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August 16, 2021 · 7 min read

how to be perfect
Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself. - Ronnie O' Sullivan

A fundamental force is driving everyone towards their goals. To accomplish certain goals, everyone is struggling to reach their destinations instantly.


But, human beings are always willing to adopt perfection in every phase of life. Perfection could ease the struggling process and will assist to achieve everything that was once a dream.


Therefore, everybody is in pursuit to know how to be perfect or how to be perfect in everything.


In order to answer all queries that are continuously striking your mind, we’re here to answer all.


All secrets that we’re going to unveil are the essence of years of research and useful tips by experts. So, let’s go through 9 secrets to achieve perfection in life and goals.

What is perfection?

Perfection is a skill or an ability to achieve anything in life without any flaw, fault, imperfection, with an attribute of brilliance, with a greater degree of proficiency, and without facing failure.


So, you can relate perfection to a skill that will make you capable of executing all your visions to reality. Perfection could turn any individual into the most successful person within a specific time limit.


Perfection has magical properties that will help anybody to fulfill their dreams in life.


Embracing perfection in life and goals could completely change a life. On the other hand, most people have a misconception regarding perfection and intelligence or talent.


However, perfection is the art or skill that needs to be learned, or you have to earn perfection in life through consistent efforts.

how to be perfect

Perfection is a continuous process that demands persistent efforts and valuable time. Indeed, it’s not an inborn skill and not a part of our genetic makeup. If we want to become perfect in life, then we have to go through a ceaseless learning process.


All of us are constantly seeking an answer for how to be perfect.


 The answer lies in our daily efforts and our ability to identify all imperfections and turning them into perfections.


So, if you’re striving to know how to be perfect in life, in that regard you should narrow down your own set of thoughts that could distinguish perfection and imperfection.


Above all, everyone should work hard and wait for the exact timing.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Become Perfect

1.To feed their curious nature

In this world, everyone is trying to embrace perfection in life. In order to feed their curious nature, everyone is hungrily seeking perfection in their lives.


People with curious natures usually want to achieve perfection. Earning the title of a perfectionist can soothe your inner voice with a superiority complex.


Curiosity is the major ingredient that helps us to drive our lives to the pathway of success.


This is because people with curious natures are quite willing to know about everything that exists. Their knowledge about everything and the ability to analyze everything makes them perfect.


Therefore, everyone with curious nature wants to be a perfect individual to achieve all impossible dreams.

2.To achieve success in life

Everyone wants to be successful in life.


Therefore, most people are eager to become perfect in life. Indeed, perfection is the bridge to a successful life. If a person is capable of doing everything with perfection, then he could achieve success in life.


However, everyone keeps going with a certain definition of perfection because perfection is different from everyone’s lens.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. - Elon Musk
how to be perfect

However, everyone keeps going with a certain definition of perfection because perfection is different from everyone’s lens.


But, we should remember that perfection is not a magical pill or any other materialistic thing that is approachable without effort.


Look around the world and go through the success stories of billionaires. You will seek detailed knowledge of how they switch their imperfect personalities to perfection with persistence and autonomy.

3.To fulfill all dreams

Perfect people can turn their dreams into reality. Therefore, each of us wants to become perfect.


Dreams are usually harder to achieve than usual goals. That’s why we perceive our dream harder to achieve. Thus, we fall into thinking that we need to be perfect in order to achieve it.


Of course, perfection will be the major ingredient that will polish our potential and will help us to fulfill our dreams.

4.Becoming an influencer in society

People who are perfect in everything always earn respect and honour from society. Everyone idealizes their personalities and offers them a tremendous amount of attention.


With time, perfect people become influencers in society.


Therefore, people want to become perfect to make changes in society for the welfare of others.

5.Desire to become a winner

Everyone is enthusiastic to become perfect in life.


The core reason to become a perfect person is the inner desire to become a winner in every competition.


Some people just can’t face losses or they can’t see someone else above them. These people want be winners or, in other words, leaders.


These people strive to know how to be perfect at everything.

8 Must-Know Tips How to Be Perfect in Life and Goals

1.Consistency is the key

All of us may come across this pet phrase almost hundreds of times. But, how does this phrase work for some people while it doesn’t work for others?


The reason lies behind the message that this phrase is willing to convey, but only a few people are capable of conceiving the message.


These powerful words could become life-changing for you if you pay attention to these words. Most of us desire to know how to be perfect in life.


Let’s suppose you’re going to warm the water until it reaches its boiling point. What will you do in that case? Of course, you will turn on the stove and will wait patiently until the water hits its boiling point.

how to be perfect

Boiling is a process and it will take time so it can reach your desired level of hotness. Covering multiple steps, water will boil up.


Similarly, if we want to achieve something in life, we should invest persistent efforts in our goals. You can only get desired results if you’re paying the cost for your dreams.


