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October 20, 2021 · 7 min read

positive intentions
The best way to ensure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally. – Deborah Day

Intentions are like a caring friend who leads to a path of achieving goals with more confidence. Intentions are fantastic to change your outlook of the world and be more positive.


As you may know, positivity can increase your productivity, eliminate negative self-talk, reduce stress, and even lengthen your life.

Words are energy and so are positive intentions. They’re a blissful light of hope that alters to a happy and full of achievements life.

How does intention differ from a goal?

Intentions are fixed and clarifies what’s the most important. Goals are an ambition to achieve the desired result. Intentions act as mind power and goals act as tangible result that is achieved by a set of actions.


To give an example of the difference between an intention and a goal, picture this. Your intention is to live a healthy lifestyle. Your goal is to eat more vegetables and go to the gym four times a week.

As goals and intentions are correlated, at the same time they are a bit different.


Remember that intentions are based on mindset and goals are driven by real actions. Intentions act as a driving force to set your mind in a positive state to achieve your goals much easier.

How positive intentions benefit you?

Positive intentions provide a guideline that reminds you how to achieve your goals. They clarify your underlying values that support your main desires and living standards.


Positive intentions are a form of manifesting and helps you to feel better what it’s like to achieve success. A powerful intention has the power to change your life.

10 signs your positive intentions work

The world is awaiting your gift – all you have to do is show up with the right intention. – Lewis Howes

Here are signs and good intentions examples that they work for you:

  1. You wake up with full of energy.
  2. You are happy and positive.
  3. You sense the feeling of success.
  4. You are getting closer to achieving your goals.
  5. You believe you are beautiful and enough.
  6. You don’t procrastinate.
  7. You face the fears.
  8. You feel grateful for the things you’ve got.
  9. You stress less (or don’t stress at all).
  10. You give back to other people.

How to set positive intentions?

Positive intentions must reflect what you want and not what you don’t want. A positive intention has to sound affirmatively and very clear. Practice setting the same intention in your mind daily until it becomes a reality.


Think about it for a second – if your intention for today is “I am not going to let myself down with negative thoughts and people that criticize me”, it automatically puts you in alertness mode. You will be either consciously or unconsciously fearing yourself and other people. It’s not a good state of mind to spend your whole day in.

positive intentions

Instead, you should say “I will be looking positive things in people and be inspired by them”.  While the aim is the same, the power of words will put you in an exciting mood instead of a fearful one.


The best way to set daily intentions is by writing them down. You will never forget any intention and you can even put them in front of your wall. That will remind you of your ambitions and living standards.

Why positive intentions are important for personal growth?

Positive intentions are associated with mindfulness that makes us pay attention to the present.  Similarly, personal growth can be achieved only if a person is aware of his imperfections and is willing to work for it in a positive manner. That’s why positive intentions are important for personal growth.

Intentions prepare the mind to develop itself by creating a comfortable and ambitious environment. If a person doesn’t have a motivated mindset, he can’t continue to grow himself.

How often to affirm yourself with positive intentions?

Ideally, you should set intentions daily in your mind after waking up. It will remind you where to shift your focus and where to put the most energy in.


Affirming daily intentions in the morning will also boost your mood and set you for the day. It’s a big win right there!

Gratefulness helps us in focusing on the positive things in our lives rather than on the negative ones. – Pooja Agnihotri

Whenever you affirm an intention, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’ll have to give 100 percent of focus into your manifestation. If that positive intention resonates to a longer-term goal, it’s sufficient to think about it daily or every other day in order to be inspired and not to give up on your dream.


If it happens that you skipped to affirm positive intentions for one or a few days, it’s absolutely all right. If you’re conscious about it and don’t give up on your goals, you will end up completely fine.

6 Tips to strengthen the effect of positive intentions

1. Use mindfulness

It’s not enough just to say an intention in your mind or out loud. Without believing in your words, the intention will never become a reality.


That’s why it’s essential to be very mindful of your words. You must shift all your focus into an intention statement and believe it.

It helps us also to observe our feelings, thought without being our own judges. Most importantly, it reduces anxiety and increases your positivity levels which result in achieving goals through positive intentions.

2. Stay positive

Being positive increases our physical and psychological well-being. It also allows us to cope with daily challenges in life a lot easier.


Positive thinking has to be incorporated into your lifestyle. It should be endorsed as much as possible.

positive intentions

It’s fairly easy to fall into negative thinking and shift all the blame to other people or environment. It can be also very frustrating to set intentions for the day that might look overwhelming.


However, positivity helps to solve this problem by bringing constructive mindset into your life that allows to perceive the world brighter and happier. We begin to trust the process no matter what we do.

3. Think about how you want to feel

The main key of positive intention is understanding how exactly you want to feel like.


