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August 18, 2021 · 7 min read

ineffective communication
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

Communication is the art to express your ideas, visions, intentions, concerns, emotions, needs with the aid of compatible words and different gestures.


If you’re good at conveying your message clearly to the receipt, you can conquer many battles with the power of words. But, if ineffective communication is accompanying you in your personal and professional lives, it’s the real-time to beat the clock.


Each of us is well aware of the pivotal role of communication in every aspect of life. Switching from poor communication to effective communication will be a game-changer in your life.


Without a doubt, communication is a ladder to success. To boost your efforts and to gain positive consequences within the minimum time frame, learning to communicate is a must.


To ease your journey, here’s a complete guideline regarding powerful ways to fix ineffective communication.

What is ineffective communication?

Ineffective communication is a type of communication when the sender is incapable to deliver the message effectively that lacks genuine meaning of the content.


For instance, if you’re struggling to communicate with a person who only knows Chinese but you’re talking in the French, what are the chances of success? Of course, it will result in to zero.


Have you ever gone through a situation where your words and ideas don’t hit the receipt’s mind as you were expecting?


Have you ever experienced that although your intentions were great, but people wrapped your words with the wrong meanings?


Failure to convey your message properly could offer disastrous results in both personal and business relationships.

ineffective communication

Ineffective communication in short is inability to transfer your idea to the other person.


If you’re undergoing a similar situation where things are going against you regardless of unlimited efforts, polish your communication skills.


In addition, if you’re going to communicate with a three years kid and start explaining laws of gravitation, will it yield results? Without a doubt, there would be no results.


Therefore, switching from ineffective to effective communication is mandatory in the world of higher competition. Knowing all parameters and strategies of communication will skyrocket your productivity.


In short, inability to get desired results after conveying your ideas to the receipt is ineffective communication. The consequences of poor communication are here:


  • Lack in productivity
  • Poor and undesirable results
  • Lack of social awareness
  • A limited social circle
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low confidence
  • Uncertain issues in both personal and professional life

What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a type of communication when the sender expresses his opinion and thoughts comprehensively so that receiver understand the message clearly without any doubts.


Are you willing to convey a message to a person that could generate effective results? In that regard, learning effective communication skills will ease every situation for you.


For instance, if you have a superb idea that could yield fruitful outcomes and will prove to be helpful for society, then that could be revolutionary.


For that purpose, sharing your idea with the public and highlighting its advantages and disadvantages is considerably important. Moreover, using powerful words and facial expressions that could grab the audience’s attention is the basic strategy of effective communication.

ineffective communication
Assumptions are the termites of relationships. - Henry Winkler

In short, productive communication skills are not inherent in human genes like other characters.


You need to learn effective communication skills to succeed in the pathway of life. If you have the stamina to convince someone with your words and ideas, then you will prosper promptly in the competitive world with your smart work.


Here’s a list of consequences of effective communication:


  • Increase in productivity
  • Booming confidence level
  • An expanded social network
  • Growth in business
  • Leading a peaceful life with family and loved ones
  • Increase in success rate

7 Powerful Ways to Fix Ineffective Communication in Social Life

Ineffective communication can cause a lot of problems, starting from finances to health. To solve ineffective communication problems, you will have to work on your verbal skills and understanding better your partner who you are speaking with.

1. Be a good listener

Communication is a two-way process that demands the interest and attention of both persons simultaneously. The person who is willing to convey the message is the sender and the second one is the receipt.


If you’re receipt, then pay heed to every word of the sender. Dig into details to know the exact meaning of the message without manipulating the message in your thoughts.


Listening plays a vital role in our lives and is the main block of effective communication. If someone is talking to you, stop there, put aside all the chores and listen carefully.


When you will pay attention to his words closely, then there’s zero chance for misunderstandings. But, if you’re continuously working on different tasks and pretending to listen, then it may yield poor results.

ineffective communication

So, if you’re desiring to become a successful individual in your personal life and workplace, listen carefully. Without a doubt, communication is the key to success and effective communication will catalyze the process.


In other words, if your partner or a family member is trying to communicate with you, it’s your responsibility to pay attention and listen. Listening carefully and understanding their facial expressions will enable you to understand the intention behind their words.

But, if someone is talking to you and you’re still busy with your cellphone or another gadget, then you can’t understand the idea or intention behind words.


Similarly, if you’re working at a workplace and your boss has assigned a task which ”This task may be similar to the previous one”, there are chances that you may ignore his instructions and start working.


This act will not drive productive results until you invest your efforts to listen to each word carefully to avoid confusion.

2. Use of specific language, terms, and tone

If ineffective communication is a barrier in your pathway to success, go and check out your language, terms, and tone. These three elements are essential ingredients of efficacious communication skills.