Most importantly, nobody is going to become perfect in a single day or after hours of work. Perfection demands consistency, determination, time, and effort.


If you’re wondering to know about one secret tip that successful people followed during their journey, then it is called as consistency is the key.

2.Be a fighter

Even perfection has room for improvement. - Ty Warner

If you have the appetite to achieve your goals in life, then become a fighter. A true fighter doesn’t quit in the war.


You have to become a fighter who has enough stamina to cope with all enemies on the battlefield.


But, in your case, your enemies are your bad habits, procrastination, negativity, laziness, comfort zone, impatience, toxic people, your fixed mindset, giving up, and many others.


So, if you’re a fighter, then it’s your responsibility to fight the war with the right mindset that is your weapon.


However, before going to fight for your dreams, utilize strong weapons that could neutralize all enemies. Without a perfect weapon, you can’t become a winner.


In that regard, your mindset is the basic tool. You have to switch your mindset from fixed to growth. A poor weapon will not help you to become a winner instead all devil forces will overcome your efforts.


Despite this, don’t become a prison to a limited set of beliefs and move forward as a fighter and as a champion.

3.Upgrade your skill set

Perfection doesn’t mean that you’re complete now. Instead, perfection means achieving impossible dreams by putting forward continuous efforts.


In that regard, we need to upgrade our skill sets day by day. Due to the advent of technology, competition in every field is inflating and only the fittest one is capable of surviving through his potential attempts.


Therefore, we should try to upgrade our skill sets by ameliorating ourselves. Perfection has a powerful meaning that we have to make ourselves better day by day.


As a result, of all hard work, we will become masters in the art of perfection.


So, skyrocket your productivity by investing in yourself. This is the right time to pay the cost and then enjoy the fruitful consequences in the future.

4.Split your goal

Perfection is worth striving for, even if it is ultimately unattainable in this life. - Joseph B. Wirthlin

Setting challenging goals in life is the primary step towards a completely different life. Be enthusiastic to accomplish your goals.


Always set higher goals that seem impossible to you right now. Your goals will help you to identify your inner potential.


But to achieve goals, you should split your goals into various steps. Split the annual goals every month and scrutinize the outcomes.


For instance, you may experience a level of excitement during watching a cricket match. All the players are playing on the pitch and the screen is continuously showing a score chart. You can observe the results and could predict how much score is left for a winning team.


Similarly, you should draw a score chart for your goals and see your setbacks as the door of opportunity to learn more. As a result, you will become capable of executing your goals successfully.

5.Be aware of your inner potential

Awareness is the real asset. If you’re aware of your inner potential, then nothing could stop you from your destination.


All the roadblocks that are trying to stop are working as catalysts to strengthen our skills and enabling us to move forward with a new spirit.

how to be perfect

To recognize our inner potential, we should start taking risks. By taking risks in life, you can defeat all fears of life that always limit yourself to only a comfort zone. That’s how you become perfect.


If you don’t know certain details about a project and have the opportunity to do that, do it without fearing the results.

6. Learn from mistakes instead of piling all regrets

Learning from mistakes will help you to embrace a new strategy to reach the destination.


But, most people believe in piling up all mistakes in their minds and become demotivated regarding their goals.


This kind of approach will offer futile results and will lead you nowhere.


If you’re seeking lessons from your mistakes and applying new strategies to get your desired goals, then this act will lead you towards perfection.

7.Change your action plan instead of goals

I always say we're chasing perfection in an imperfect game. - Nick Nurse

If you’re trying to fulfill your goals and confronting failures, then rather than giving up, change your action plan.


Do not repeat all mistakes and invent a new strategy to deal with all obstacles. Upgrade your strategy and invest a tremendous amount of energy.


As a result, you will experience a different “YOU”. In that regard, you should sacrifice your bad habits and time-wasting activities.

8.Adopt a positive mindset

Our whole life revolves around a question how to perfect in life. The answer is simple, but the process requires the patience of a saint.


By adopting a positive mindset, you can become perfect in life and your goals.


However, our minds act as magnets and attract everything instantly.

how to be perfect

In that regard, sending positive signals to our brains could completely change the game and will embark on the properties of a champion.


So, if you’re striving to achieve your goals then your primary step is to change your mindset.


Adopt the company of positive people and uproot all negative elements from your life that are retarding your growth.

Final Words

Perfection is not an inborn ability.


We have to earn perfection like other skills. We can become perfect in our lives by adopting a specific set of principles.


Hopefully, this piece of writing helped you to know how to be perfect at everything.


Remember that, in the race of life, you should not overstress your mind behind perfection.


You will achieve perfection sooner or later, but always stay happy by embracing the cloak of gratitude to whatever you possess.