As the best way to understand that is through the power of pain, but that’s not the most pleasant experience. However, that’s a guaranteed way in comprehending the feeling. Let me give you a personal example.


I was bullied in elementary school because of being overweight. Back in my childhood days, my intention was to lose weight and not to feel this pain ever again. I’ve managed to sense the feeling of success very clearly.

Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive feelings. Positive feelings generate positive energy. – Nozer Kanga

Therefore, I’ve set a goal to lose 10 kg (22lbs). My pain helped me to reduce the weight to my desired goal through positive intentions. I’ve never been overweight since then.


If you really want to achieve a certain goal, pain won’t be a necessary element. You must feel it within depths of your mind. Building an intention using the power of the feelings and manifestation will ensure that you’ll manage to achieve your goal.

4. Understand the reason for the intention

Everything is built on the “why


 Not only the technology that we have around us is based on “why”, but also our feelings.


People would accept a change easier if they understood the reason behind it. It matters more what benefit we receive from the reason rather than how much we like it.


For example, not many people like the idea to work, but they understand the value of working more which translates to getting paid more.  Therefore, it’s not rare that people sacrifice their leisure time to earn more money.

positive intentions

Similarly, when you will understand the reason behind the intention, you’ll be far more likely to achieve it because you’ll know the value it provides.


People also fear what they don’t understand and make their success process much more complicated. Overcoming doubts will greatly increase the chance of success.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail

Fear of failure often makes us to stagnate and be idle. Fears don’t let us to progress further in life and achieve great things that are waiting for us. We fail to set intention statements and succeed in them.


The most common reason for that is fear of pain. Some people try to avoid fear of failure too much. Their motivation to be on the safer side exceed the fear of pain. Because of that people tend not to explore their full potential and limits to achieve success.

Daily intentions should never be meant to be fearful of. First of all, they’re just intentions and not actual particular goals. Intentions act as foundation for the goal to understand better what you want from it.


Secondly, there’s almost no chance that a positive intention could harm you in any way. They’re supposed to make you more decisive, uplifted, and generally a happier person.

6. Act with kindness and courage

All great acts are ruled by intention. What you mean is what you get. – Brenna Yovanoff

The more you spread happiness and kindness, the more you’ll be surrounded with alike people and good aura. A positive environment is a necessity for positive intentions to come true.

Positive intentions and their end goals can be manifested through kindness. Pure thoughts always lead to a better and more meaningful outcome and your intentions for the day won’t go to a waste.

30 Positive Intentions for personal growth

  1. I will focus to give love to those who deserve to be loved and be happy. Showing people act of kindness makes you feel better and they also feel grateful for having you.


  1. I am going to be inspired by other people and awaken my creativity. People are very diverse not only by their achievements, but also by their way of thinking. Opening yourself to new thoughts can stimulate new ideas for your goals.
  1. I will be looking to be present in the moment and feel the environment. We often fall out from the environment and surroundings. Chasing our goals makes us forget the beauty of the present and neglect happiness that we deserve.


  1. I will be grateful for everything I have and will be looking for other things to be grateful for. Gratitude is strongly associated with happiness as it lets feel more positive emotions, nourish relationships, lets you reflect on your achievements and be less materialistic.
daily intentions
  1. I will be compassionate to everyone as every person might face hard situations that I am unaware of. Judging people is not hard. On the other hand, understanding others’ situation can be challenging as we would need to dive into new waters. The comprehension of psychology allows us to create closer bonds with other people.


  1. I will be looking for new relationship with money to fulfill my needs of prosperity. Finding new ways of earning money or cutting unnecessary expenses can contribute to your investments.
  1. I will believe in myself that I can achieve anything I desire. Confidence and self-esteem are the foundation for your success. Improving these character traits allows you to climb your career ladder, improve relationships, establish a business, master a skill, and anything else you want.


  1. I will be smiling and laughing more to feel happiness and joy. A lot of us don’t use our natural antidepressants – laughter and smiling. Laughing releases serotonin, also known as happiness hormone, that makes us feel uplifted, positive, and more productive.
Sometimes, some things have to settle, and you have to think about the intention of it. – Edgar Wright
  1. I will connect with my thoughts and be more analytical of them to understand myself better. Understanding why you are thinking in one or another way allows you to pivot your mind to other direction. Exploring new ideas can flip your world upside down starting from your character and ending with your wildest dreams and goals.


  1. I will find time for my passions and hobbies as they are one of the most wonderful things to do. Following passions and hobbies make us feel more relaxed, happier, and fulfilled in life. Finding time for these activities is very important for your self-care and expressing love to yourself.
  1. I will practice easing my mind and let happy feelings and thoughts flow into my soul. Too often our mind is too chaotic and we are occupied with a lot of thoughts, including the negative ones. Utilizing the power of meditation and other techniques of mindfulness can bring peace to your mind.


