Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

August 16, 2021 · 7 min read

Motivated mindset
If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. It's the hard that makes it great. - Tom Hanks

A motivated mindset could act as a magical tool in your journey of success.


If you’re striving to accomplish your goals in life, then this piece of reading is going to assist you throughout the whole journey of success.


Everybody around the corner is willing to become better with time. Most people set their goals on an annual basis and work to achieve them.


Having goals regarding job, career, introducing a new business, applying for a new job, learning a new skill, investing time in a relationship, or any other goals is important for your personal growth.


You can become the real-life champion if you’re going to put your energy in the right direction and mindset. Of course, every task demands energy and time from your side.


In that regard, invest your energy in all tasks that excite you and grab your attention every time rather than putting all energy into draining tasks.

What is a motivated mindset?

A motivated mindset is the product of positive thoughts combined with a dose of motivation and the ability to grow in life within a time period.


A motivated mindset is an asset of every successful individual. Nobody could deny the importance of a motivated mindset that acts as a beacon of hope in all dark moments of frustration.


Changing our mindset could do wonders in life. But, before switching your mindset, you have to answer a query: what kind of mindset you have?


 If you’re owning a positive or abundance mindset, then you’re probably going well with your goals.



The reality is, most people have a scarcity mindset or a negative mindset. Often, people tend to develop a negative mindset instantly as compared to the motivated mindset.

Motivated mindset

The core reason in choosing negativity over positivity lies in our surroundings where almost everyone is nourishing negative thoughts. Negativity could spread from one person to another like an infectious agent during pandemic.


On the encouraging side, you can develop a motivated mindset that will not only help you to achieve your goals, but will become a valuable partner for your whole life.


I know, it will take time to uproot all negativity from your mindset and refill it with a strong dose of motivation with bundles of energy and positivity.


But, this is highly possible. A motivated mindset has the power to completely change your set of beliefs, disciplines, and all perceptions of life.

Importance of motivated mindset for personal growth

A motivated mindset works as a vehicle that could drive you towards your favorite destination.


However, for personal growth a motivated mindset is the key. Mindsets are the driving forces that could introduce a new world to us.


With a motivated mindset, you can conquer all problems by seeking solutions through your powerful mindset. Here are 3 major factors that will help you to recognize the importance of a motivated mindset.

#1 - A consistent dose of motivation

Motivation can keep your dreams alive and will put potential forces to help you in achieving your specific goals.


You can call motivation an inner voice that could communicate with you regarding your goals.


This inner voice will consistently trigger you to focus on your goals.


Keep your spirit and hopes high and listen to your inner self that is striving to reach a different place that was once a part of your dreams where you could explore your potential.

#2 - Guaranteed personal growth

For personal growth, a motivated mindset is a key ingredient. Human beings are curious creatures with magical minds that are constantly seeking changes.


Embracing changes in life will assist you to move forward rather than sticking to a certain point where you will experience no growth.


In that scenario, your life will become limited like your mindset.

Motivated mindset

#3 - A transformation from mediocre to champion

You can experience a life-changing moment by switching your fixed mindset to a motivated mindset.


This mindset will introduce you to the colors of the successful world.


You can experience a different life after adopting this mindset.


This act will transform your mediocre mindset to a successful mindset.

How motivated mindset helps fight negativity and help achieve success?

If you’re owning a negative mindset and want to alter your mindset with a motivated mindset you will first have to go through a few steps.


Confusing thoughts may be rolling over your mind about how you can replace years of negativity with compassion, contentment, and positivity.


Don’t worry. You can successfully adopt a growth mindset for your personal growth. However, motivation plays a pivotal role to uproot negativity from your body and help to achieve success in your life.

Motivated mindset

Motivated mindset helps to achieve success in these ways:


  • A motivated mindset helps to concentrate on the main goal rather than distracting your focus
  • Helps to find out a solution for every problem whereas a negative mindset always drive problems from problems
  • Polish your thinking ability by enhancing the dose of productive chemicals in the body
  • Diminishes the production of cortisol that is a stress hormone
  • Train your mind to develop specific neurological pathways for better coordination
  • Assist in sorting out all mistakes and learning lessons from them
  • A motivated mindset behaves hungrily for success
  • Believe in the growth of skills rather than sticking to inherent abilities

Top 8 secrets to developing a motivated mindset for personal growth

1.Recognizing the inner potential

Firstly, before going to become a part of the success journey, you should recognize your inner potential.


If you’re willing to become successful and want to turn your hard work into smart work, then you should be aware of your inner strength.


