness in your way.


Without a doubt, dopamine and oxytocin are the hormones that will secrete when you’re happy in life and shows what does love feel like.


If you’re in love and your partner is fulfilling your all sexual desires, then these are the messages to your brain. In that scenario, your brain will signal the production of happiness hormones. This shows the basic signs you’re in love.

3. Boosting energy through sexual activities

When you’re in love then everything matters about the other person. From a smile to kissing each other for the first time. However, if you’re in love with someone and going through an initial phase, you must seek their smile to start the day.


With time, things differ and everyone desires to fulfill their all needs. In that regard, being physical in relationships plays a pivotal role in the life of love birds. Involving sexual activities to satisfy sexual desires is one of the best rewards of love.


After sharing yourself with your loved one, you will feel a tremendous amount of energy rushing through your body. Have you ever experienced the charm of exchanging energy during sex? This is the answer to what love feels like.

what does love feel llike

If you’re in a relationship and enjoying all charms of the relationship, then this will boost your energy level. Exchanging your energy through sex will ultimately end in an elevation in your energy.


However, it will grant a wave of freshness within you and will offer you a dose of positive energy. Of course, it will drain your negative energy and boost your energy to spend the whole day with excitement and liveliness.


So, keep in mind that energy transfer is real, and be mindful of who you’re going to touch.


4. Everything seems perfect and different in love

Can you make a comparison between your old self and a new one?


In that case, you will observe plenty of changes that you’re experiencing now after love. Indeed, the feeling of love has come up with magical consequences.


Let me list a few ones that could be compatible with your situation. Maybe things started smoothly with a smile or eye contact and these things just turned your whole life.


After confessing your love, you’re looking at everything with a different lens.


Can you believe that you’re changing your perspective on different things?


Everything seems perfect and you can get an insight into everything that has perfection within it.

Love recognizes no barriers. - Maya Angelou

Things are different because you’re a different individual now. Let me say, you’re wearing the shoes of your lover and probably spectacles too.


Now, you have the idea of what does it feel like to be in love. From feeling butterflies in your gut to experiencing a sudden rise in the speed of your heartbeat.


These are all the signs of love. If you’re observing all these signs, then that’s how you know if you’re in love.

5. Obsessed with the presence of your soulmate

Soul mates do exist who have the potential to introduce positivity to your life.


Without a doubt, when a person loves someone, then he/she becomes obsessed with the presence of the loved one.


Your steps toward the gateway of love will end up with the obsession with his/her presence.


Obsessions sound good, but sometimes these obsessions become a source of discomfort.


Of course, everyone spends time with loved ones, but sometimes when you’re incapable of talking to them or seeing them, then life seems colourless.


These are the signs you’re in love. But, love is more than obsessions.

what does love feel llike

When you become addicted to someone and can’t move forward in the morning without having a morning kiss, things seem to fall apart. This happens mostly in long-distance relationships or when a partner always stays busy with other chores.


As a result, depression could take over all your happiness because you’re missing your partner badly.


In that scenario, if you’re living far away from your soul mate, then you may start stressing yourself.


This obsession is love that doesn’t allow you to concentrate on your tasks, because you’re investing your every second in thinking about your partner.

6. Adopting habits of each other

When you’re living with someone or sharing your every moment with someone, you will be adopting their habits.


Of course, he/she will adopt yours and you will be adopting his/her habits. In this way, sometimes when you look back, you will observe a different you.


From eating habits to clothing, sleeping style to talking, picking some pet phrases of each other, you will become a clone of your partner.


Having a sincere companion on your side who has similar nature and habits is the greatest blessing that only love could grant you.

We are most alive when we're in love. - John Updike

This feeling of love will turn you into a completely different individual. Moreover, every friend, family, and colleague will observe these changes within you.


Clearly, everyone gets surprised by a new and different you in a good way.

7. Bring positive changes to cope with your partner

Love is a life-changing experience and everyone who is in love knows that. If love is not changing your life positively, then you’re not with the right person.


Undoubtedly, love is another name of comfort. If you’re comfortable with a person, then you’re going to enter a zone of greatness in your life and this illustrates what does love feel like.


Moreover, love has enough potential to strengthen you and turn your pessimistic thoughts into optimistic thoughts. In that regard, you just need to look on the sunny side of everything.

what does love feel llike

Further, sometimes you just need to become a perfect individual that could grab all the attention of the partner. This strategy enables you to polish your skills and become successful in life.


