Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

August 18, 2021 · 7 min read

fear of losing someone you love
I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. - William Allen White

Have you ever gone through these types of thoughts when a person who means a whole world to you is going to disappear from your life?


Does the fear of losing someone you love prevail over your mind?


If you’re struggling to win your battle against all inner fears that are only generating anxiety and panic attacks, then here’s a piece of good news for you. Undoubtedly, human beings have to go through ups and downs in life.


But, this doesn’t mean that life is going to stop at some point.


Therefore, this piece of writing is going to unfold a few powerful strategies that will help you to feel better.

Why Do People Fear of Losing Someone They Love?

People fear of losing someone they love because over months or years they have attached themselves to that person emotionally. Emotions are the power and the main element that drive people to make impulsive decisions.


Due to the sensitive nature of human beings, losses always result in heartbreaks whether it would be materialistic, physical or moral.


As super creatures, we rely on different things in our lives to fulfill our physical and emotional needs. From food items to households, from blood relations to families, we spend every moment of our life depending upon others.


Of course, everyone wants to fulfill social needs and try to cope with others. But, in the midst of everything, we forget that life is a cycle of changes. Therefore, we have to deal with all types of changes, whether they’re right for us or against our will.


In this journey of life, meeting different people regularly and welcoming them to our lives is a part of everyday routine. But, blood relations mean a lot where parents are before every relation.


After parents, siblings become pillars of life. Moving on in life, your partner becomes your soulmate. Thoughts and insecurities to lose a soul mate are quite natural. Most of us breed different thoughts of fear of losing by overthinking.

fear of losing someone you love

The fear of losing is a natural feeling that strikes every human’s mindset. You can fill the voids of materialistic losses by gaining all things that you lost. But losing your favourite human who can’t come back is the biggest setback in anyone’s life.


People who lose their loved ones cannot die with them but their inner spirit to live died within them. They look like normal human beings but are struggling to drag themselves to survival mode.


However, everyone who has lost a loved one recently or years ago could feel the same pain.


In that regard, you need to open the eyes of your heart to see a new world.


You can still live and cherish all the lovely moments in life.


So come out of the depressing zone, you deserve to be the happiest person on the planet. Walk away from all memories and revive your present moments with happiness and excitement

8 Powerful Strategies to Cope With the Fear of Losing Someone You Love

1.Accepting the fact that we all are mortal

Human beings are super creatures but deep down humans are emotionally weak. Accepting losses in life seems a considerable task that is not everyone’s cup of tea.


This is because every individual is different from another. But, living around your loved ones and sharing a part of your life, after their death, you can’t stay the same.


Therefore, to deal with all consequences that could affect your life badly and turn your life into misery, you should know that we’re mortal.


All living things that are around us are mortal. Indeed, mortality is the bitter reality of life, but we can’t do anything other than accept the truth.


Remember that fear of losing could become a nightmare for you and will hungrily eat your all present moments.


Before going through any trauma, prepare your mind that nobody is going to live here permanently because we all are like specks of sand. We need to depart from this world that will end one day.

fear of losing someone you love

So, accept the fact that we all are mortal and every human has a specific time frame. Every human has an expiration that will expire with time.


Acceptance will only relieve your pain and support you during bad days. Accept the timing of the universe and move on.


Have you ever witnessed fossils? The dead remains of previous generations, all died and left their footprints. Satisfy yourself by giving examples and leave things in nature. It’s the time to own strength as a crown.

2.Pour all love to loved ones

Everyone has different relations in life and without them, life seems incomplete. The whole list comprises parents, siblings, friends, and your partner. All these people on the list hold a particular place in your life and nobody could replace them.


But, if you’re struggling to deal with the fear of losing someone you love, you should adopt this strategy of pouring love. Indeed, this strategy will help you to recover from the loss swiftly.


For that purpose, start spreading love everywhere and invest your time to establish a strong bond with your loved ones. Give your valuable time to your loved ones, make memories with them, hang out with them, give presents, surprise them, turn their life events into wonderful events.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. - Japanese Proverb

In that regard, start from yourself, love yourself limitlessly, and then start practicing the same for others. Loving someone and turning life into a beautiful journey by adding different colours will help you to heal from their loss.


In this way, you will have many memories with them that all are happy and never leave regrets for you. So, start from today rather than waiting for being loved, start loving them and treating them with kindness.


