Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

November 10, 2021 · 9 min read

going to be okay
I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. ~ Jimmy Dean

Sometimes life is unforgiving.


Life tends to challenge us. Those challenges can be both simple and hard to endure.


Occasionally you might question yourself, “Am I going to be okay?” and I have the perfect answer to you – you are going to be okay.

Life throws unexplainable situations for us. I admit, it’s fairly easy to lose hope if you really get drowned in a problem.


Nonetheless, there are plenty of reasons who signal that you’re going to be okay. There are also some things that you can improve on to make sure life goes in the right direction.


Here we will reveal those reasons that will relief your mind.

How to be okay

You have to change your mindset about the way you feel right now if you want to be okay. While grieving is a part of a process, drowning in feelings that make you feel bad for too long doesn’t benefit you in any way.  


The best way to cope with yourself to accept your feelings and let them flow. Holding them back will only hurt you and might backfire in the long run.

When you feel ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, set a goal how you want to feel and what exactly you want to achieve. Wandering in life like a lost soul is quite meaningless and you will never find yourself in that way.


Don’t doubt yourself and you will certainly be able to overcome all your obstacles in life.

10 signs you are going to be okay

If you can relate at least to one sign in this list, you are going to be okay:

  1. You are adventurous and seek for new experience.
  2. You ignore nay-sayers.
  3. You are motivated to grow.
  4. You try to spend time productively.
  5. You are willing to help others.
  6. You are forgiving to others.
  7. You feel grateful for everything.
  8. You don’t blame others.
  9. You are curious.
  10. You comprehend your weaknesses and strengths.

You will be okay even on your own

Often, people are feeling lonely in their lives. If you are facing the same situation, don’t be afraid or sad about it. While it’s good to have someone that makes you happy, it’s not necessarily the only source of emotional support and motivation to push through in life.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. ~ George Addair

You are capable of achieving everything on your own. The most important thing is to trust yourself and have a good self-esteem, because it can help you through difficult times in life.


Essentially, we are our own best companions in life. Nobody will care more about you than yourself. It’s important to learn how to love yourself and never lose faith in your abilities to cope with any situation in life.

What makes you feel not okay?

There can be a lot of reasons why you might be not okay:

  • Having a sickness.
  • Being disappointed in yourself.
  • Losing someone you love.
  • Inability to fulfill your dreams and goals.
  • Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed.
  • Having an existential crisis.
  • Being in a negative environment.

… And a few other reasons. Generally speaking, you feel not okay because you are in a bad state of mind or in an inappropriate environment. To be honest, we all have our ups and downs. It’s normal to feel bad sometimes.

Why you absolutely are going to be okay

I know that you’re undervaluing yourself and you don’t know what you’re capable of. You might ask, “But how are you so sure about this?”


I’m absolute certain about my statement because I know that only pain allows us to know ourselves the best.

If you are living extremely comfortably, you won’t be facing a lot of situations where you have to overcome fear of pain. People that suffer the most are willing to embrace drastic changes in life to improve their lives.


Therefore, if you’re doubting yourself if “Am I going to be okay?” trust me, you will. You are enduring more or less pain in your life and you are trying to find an appropriate answer. You are going to be okay and overcome any obstacle in your life that you are currently facing.

20 Reasons you’re going to be okay

1. It’s okay to be not okay

A situation has its outcomes. If the situation is hard enough, it’s completely normal to feel the way you feel now.


When you hide your feelings, you’re only adding more fuel to fire. Our feelings are an essential part of our lives.

going to be okay

Whenever you try to avoid or ignore your feelings, you create an illusion that you are weak and unable to cope with them. That’s why it’s important to accept your feelings and the situation that you’re in.


Whenever you try to suppress your feelings, they only grow bigger. Naturally, it only becomes harder and harder to cope with them.


If you can accept yourself, you are going to be okay no matter what. Be truthful about yourself and your environment. Only then you can be happy.

2. Your situation is temporary

Remember that no situation and emotion is permanent. Whether it is happiness or sadness, they all come and go. Experiencing painful things is essential if you really want to let them go and pass through you.


If you really think about it, the only permanent thing is change. It’s like a flowing river in which nothing stays.  Understanding this will make you look at life much simpler.