These positive changes will help you to cope with your partner in the right way. These changes are the perks of true love.

8. Instant changes in mood

Ever been in a bad mood but a single text, a call, or meeting a person could switch your bad mood to a good one?


Of course, the next person is your loved one who can instantly change your mood. But, sometimes your partner’s bad mood could result in your bad mood.


Rapid changes in mood shows what does it feel like to be in love with your soulmate. You will feel affected by your soulmate, either it would be a good mood or a bad one. Nevertheless, it’s part of love that most people go through.

what does love feel llike

Some temporary mood swings could not affect your bond. These are the basic signs of love that could instantly change your mood.


Do you feel that your whole world is revolving around a specific person?


If that’s the case, you’re in love with that person who is ruling your life and you can happily surrender to them if you trust them enough.

9. Establishing a relationship of trust and respect

Establishing a relationship of trust and respect are the real signs you’re in love. Trusting someone blindly and giving respect are the main ingredients in the recipe of true love.


If your soul is pure and you have the right person in your life, then trust will glue your relationship.


Most relations expire due to a lack of trust and respect. If both persons are giving respect to each other and have trust, then nothing could break their bond.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. - Ann Landers

This bond will help you to grow in life. When you’re trusting someone’s words, then this will increase your love for each other.


Therefore if you’re trusting someone and sharing all minor details that you can’t share with anyone else, this is a feeling of love.

10. Accepting your lover with all flaws

Every person who meets you in life has certain flaws that need fixation. Each of us is well aware of the good part of ourselves and all bad habits that are also a part of us.


Moreover, when you’re in love with someone, you may start loving your partner’s flaws and accepting the person as he/she is.


If you’re doing something similar and accept a person with all flaws, that’s the actual definition of love.


You can relate this to your situation that your partner seems perfect to you while he’s an imperfect individual.

what does love feel llike

Of course, love is doing wonders by hiding all the flaws of your partner under the tag of love.


Does this happen to you? Undoubtedly, this happens to every person who is deeply in love with someone.


Accepting someone with all their good and bad is a brave step that only lovers could commit. This acceptance leads to a stronger bond. A  bond with a soul is far better than the physical bond.


Love is superior to lust and infatuation. If you accept your lover with flaws, that’s how you know if you’re in love.

11. Surrendering your heart to someone

Surrendering yourself to someone is the biggest decision of life and the most confusing one.


If you’re ready to surrender yourself to someone, then you’re sharing the most important part of your life. Granting your life to someone worthy to guard your heart is real love.


But, it’s a challenging decision that most of the time accomplished with overthinking, stressing, and panic attacks.


If you’re going to surrender your heart to someone and expect utmost care and love, you’re in love.

You can't blame gravity for falling in love. - Albert Einstein

Most of the time, people breed confusions and insecurities before sharing their lives, but love has enough power to turn the decision.


So, if you’re still confused how do you know you’re in love, then the answer lies in your final decision to surrender your heart without giving further thought to the decision.

12. Lack of focus during work

Managing love and professional life simultaneously is a daunting task and lovers are bad managers.


This statement is backed by personal experience because love looms over everything. You can also relate yourself to this situation if you’re in love.


With time, everyone learns to manage all tasks, but if you’re struggling with the initial phase, then it’s quite risky. Giving your whole time to your love life can be disturbing for your professional life.

what does love feel llike

But, how can you work when your thoughts are confined to only a specific person?


It seems that the whole universe is conspiring to help you establish a connection with your love.


However, you need to manage both at the same time to save yourself from losing your job.


If you’re lacking focus and investing your all time to think about your partner, then love is knocking on your door.

13. Daydreaming

Each of us is a daydreamer, but nobody could compete with lovers.


If you are still asking yourself “how do you know you’re in love”, then this is the most accurate answer to you.


From spending all time together or chatting for the whole day, you will still find yourself thinking about him/her.


Coming out from the daydreaming zone is quite difficult for all lovers, because if they can’t be together physically, they can be together in their minds.


Choosing your preferred situations and favourite locations and setting a stage to dream about your love life is the most favourite hobby of love birds.


In that regard, you may find yourself completely absorbed in daydreaming. These are the key signs you’re in love.