  1. I will spend more time with my pets and make them happy. Our lovely pets are often deprived of attention. They think about us all the time and we should return to them the same amount of love and care.
daily intentions
  1. I will compliment a stranger and make him or her more aware of his positive traits. It’s an amazing feeling to be complimented by a stranger. Such act of kindness boosts your self-esteem and makes the other person feel good. More positivity in the world can’t hurt.


  1. I will find time to take care of myself both mentally and physically as health is the most precious thing I possess. As we are occupied by our minds, working schedule, routines, it’s not a rare occasion that we neglect our health. Practicing drinking enough of water, eating enough fiber, doing mindfulness activities play a pivotal role on our overall well-being.
  1. I will take care of my family, friends, and will make them feel special. Just sending a “hello” message or asking, “how are you?” can brighten our loved one’s day.


  1. I will be writing down my thoughts and feelings in a journal to reflect myself and to understand my goals better. Pouring down thoughts in journal helps to organize them better. Sometimes we may even find answers to our questions.
Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. - Judy Garland
  1. I will keep searching for ways to be happier in terms of work and working routine schedule. Letting work to overtake your life may result in anxiety, depression, and other negative feelings. We must find a balance between our work and leisure time. For each of us that’s different.


  1. I will travel the world more and share my experiences and happiness with other strangers. The more you travel, the more you appreciate the world. Making a contact with a local stranger is an invaluable experience that both of you will remember for a long time.
  1. I will make my living place warmer and cozier to fill my heart with joy and excitement. Cleaning your house or redesigning it can make you inspired and at the same time more relaxed. It’s a great experience to reorganize your house after a long time.


  1. I will be vulnerable and accept challenges to gain more valuable life experience. Fear of pain doesn’t allow us to be vulnerable and express our thoughts freely to other people. Taking this burden off you can change your communication style and the way you approach life.
  1. I will trust myself and become responsible for my own destiny. Doubting your thoughts can sometimes do more harm than good. You’ll never find out if you never test your ideas.


  1. I will open my mind and embrace what life has me to offer. A fixed mindset poisons our potential to improve. Instead, we need to adopt an abundance mindset to embrace new opportunities in life.
intentions for the day
  1. I will be authentic and follow my own path of success. Many lose their identity by being too self-aware. This results in getting lost in life and losing the roadmap. It’s important to always know your moral principles and values.


  1. I will be mindful that everything happens for a reason and gives me an opportunity to become a better person. Universe is a mysterious place because some things are unexplainable. However, you should always take every challenge as an opportunity for personal growth.
  1. I will appreciate that everyone is unique and has a purpose in this world – so do I. The more people you get to know, the more you realize how everyone has their own twist to their character and personal goals. You are no exception – you also have a purpose and your own ways to achieve anything you want in life.


  1. I will be mindful of my choices and will choose only the best options for my body and my mind. So many temptations are offered on the table in every area of our lives. Choosing the best one might be a challenge but it’s certainly possible. Start by practicing taking small choices and gradually build up to more significant ones.
Our intention creates our reality. – Wayne Dyer
  1. I will practice becoming a better listener and understand others’ feelings better. Listening is more than just listening. To truly understand what other person says you have to feel it by your own heart as if you were the speaker. You have to process the feelings, thoughts, and any behind the scenes ideas that are not directly expressed.


  1. I will forgive to those who deserve so I can give myself and others peace of mind. Holding a grudge on people is quite simple. However, you need to measure if the amount of grudge you hold is valid and whether it benefits you. Some people completely deserve the resentment, especially if they’ve broken your heart. On the other hand, some resentments are not valid and you have to assess if they’re well grounded.
  1. I will become an inspiration for someone and guide their life. There are high chances that you’ve had an idol or someone that guided you through your life for some time. Now it’s your turn. If you feel like you have enough knowledge and expertise in a field, you can help people that need your knowledge and compassion. It’s a great act of kindness and gratitude.


  1. I will manifest health and happiness for myself and my dear ones. Thoughts are like a magnet – you attract what you think about. Having positive intentions to hope for others to be happy and healthy shows what a big heart you have. Thoughts are like a boomerang – they’ll come back with the same purpose and make you healthy and happy.

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

Positive intentions are the foundation for success. That’s because goals are based on intentions and very clear purpose.

Practicing positive intentions will attract nothing more than good outcomes for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the present, nourish relationships, get to know yourself better, and achieve anything else that you want.


Now you have a solid idea what positive intentions are. If you feel like you want to manifest and achieve more than this list of intentions provide, feel free to do it. Remember that you need to set positive intention based on what you want and not what you don’t want.