Overcoming and enjoying every situation is a part of our lives. While sometimes stopping the time would be a very fun superpower to have, it would eventually become boring and unfulfilling.

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice. ~ Jim Rohn

So, regardless of the situation you have, whether it’s a sad or a happy one, it will go away. A situation changes another situation. At most times, the situation gets better if you put your effort into it.


Consider life as a game. You have to train yourself to ‘unlock’ better perks of life. That means every happy situation will become even happier, and unpleasant situations will become only better with time.


You are going to be okay no matter what. Life doesn’t stop at one point and stays there for an eternity. It’s just like a bus stop. You will embrace happier moments in your life eventually.

3. You never surrender

Even if you doubt yourself sometimes and ask yourself, “Am I going to be okay?” you are always pursuing a better outcome of a situation.


I’m not going to sugarcoat this and I can completely agree with you that some life situations are devastating and incredibly hard to cope with. Even the strongest people trip over and need some time to recover.

going to be okay

Everything is going to be okay. Life continues and it always has its peaks and lows. It’s like yin and yang. Life always balances itself out.


You must not settle down for less than you deserve. Regardless of the situation, you deserve to be happy. If your intentions in life are positive, you will always see a sunshine through a dense forest of unknown.

4. Hard times make you stronger

As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. Psychologists agree that hardships make you stronger mentally and physically. You always turn out to be okay no matter what.


The most important thing is to never give up. You have to look at life from a positive point of view and take the happiness from everywhere you can.

Here I give you some tips how to remain strong during hard times:

  • Look for joy in life wherever you can.
  • Allow yourself to accept the situation and grieve for a while.
  • Understand that you can’t control some situations in life.
  • You can always ask someone for emotional support and help.
  • Negative thoughts turn out to be your source of strength.

You are going to be okay. A beautiful rainbow always comes after a heavy rain. Similarly, you will face beautiful times after embracing hard times.

5. There’s always someone to help you

Your family is ready to help you.


Your closest friends are ready to help you.


If you have nobody that can support you, there are professionals that can help you.


Even your pets are ready to support you.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Having someone that can support you has a lot of positive benefits, such as:

  • Better well-being.
  • Better problem-solving skills.
  • Healthier and longer life.

Essentially, having someone to emotionally support you helps you to overcome serious problems in life. It can also act as a stress and anxiety relief.


Remember that everyone shows affection in their different ways. Some people prefer to express it over materialistic things, some prefer to do something for you (handmade gift, doing chores…).


Be open to people and their compassion and you will be okay.

6. You don’t stay in your comfort zone

Your question “Am I going to be okay?” shows that you’re not staying in comfort zone. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be asking for this question.


Abandoning comfort zone is a sign of a new beginning. Even if it turns out to be unsuccessful, you still are going to gain a lot of life experience. Your next journey will be more likely to be successful because you will have more insights.

going to be okay

You have to understand that naturally our brains don’t like anything to change. Leaving your comfort zone creates stress which actually benefits you.


A healthy amount of stress lets you to increase your focus, pace, creativity, and you respond to new situations with more alertness and critical thinking.


Majority of people face problems when they leave their comfort zone. It’s natural to be doubtful and thinking whether you are going to be okay. Embrace the change for your own good.

7. Both positive and negative mindsets are essential

See, you might be doubting a lot of things right now. You might be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. However, they can be actually beneficial to you.


Negative thoughts let you see life more realistically. Sometimes it could require too much effort to overcome small obstacles which don’t benefit you as much. Having such insight is all thanks to your negative thoughts.

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Nevertheless, if negative thoughts are taking a complete control over your life, you need to overcome your negative mindset. That’s when you have to open up to positive mindset.


Positive mindset assures that everything is going to be okay. It gives you inner strength to push through life and don’t look back. It also reduces stress, depression, increases your both physical and psychological well-being.


If you practice focusing on the good things in any situations, you will definitely be okay and be happier with yourself. You have to approach the good and the bad in life and expect that everything will be okay.

8. You have a kind heart

Majority of people have kindness in one or another way. You are no exception.


Kindness is what all people should endorse and value more.  Being kind makes your heart warmer and feel good about yourself. It can be a source of strength in difficult times.


