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August 18, 2021 · 7 min read

how to value yourself
Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others. - Roy T. Bennett

If you’re struggling to please everyone by ignoring your self-worth, your mental health will be at stake.


If you’re sacrificing your happiness for others, this injustice will result in a lack of self-esteem.


Therefore, before valuing others, you should know how to value yourself.


In the world of chaos, everyone is in pursuit of peace but unable to recognize its source. When you’re well aware of your self-worth and unable to settle for less, this will ultimately yield positive consequences.


Undoubtedly, your mental health is more important than anything else in the whole world.


Besides this, you deserve to be loved, valued, and live happily rather than neglecting yourself for the sake of others.


Unfortunately, most of us do not value ourselves and invest every ounce of energy to get acceptance from others.


To clear all self-doubts, I am going to highlight 9 self-worth secrets that will be immensely helpful for you to live a peaceful life ahead.

How to Value Yourself?

To begin value yourself, you will have to start from your mindset. A positive abundance mindset is the key if you want to have bigger self-esteem and self-worth.


You are the most exceptional person in the world, even if you see on the media that there are much more exceptional people. However, no one can change you and you are probably unaware of your unawaken skills and abilities.


Firstly, you should clear a confusion that looms over your mind that self-worth may lead to selfishness.


Self-worth doesn’t mean that you have to disrespect others or consider yourself superior to others. In other words, self-worth and self-esteem mean that we need to give all human rights to ourselves that we’re providing to others.


Secondly, pour love to yourself and restrict yourself from all negativity and toxicity of surroundings is another form of self-worth.


Moreover, your healthy diet, doing exercise regularly, reading favourite books, achieving goals, making yourself productive are all essential elements of self-care. If you’re neglecting these elements, then you may end up with regrets.

how to value yourself

Further, here’s another factor that also determines our love and value for ourselves.


Taking some minutes from a busy schedule and investing in activities that make you happy is mandatory. For that purpose, everyone should spare some time and utilize it to accompany themselves.


During this time, you can meditate, exercise, or watch your favourite show, self-analyze, or cherish quality moments. In this way, your body will release stress and inhale peace. So, before becoming a source of peace and happiness for others, be your peace.


Taking baby steps to self-love and self-care will enable you to live a life full of satisfaction rather than regret. However, in a world full of options, choose yourself as a soulmate.

9 Secrets that Will Help You to Enhance Your Self-worth

Self-worth is often overlooked but is especially important for personal development. To increase self-worth, you have to start from your mindset that you are exceptional and invaluable.


Here we provide 9 self-worth secrets you must know.

1.Do not become a victim to the comparison trap

One of the major factors that affect mental health badly is the comparison of yourself to others.


Comparing yourself with others will only yield jealousy, toxicity, and negativity that will strengthen its roots within you.


You must know that people are not your comparison, you’re the sole competitor of yourself. Therefore, you just need to put effort into improving yourself every day.


In that regard, setting specific goals and following them consistently will lead you to a dimension of a successful life. But, if you’re a victim to the comparison trap, it will rob your happiness and will leave you in a zone of overthinking.

how to value yourself

Of course, overthinking is the main cause of disappointments, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, depression, stress, procrastination, and many others. So, if you’re fed up with your life and living your life according to other’s directions, then you must know how to value yourself.


Without compromising on your happiness and peace, learn to seek satisfaction within you. Most importantly, remember that most people in your life will try to become a part of your outcome.


In that scenario, choose people who were supporting you during the process. As a result, you will recognize your real value in someone’s life.

2.Learn to say NO

I know, you have a kind heart and don’t know how to say NO to others.


But you need to learn it before becoming an umbrella during the rainy days, and then people will place you in a dark corner. Therefore, to ensure a specific place in society, you should not take yourself for granted.


I did remember some old office days when a colleague used to take advantage of me in the name of friendship. However, I was quite silly during those days and only mustered up the courage to make two friends as an introvert.


