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August 17, 2021 · 7 min read

communication is key
The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. – Peter Drucker

Effective communication is the essential ingredient in the recipe for a happy life.


You can consider communication as the doorway to success in both professional and personal lives.


If you’re capable of conveying an exact message to others without any unclear thought, then people will understand it quickly and appreciate your intentions.


However, if you’re unable to convey a simple message, then nobody will understand your intentions. As a result, your business or family relationships will bear negative consequences due to miscommunication.


With the aid of soft communication skills, you can establish strong relationships with people belonging to other regions, religions, communities, and age groups.


Therefore, learning communication skills will not only help you to grow professionally, but will also bring happiness and success in your life.

Why communication is important?

Effective communication is the leading skill that uses powerful words and various communication channels to convert your thoughts in form of words. Communication is key in expressing yourself and helping other people to understand you.


Of course, your strong communication skills will become your helpmate in every aspect of life.


From growing your career to building relationships with your loved one, promoting your business to an audience, or establishing relations with your boss, communication skills will spontaneously catalyze your success rate.


Communication doesn’t only help you to grow in the outer world, you can also develop a phenomenal personality through polishing your skillset. As communication is the key, you can boost your self-confidence and approach towards solving problems.

communication is key

Moreover, the importance of communication is not confined to a few fields, you can communicate with an audience around the globe to enhance your business value.


At the same time, communication skills will act as a saviour in various battles of life and you can also convince your enemies through powerful words.

7 Benefits of Communication in Various Aspects of Life

With the perks of effective communication, you can witness a life-changing experience.


However, communication doesn’t mean conveying only your thoughts to others, it’s a two-way process and requires the participation of both individuals. Moreover, various non-verbal communication skills also hold significant value.


As communication is the key to a happy life, let’s dive into the benefits of communication to proceed to a successful life ahead.

#1 Benefit - Role of Communication in Professionalism

Stepping into the world of professionals, you will observe the importance of communication as the basic success tool. From going for interviews or landing your favorite job, your communication skills play a pivotal role.


You can amaze others with your strong communication skills during official meetings that will enhance your chances of success.


Moreover, if you want to grow professionally, then you need to focus on the words of others and the emotions behind words.


Paying attention to other people words and keeping them in your mind will assist you to understand their situation.


Listening and understanding others’ intentions which lie behind their words are the basic elements of communication.

I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding. – Miranda Kerr

If you’re capable of mastering the art of communication in life, then you can achieve your goals successfully.


This is because communication demands dedication and discipline to understand the emotions behind words.


In a similar way, communication will catalyze your passion to become a better individual in your professional life.

#2 Benefit - Effective Communication and Relationships

You can build stronger relationships with others by utilizing effective communication channels.


Everyone wants to be understood so they can avoid explanations and could convert their thoughts with the right word choice.


To enjoy a peaceful life and better understanding with your partner, you have to communicate rightly because communication is the key.


Moreover, try to understand others’ opinions rather than interpreting your ideas in a convincing tone.


Sometimes you just need to listen to others without judging their intentions because most people want to justify their stressful conditions through words. You can pay attention to their every gesture and expression by establishing eye contact with them.

communication is key

Miscommunication or talking rudely to others will only raise depression and conflicts in your relationship.


In order to avoid conflicts, give everyone enough freedom to express their thoughts without judging them.


Undoubtedly, discussing your problems with your partner or family members will relieve stress from your body.


Therefore, do not pile up everything within yourself, share with your family to release tension.

#3 Benefit - Communication portrays your personality

People will portray your personality from your talking style.


If you’re effectively communicating with everyone, then it will leave a good impression on others.


But, if you’re using unnecessary words during conversation, then these words will visualize your character.


Most importantly, it doesn’t mean that you should choose a perfect collection of words to communicate with your business partners and colleagues.


On the other hand, using bad words for the people who are not matching your standard will only show your bad character.


However, communicating politely with people belonging to other religious groups will exhibit charms of your personality and your religion.


In that regard, people will respect your religion and will value your specific set of beliefs.

#4 Benefit - Enhances leadership qualities

You can rule the world by utilizing your leadership qualities. For that purpose, you have to adapt communication as a source to fetch your ideas to the public.


Leaders can switch their vision to reality. In that regard, they utilize communication as a tool to convince the audience to believe in them and think the way they’re thinking.


Effective communication can magnify your confidence and let you stand alone across the crowd.


Indeed, leaders lead teams and without conveying any idea properly, their team members will not understand clearly.

Communication works for those who work at it. – John Powell

Due to unclear points, they will not meet the expectations. Therefore, active listening, clarity of thoughts, proper body language, a motivating tone will assist them to lead a team perfectly.


However, your leadership qualities will become beneficial for the progress of your business and personal growth.


So, learning communication skills will open new doors to many other skills as a reward.