The golden rule of life says that you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are good to other people, they will be more likely to give you a hand and help you in need. Besides, you will feel exponentially better about yourself if you help others.

going to be ok

Kindness also gives a sense that you are going to be okay. That’s because acts of kindness boosts your serotonin which is responsible for your well-being and satisfaction.


In addition, kindness can give you a sense of “helper’s high”. It’s a mild version of morphine that occurs when you help others and take care of them. It’s a common situation that occurs in charities and during volunteering.


A kind heart is the key for your better well-being. You will eventually receive your “everything will be okay mantra”.

9. You’re compassionate

Just because you are asking yourself if you are going to be okay, it means that you want to understand yourself better.


Compassion indicates that you want to feel deeply and comprehend your situation. You want to improve your situation for your better well-being.

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action. ~ Dr. Henry Link

It’s a very important sign that you will be okay, because a lot of people neglect themselves and just push through in life. Eventually they burn out and feel lifeless and empty.


Understanding yourself makes your feel greater happiness and inner peace. When you care about yourself and others, you feel a better connection. It simply improves your inner world and makes you to be in a harmony with yourself.

10. You don’t take things for granted

You understand that happiness doesn’t come from somewhere. You need to be grateful for things to feel joy.


Gratitude changes life because it’s the most important source of happiness. Taking a step back and having a glance at life from a simpler point of view will make you think deeply how beautiful life is.

going to be ok

Similarly, when you face a difficult challenge, you can approach with gratefulness attitude. It makes you grow as a person and appreciate that life is very valuable. Every little detail adds up to your well-being and assures that you’re going to be okay.

11. You’re authentic

Authenticity is already engraved within us. We can’t change it. Well, we can try to mimic someone else, but it’s not sustainable and won’t make us feel better about ourselves.


Accepting yourself is one of the most important things you can do in your life. When you accept yourself, you start getting to know yourself and comprehending that it’s just the way you work.

Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities. ~ Robert H. Schuller

The moment you realize you are you and nobody else, you start valuing yourself.


If you don’t accept yourself, you will never be okay with yourself. You will be fighting against yourself and trying to become who you aren’t.


Authenticity comes with a lot of great benefits:

  • Increasing your self-esteem.
  • Increasing your well-being.
  • Enhancing your work performance.
  • Improving your relationships.
  • Having a better life satisfaction.

As long as you’re authentic and true with yourself, you will be okay. Nobody can take away your uniqueness and feelings.

12. You admit your feelings

See, ignoring your feelings is linked to toxic positivity. It’s common practice in society to always say to everyone “Just smile and be happy”. However, a sword is double-edged.


When you don’t admit your feelings, you create an impression that ‘negative’ feelings are inappropriate and wrong. We already assume and start classifying that there are ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ feelings.


While it’s partially true, it’s important to understand that every feeling is a part of us and makes us real and authentic.

you will be okay

The real problem of ignoring your feelings occurs when they create secondary emotions, such as embarrassment and guilt. These feelings are the outcomes of your mindset about feelings in general. To be more precise, it’s common to think that ‘negative’ feelings are a sign of weakness.


That’s why your mind gets even more confused and unhappy.


You are going to be okay because admitting your feelings is a part of our lives. They come and go like everything else in this life.

13. You focus on what matters

As I was writing this article, I was staring through the window and observing people. Some of them were sad, and some of them were with a big smile on their face and observed their surroundings.


What I’m trying to say is that you have to focus on things that make you happy to be alive.

You don’t need to fully focus on your end goal. You need to enjoy the process and live life at the very moment. Only occurrences like that remind you that you are going to be okay and everything will sort itself out.


Things that matter in life are:

  • Time.
  • Health.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Family and relationships.
  • Love and passion.
  • Never ending improvement in life.

As long as you value these things, you will be okay. Nothing can stop you from having the best time of your life.

14. You feel responsible

Generally speaking, we are responsible for our own well-being. According to psychologist Shawn Achor, 10 percent of our happiness depends on environment and 90 percent depends on how we perceive the happiness.


Understanding that you are the goldsmith of your life and that you’re the most responsible whether you will feel okay is incredibly important. You have to accept the fact that you can’t rely on someone else to do the things for you.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. ~ Michael Altshuler

To be in full charge of your own life, you have to take life into your own hands and make it work around you. Grab it firmly and don’t let it go. Don’t let silly things ruin your day and feel you uncomfortable.