Firstly, choosing a language before conveying your message is like checking your keys before stepping out from your bedroom. However, a specific key can only open a specific lock.


Likewise, if a person understands your language, then you can explain all details without worrying about misunderstandings. But, if a person is unable to get your point due to language differences, then choose a different strategy.


Secondly, using difficult terms during the conversation that will confuse the receiver will not drive effective results. So, the main key to effective communication is to send a clear message free from confusion.


However, using difficult words during conversation will be fine if the receiver has an understanding of those terms. Otherwise, your intentions and words will be wrongly manipulated.

We speak not only to tell other people what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part of thought. - Oliver Sacks

Lastly, your tone or pitch should be conversational rather than annoying or loud.


For instance, a task was delegated to two teachers in a school. The main purpose of the project was to conduct extra classes of students. First teacher went to the class and announced that ”Sadly, we will have some extra classes during this week to focus on studies”.


While the second teacher announced that “We have good news. From now, we will have a few extra classes that will not only improve your grades, but also enhance your social skills”.


Indeed, change in tone could bring different results.

3. Give value to others opinions

The purpose of effective communication is to get effective results after sharing your ideas and vision with others. But, do not forget about others’ opinions regarding a specific topic.


For instance, if you’re arguing with your partner, then you must respect his/her opinions.


Moreover, if you’re leading a project and want to share all details with your employees or colleagues, you must ask for their opinion.

ineffective communication

In this way, you will encounter greater results after discussion. So, always appreciate your employees for exchanging ideas that will ultimately yield productive outcomes.


Further, avoid arguments regarding religious or politic matters as this type of conversation always generates conflicts.

4. Pay attention to non-verbal communication

One of the most common barriers in effective communication is to ignore non-verbal communication.


Usually, we pay attention to words during the conversation, but do not pay heed to gestures, body language, facial expressions.


If you’re focusing on the gestures and expressions of a person during conversation along with listening, then nothing could beat you. In that regard, you will completely understand the sender’s idea or message, because you were deeply involved in understanding his intentions behind words.


For instance, each of us is well aware of the mother’s love. A mother could easily understand all gestures and expressions of her child. If you’re willing to succeed in your field, then pay heed to non-verbal communication.


Undoubtedly, nonverbal communication plays a more effective role than verbal communication.

ineffective communication

Its core reason is that there’s no language barrier in non-verbal and anyone could easily understand the meaning behind the message.


Likewise, a mother knows all minor details of her child without letting him utter a single word at an early age. So, if you’re struggling to fix ineffective communication, learning non-verbal communication skills will be a game-changer.

5. Always ask a question for more information

Communication is a two-way process and always demands involvement from both parties. Both parties mean a sender and a receiver.


If a sender is conveying a message effectively with a perfect combination of words along with body language, there would be no difficulty for the receiver to understand the real meaning.


However, if the sender is using confusing terms and has blur ideas and visions, then generating expected results would be daunting. For that purpose, there must be a proper question and answer session between both parties.


Every relationship should allow questioning to each other regarding every argument to address conflicts easily.


However, if you’re working in a company and your boss is holding a meeting, then you must pay attention to his words. Be ready to clear all confusions and doubts through questioning.


Of course, questioning will enhance your knowledge and will clear all doubts. Similarly, all students should adopt this strategy to increase their knowledge.

6. Understand other’s emotional state

If you’re going to fix your poor communication, you must understand other’s emotional states.


If a person is unable to understand your message regardless of clear instructions and ideas, you must understand their emotional state.


Effective communication could bring lots of love, happiness, peace, positivity, and productivity.

Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating. - Charlie Kaufman

Similarly, ineffective communication could bring wars, battles, conflicts, arguments, divorce, hate, negativity, and toxicity.


Therefore, before going to communicate with someone in your social circle or workplace, you must understand their emotional state.


If someone is fighting a battle against all odds of life, offer emotional support to help them.

7. Channels for effective communication

Choosing a preferred channel for effective communication is the basic key to success.


You can choose any gadget and then select a specific platform to communicate with others. In the era of technology, distance doesn’t matter because technology brings people closer to each other.


Using technology effectively will strengthen your business and personal relationships that will ultimately generate positive results.


Before going to communicate with someone, choose a compatible channel.

Final Words

If you’re struggling to succeed in the competitive world, use the powerful tools of effective communication. After a while you will be able to communicate properly and effectively. As like any skill, this requires a bit effort to be put in.


Poor communication not only stomps your growth, but also leaves you in the midst of nowhere. So, jot down all your barriers and try to treat them with strong communication skills.


Communication is the key to most areas of life.