#5 Benefit - Increase your business value

If you’re running a business and want to grow your business internationally, then without recognizing the importance of communication you can’t grow.


Moreover, value your team and their suggestions.


As good as you can be, your teammates will always have something to fill in and help with insights.

communication is key

You can only grow when your team members are freely communicating all pros and cons of every new product that will help you to make improvements.


Otherwise, without communication, your hard work will not pay off.

#6 Benefit – Communication is key for success

You can easily chase your dreams and goals in life by implementing strong communication skills in your working place.


Success is not only determined by hard work. A lot of factors are involved to transform a person into a successful person, effective communication is one of them.


Your all efforts will pay off when you have strong communication skills.


Each of us has initiated its practice from school time to job interviews where most recruiters prefer only those individuals who can communicate effectively.

#7 Benefit - Helps to live a stress-free life

Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating. - Charlie Kaufman

Communication is the key and essential element of stress management in life.


Living a stress-free life is only possible when you can communicate everything that you’re holding within your heart.


People who can communicate every thought and offer attention to listen to others ‘ opinions always lead a stress-free life.


Undoubtedly, their minds will be devoid of all negative thoughts.

communication is key

6 Tips How to Develop Effective Communication skills

To become an effective communicator, you will have to attain a few communication skills. You will have to become a better listener, get to understand others’ emotions and be as precise as possible about the topic that the other person wants to speak about.


It is easy to get carried out and talk about something similar or related, but that is not effective communication. However, don’t be afraid.


It’s really not that hard to become a good communicator!


All it takes is some time and practice with other people.

1. Listen to others carefully

When someone is talking to you or expressing their opinion regarding anything or sharing their problems, listen to them.


Listening carefully will strengthen your bond with that person.


This gesture of listening to someone carefully will enhance your value in their life and during your hours of need, they will help you.


Active listening is one of the powerful tools that communicators usually utilize by giving their ear to other’s problems.

communication is key

Moreover, when someone from family or friends comes to you to discuss their problems, keep your mobile or other gadgets aside and help them to deal with the situation.


With the power of active listening, people will become fond of your personality and it will also enhance your problem-solving abilities.

2. Value others emotions

Understanding others’ emotions behind their expressions and words is the art and communicators are well aware of this art.


However, providing emotional support to others and understanding their feelings is also a part of effective communication.

Emotional awareness is necessary so you can properly convey your thoughts and feelings to the other person. – Jason Goldberg

In this way, you can get an insight into others’ problems, and sharing personal stories will bring you closer to them.

3. Maintain a consistent eye contact

Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul.


Always maintain eye contact with the person who is talking to you. Maintaining consistent eye contact will ease the communication for you.


Look deeply into their eyes and notice all cues that they’re willing to share.


On the other hand, during official meetings or giving a presentation in the class, you have to maintain consistent eye contact with the audience.

communication is key

This gesture will boost your confidence and will enable you to know that people are paying attention to your words.


In this way, you can predict the effectiveness of your public speaking abilities and how you could grab the attention of the audience towards you.

4. Pay attention to non-verbal communication skills

Non-verbal communication skills hold a similar ounce of value as verbal communication skills have.


You just need to pay attention to every gesture, every clue, and body language that will help you to know the right situation of the person.


If they’re consistently using their hands or trying to bite their nails, then they’re feeling confused in front of you.

In that regard, you should establish a strong bonding with them and make them comfortable by asking about their likes or dislikes.


This will help them to communicate with you without getting confused.

5. Prefer teamwork

Working in teams always enhances the communication skills of a person.


Communicate with all team members and ask for their valuable suggestions. Try to establish a strong bond with all teammates.


Exchange ideas related to work and discuss all problems that you will experience during the completion of your project.


Discussing solutions with others and knowing about others’ points of view will enhance your knowledge regarding your project.

barriers to communication

Moreover, participate in healthy debates that will also polish your communication skills.


Try to communicate with people belonging to other communities and cultures, it will help you to know about various cultures.

6. Provide valuable feedback for improvement

Providing valuable feedback that awakens a sense of motivation in another person is the necessary component of effective communication.


 If you’re unable to understand others’ ideas or have concerns regarding their work, then do not belittle them.


Always provide valuable feedback to all your team members and help them in improving rather than criticizing.


Positive criticism always improves the performance of people but negative criticism always results in poor performance.

Final Words

As communication is key to a happy life, you should also concentrate on learning about potential communication skills.


Undoubtedly, effective communication skills will not only help you in personal growth, but will succeed in professional growth.


With the help of communication, you can build a balanced and happy world around you.


Moreover, strong communication skills will not only enhance your value in your company, but you can also convince people to purchase your products. As a result, there would be an increase in business revenue and your business could become a part of the competitive market.


All in all, communication skills are the key in becoming a likeable person. It is something that everyone can attain and so can you.