Everything is going to be okay if you trust yourself. You are the most important person in your own story.


Here you can watch more about Shawn Achor and his insightfulness about happiness in life.

15. You are self-disciplined

Self-discipline allows you to control yourself and your reactions to any situation in life. It’s obvious that we lose ourselves in some situations and we can’t control ourselves properly.


However, as long as you have a sense of what self-discipline is, you will be ok. The matter of fact is that nobody is perfect and nobody has the perfect control over our feelings and actions.

Regardless of that, self-discipline helps you to stick to your values, decisions and follow them religiously. It’s one of the most important things in a successful life.


Besides, self-discipline also has other benefits:

  • Makes you feel better about yourself.
  • Gives you a more positive view of the world.
  • You are more independent and focused.
  • You are more organized and encouraged in life.

Sometimes, we need a reminder how much positive character traits we possess. I hope that I’m also contributing for you in remembering how strong of a person you are.

16. You have a sense of ethics and integrity

In other words, you know that you need to play the long game. While there might be some shortcuts in life, they’re too scarce for you to rely on them. Often, they are very unreliable and unpredictable.


Living life in a consecutive manner assures that you’re going to be okay and you will eventually grab on your happiness.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. ~ Will Rogers

You will discover that the happiest people and most successful ones have the highest standards of integrity. They constantly work for their goals and prove themselves through their determination.


You always account self-responsibility and feel in charge of your actions. Living life ethically is the firmest way to guarantee yourself to be okay and happy.

17. You are insightful

You are able to connect your mind and heart in one place. To put it differently, you are the bridge for your inspiration and information.


You are critically conscious of everything around you, including your own feelings. The more insight you have, the more you are able to use your intuition.

going to be okay

Having such privilege of being insightful makes you more confident about your future and that everything about you will be okay. The most important thing is not to doubt yourself and trust the process.

18. You focus being prudent

The fact that you care for your happiness makes you prudent. You are seeking for answers whether you will manage to pivot your question positively and to your advantage.


Focusing on the positive is a good sign because it lets you to pursue correct actions in a situation that you’re interested in.

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. ~ Allen Saunders

Learning from your mistakes, planning for the future, keeping in mind of long-term goals while completing short-term tasks all make up to your prudent character.


For example, if you are highly aware that your goal is to be happy while you are having a meetup with your friends, you will certainly be happy. There’s no room for negative thoughts.


Therefore, whatever your situation is, you will turn out to be okay if you are looking for answers.

19. You are mindful

Have you recently heard how much mindfulness and consciousness are emphasized?


It’s not just for any simple reason. Being mindful and conscious of your actions is critically important to control our emotions, depression, stress, anxiety. That’s what you can find in JAMA Internal Medicine article.

everything is going to be okay

Most importantly, we can reflect our feelings and thoughts without any judgment. The awareness of your mind can calm down your brain’s fear center.


Mindfulness comes with a lot of benefits. It just simply proves that you are going to be okay and that mind is our biggest enemy. You will overcome any obstacles.

20. You work hard

A talent can be easily beaten with enough of work. It doesn’t matter bad you are in one area of life or another. It doesn’t matter how ambitious goals you have.


As long as you put enough of work, you will be able to achieve anything you want in any area of your life: spiritual, emotional, financials, health, relationships.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

The fruits of hard work are undeniable. You can either work hard or sink in regrets later in life of not working and achieving your dreams.


Nothing can stop you from achieving your final target. You are your own limiting belief. If you can overcome yourself, you will be okay and everything will turn in your favor.

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

Having a reminder what beautiful basket of character traits you possess can help you to understand your power and make you feel better in a hard situation.


Though, it’s just as important to utilize your strengths to your advantage to make sure you’re going to be okay. Still, everything is temporary and bad times are changed with happy and good times.

While you might be in a loop of thinking that it will never end, trust me, it will get better. Focus on the positive side. You need to comprehend that you make a big difference in your life, both emotionally and physically.


Life is beautiful, even though it may not look like it at this very moment. Don’t lose faith in yourself. You’re going to be absolutely okay and nothing will stop you from achieving happiness.