14. Looking at the world through lover’s eyes

Ever thought about looking around the world with someone’s eyes?


Of course, everyone is willing to approach the world with their eyes and have a vision of everything around them. But, lovers see through everything differently.


If you’re in love, then you may be in love with your partner’s vision about everything.


With time, when you become addicted to your lover and want to become an important part of life, you will see differently.

what does love feel llike

Seeing through the lens of your partner seems that your bond is stronger than anything else in the whole world.


Moreover, you may start loving the things that your partner loves and may start disliking a few things that your partner dislikes.


This is quite normal between people who are in love. Are you seeing the world from someone’s lens?


If that’s the case, then you’re going to find the love of your life soon. These are signals that could describe your situation and that’s how you know if you’re in love.

15. Taking care of yourself to look perfect

Do you love yourself? If yes, then you’re capable of loving someone else.


But, if you’re unable to love yourself and do not respect yourself, then how you could offer love and respect someone else?


Therefore, loving yourself is the foremost condition before being in love with someone. If you can fulfil this condition, then you’re eligible to share your love.


Undoubtedly, this formula works like pouring liquid from a container to another. So, before going to share your container with anyone, you must fill it with self-love.


Most importantly, signs of love also initiate self-care. Every lover wants to grab the attention of his/her partner.


For that purpose, if you’re trying to make yourself a perfect being so that your love doesn’t fade with time, then that’s called love.

what does love feel llike

The first stage of love starts from self-love.


So, if you’re constantly thinking that how do you know you’re in love, then your self-care and a journey to perfection is the most accurate answer.

16. Confusions, insecurities, and obsession

Here comes a different part of love life. As a lover, you may experience these three feelings during different stages of love.


If you’re an introvert, then this may take time, but after getting comfortable with these feelings, nothing will confuse you.


Most lovers breed different types of insecurities in their minds. However, insecurities are a part of every relationship.


This happens when you’re in a relationship even after many years.


Certainly, your starting period was a honeymoon period where both of you promise to each other, hang out every day, and satisfy all the needs of each other.

A simple "I love you" means more than money. - Frank Sinatra

Most of the time, lovers start overthinking their relationships.


What happens if we can’t live together forever?


If this kind of thought is also striking to your mind and you’re feeling insecure, then you’re badly in love with that person.


Love is more than attraction, infatuation, physical relationships. Love is a strong bond between two individuals that grow deeply between souls.

17. Sharing all secrets

Do you love to share your every secret with a specific person who is a good listener too?


A person who pays attention to your minor details and always has time to listen to all your secrets is the right person.


Listening to someone with complete attention and giving all ears to listen to all-day routines with excitement demands dedication and compassion.


If you have a person who is always there to support you without judging your personality, that’s called love.

what does love feel llike

Loving someone unconditionally always results in long-term relationships.


No matter if you’re living closer to each other or miles apart, if your love is true, nobody could replace you.

18. Priority over others

Do you believe in granting your everything to your lover in love?


If not, then you’re not truly bonded with your lover’s soul. People who have strong connections that go deep in the souls could sacrifice everything for their loved ones.


This stage of love demands a higher level of energy to commit to a relationship.


If you’re truly in love with someone, then nothing would be superior to you. Every materialistic approach will seem nothing to the person who is solely in love.


Despite this, both partners have rooted their seeds of love in their souls to establish a spiritual relationship that doesn’t remind you about the world.

I love being married. It's so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. - Rita Rudner

When you’re with your soulmate, you may have no idea about changes occurring in the surroundings because both of you are exchanging energies only.


This form of love has no limits and can’t be explained in words.


When you are capable of completely absorbing someone and prioritizing their presence by ignoring everything, it’s a true feeling of love.

Final Words

Loving someone unintentionally and dedicating your whole life to a specific person is true love. From loving head to toe, you may forget about the chaotic world and dive down deep into your relationship.


If you’re in love, then you may surrender yourself in front of your partner. Love will allow you to exchange your energy with the union of souls. Without a doubt, love is another form of happiness and maintains your physical and mental health perfectly.


But, sometimes love could become a pain. In that scenario, you just need to be patient because life is full of ups and downs and that’s completely normal to demand space in a relationship.


It will nurture more love for your relationship and you will appreciate each other even more than ever.