3.Share your thoughts with a friend

If you’re constantly thinking about your loved ones and have fear of losing someone, then share your thoughts with a close friend. Sharing with someone will help you to move out of the situation.


If your loved one is in a critical situation and you’re afraid to lose him/her, then discuss your situation. Undoubtedly, whenever we hear about any sickness of our loved ones, fear overcomes our vision.


At that time, we could not resist our thoughts about loss because it’s a natural phenomenon and nobody has any control over it. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself in a similar scenario where you’re thinking about losing a loved one, share your thoughts with a friend.


Moreover, look around in your circle and find a person who has lost someone or is dealing with the same situation. You can also ask for emotional help from your partner or a close friend to muster up the courage for any mishap.


So, do not suffer alone because this could result in hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks, or cardiac disorders. Always discuss your thoughts to lessen the fear of losing someone.

4. Remember that you’re not alone

The fear of losing someone you love always rules over our minds and takes us to a different world. The world that lacks its charms and colours, those nightmares of losing loved ones, and different scenarios.


If you’re also a victim of this type of fear, then you’re not alone. This world is full of people and everyone has different concerns regarding their loved ones. Therefore, whenever similar thoughts approach you in the middle of the night, understand that you’re not alone.


In this temporary world, everyone is trying to cope with different battles of life. However, you can win over your competitors by struggling over and again, but in the race of life, sometimes we have to lose.

fear of losing someone you love

So, if fear of losing is still approaching you and disturbing your peace, then remember that millions of people are losing their loved ones every day.


To feed our mind’s curiosity, we always overthink every situation.


Do you have thoughts about your children who may not be able to meet your parents? When you were a kid and your grandparents passed away, flashback to all the little moments that became gold for you.


As life proceeds, you forget about everything and move on. But, your parents had a great time with your grandparents and can’t forget all the memories. Therefore, be kind to yourself because everyone has to go through some painful moments in life.

5.Adopt an optimistic approach to lessen the fear

To cope with the fear of losing someone you love, adopt an optimistic approach.


For that purpose, stop communicating with the people who are always throwing negative vibes in the surrounding.


To avoid negativity, you should start deleting people from your friend list who always have a half glass empty approach.

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Moreover, get in touch with positive people who are always finding positivity amid toxic situations.


When you spend time with them, positive thoughts are more likely to approach you.


Remember that, your mind is a container and you have to fill it. Now, it entirely depends on your choice.


Fill the container with positivity, happiness, kindness, love, sympathy, compassion rather than adding toxicity.

6.Be kind to yourself

Fear of losing someone you love is a normal feeling and may bother you every time. If you’re sinking in this fear, then it would ultimately affect your mental health and physical health.


This fear could become life-threatening for you and will drain all your energy. As a result, you will observe a lack of productivity and concentration in all tasks.


However, you don’t deserve this type of life. Before helping someone else, help yourself. Before loving someone else, love yourself.


Be kind to yourself.

7.Engage yourself in multiple activities

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius

Engaging yourself in different activities will lessen your fear of losing someone.


Firstly, you should make a list of all matters and things that are bothering you.


In this way, you can get an insight to manage all traumatized situations.


Moreover, you should engage yourself in multiple activities. So, you should not have enough time to think about fears.


For that purpose, make a routine. Go for exercise or meditate to silence the inner critic.


Further, invest your time to learn productive skills rather than wasting time. Make a list of your goals and follow them strictly.

fear of losing someone you love

Motivate yourself with a dose of daily reading or watching useful content.


Engage your day in different activities. So, when your head hits the pillow, you can sleep immediately rather than wasting time.

8.Visit a therapist

If you’re still incapable of dealing with your inner fear and feeling helpless to cope with the situation, then visit a therapist.


A therapist will help you to overcome all fears through different effective therapies.


In this way, you will recover from all toxic thoughts and come back to life with an energetic and exciting approach.

Final Words

The fear of losing someone you love is inherent in everyone and it’s quite normal to think about losses.


But, if you’re incapable of overcoming your inner fears and dragging your life towards nothingness, go through all the strategies that we have discussed above.


All strategies are assembled after thorough research and expert suggestions that will help you to get out of the toxic zone.


So, be brave and live your life with happiness and liveliness because life is a precious gift.