Do not consider yourself as a weak individual due to the absence of potential. You have enough power to conquer the world with the right dose of motivation. But how could we recognize our inner potential?


The answer is quite simple. You can explore yourself by taking risks in life. Taking risks will help you to get rid of all fears that are limiting your personal growth.


For instance, if you’re afraid of water, what would you do if you accidentally fell in the water? Of course, you will strive to come out of the water by using your both arms with consistent efforts.

Nothing will work unless you do. - Maya Angelou

This act will save your life and also help you to come out of this phobia. Now, you can swim easily without worrying about water.


Similarly, our mindsets are limited to our abilities due to our inner fears and boundaries. We can grow our mindsets for our personal growth.

2.Be ready to embrace changes

The biggest hurdle that everyone faces in life is the fear to embrace changes. People with a limited and fixed mindset are always afraid of changes. According to their opinion, changes come with different new problems that are difficult to solve.


Moreover, they believe, they should live in the safety zone rather than taking risks in life. Risks could bring horrible changes to their lives that could result in the loss of everything that they’re owning right now.


With a limited set of beliefs, they become resistant to changes. Most people are slaves of their comfort zone so they can enjoy a mediocre life and always compromise in different phases of life.

Motivated mindset

Do you know how people become successful in life? Because they embrace changes in their lives and put every ounce of energy to achieve their goals.


Above all, if you’re seeking a pro tip to earn success in life, then always focus on one plan.


There should be no other plan on your list. Your all efforts and productivity should belong to plan A without giving a second thought to plan B. As a result, you can achieve success in life with complete assurance.

3.Enhance the level of productivity

Success is not an overnight change. Instead, success requires consistent efforts and hard work from your side.


But, without enhancing productivity, nobody could achieve their life goals. For self-growth, you should continuously fuel your mind with new productive skills.


Utilizing your free time to learn skills and adopting all skills to transform your dreams into reality.

4.Turning vision to reality

Don't tell me how talented you are. Tell me how hard you work. - Arthur Rubenstein

Everyone loves to fulfill their dreams.


But only a few individuals take serious steps in life to fulfill their dreams. In order to turn your vision into reality, you should ask yourself what you want in life?


After getting an answer, you should jot down your goal in the journal. Your goal should be challenging and exciting. Try to split your long-term goal into short-term goals. This step will reduce your burden and will enable you to achieve your goals successfully.


In that regard, be passionate to work for your dreams and stand out from the crowd. Become a real-life champion.

5.Designing a specific action plan

People with a motivated mindset behave consciously regarding their goals.


They believe in their potential and after getting higher goals, they move to the next step for their personal-growth. In the next step, you should design a specific action plan.


Without an action plan, you can’t transform your ideas into reality. Your action plan should be efficient and demand smart work rather than hard work.

Motivated mindset

During designing your action plan, you should also jot down all pros and cons of achieving goals. This section will motivate you regarding your goal.


After designing an action plan, you should start following your plan consistently. Remember that consistency is the key to success.

6.Self-determination and dose of motivation

You have enough stamina to conquer all problems of your life by providing yourself a dose of motivation every day.


However, you can pile up various powerful words within your mind from various motivational speeches, but they will retain for only a limited period.


On the other hand, when your motivational mindset will provide you with a token of motivation then it will retain permanently within you. Your firm determination and motivation will lead you on the pathway to success.

7.Change your action plan instead of goals

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. - Steve Jobs

Human beings are supernatural creatures and they own flaws and imperfections as their basic traits.


These traits are wild enough to conquer all roadblocks in the pathway of success. Before stepping into the world of successful people, you should make a promise to yourself.


Promise that, you will turn your every weakness into strength without draining your energy in depressing thoughts.


You can also encourage yourself through this wise quotation by Winston Churchill.


“Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

8.Take out time for self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is a fundamental component to achieve success in life.


Through evaluation, you can find out your score card.


This scorecard will help you to predict the pathway and duration to achieve goals in life.


Billionaires and millionaires have adopted this strategy to spend a day per week or a week per month to evaluate their performance.


In this way they can make changes in their plan and seek lessons from their past mistakes.

Final Words

A motivated mindset will enable you to promote personal-growth.


Without growing your mindset with time, you can’t accomplish your life goals. Of course, life goals play a pivotal role in everyone’s success story.


Goals backed by a motivated mindset and an intense action plan will soon become a part of reality.


Therefore, if you’re enthusiastic regarding your goals, then the only hurdle that is stopping you from executing your dreams is only you.


Get out of your comfort zone and live a life like a champion rather than living a compromised life.


In the end, live for your dreams and leave no stone unturned to achieve them.