Of course, your friendship demands sincerity and dedication. At that time, I was ready to leave no stone unturned to become a perfect buddy, but all in vain.


Usually, she went on a date with her boyfriend and left me with all her pending work. Most of the time, I forgot to cherish lunch and tea breaks due to the overload of work.

We cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. - Malcolm X

But, when her work got appreciation, she was reluctant to offer credit to me. Unfortunately, once I had to move out of the city for some medical tests of my mother and requested her to complete my work, she refused because she was busy at the moment doing almost nothing.


After that, I decided to restrict myself from fishy people who always use you to fulfill their needs. This life-changing step was quite helpful for increasing self-worth.


The next sentence might be the most important in this whole article.


Received pain from others makes people start taking appropriate actions and change accordingly.


It’s better if you don’t get injured and start changing before people take advantage of you.

3.Uncover your inner potential

Here comes the most important secret that will not only increase your self-esteem, but will also enable you to lead a successful life.


To achieve greatness in life, you need to uncover your inner potential. For that purpose, your growth mindset will catalyze your success journey.


Moreover, your inner potential is still hidden within you like a treasure box under the mud and only requires digging up. Similarly, you have the potential to skyrocket your productivity and to achieve goals.


But, your inner critic is making excuses that you’re not enough to accomplish the task.

how to value yourself

If you’re undergoing the same situation, your consistency and hard work will turn you from zero to a hero. Believe that, you’re strong enough to conquer every battle that is acting as a roadblock in your way to success.


However, sometimes society, a few people, or some kind of relationship act as a roadblock.


To deal with these impediments, choose yourself over so-called people. The results will amaze you. Without a doubt, it’s a solid way to know how to value yourself.

4.Take a break for yourself out of hectic routines

Are you a passionate worker and love your job?


In that regard, you must be trying to upgrade your level in the company to enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle.


I know that’s completely fine, but there’s something more important that everyone should know.


Taking breaks amid hectic routines and being kind to yourself is the best form of self-worth. Giving treats to yourself and appreciating your performance are also common forms of self-love.

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

But, here comes the most considerable factor that every successful person is secretly implementing in their lives.


The secret is to invest your money in a business or an asset that will generate passive income for you.


Undoubtedly, financial security will enable you to live a peaceful life without relying on others and increase self worth.

5.Practice gratitude

The misconception lies between self-worth and selfishness.


Let me clear both terms for your ease. Selfishness is the state to own everything and don’t pay attention to other people’s concerns or needs.


As a result, selfishness breeds greediness that will only produce devastating consequences.


On the other hand, self-worth is to value yourself and believe in your abilities with an optimistic attitude and a kind heart. People who value themselves, practice gratitude.


In that regard, practice gratitude and jot down every good thing that happened to you daily.

how to value yourself

Surprisingly, everything written on the page will amaze you that your life is filled with plenty of blessings. Indeed, a lot of people do not have enough food to satisfy their hunger in the era of pandemics.


Be grateful for what you have and you will witness increasing self-worth with time.

6.Never settle for less than you deserve

Before opting for anything in life whether it’s a job or relationship, never settle less than you deserve. Compromising your standard will hurt your self-respect.


Of course, you have to struggle in your personal and professional life but settling for less than that will leave a regret for you.


Therefore, only settle for things that are capable of becoming a part of your life. Moreover, do not attract anyone’s trash energy. You just need to make yourself powerful enough that will attract people of similar energy.


So, do not lower your frequency to make someone comfortable. Instead of this, only give access to those people who could meet your frequency. This secret will allow you to raise your self-esteem.

7.Rejection from others should not turn to self-rejection

Humans are social beings and they need to rely on others to fulfill their physical and emotional needs.


Of course, nobody is perfect and everyone cannot match your standards. In this way, rejecting things or humans is the most common practice.


So, if someone rejects you due to your flaws, you should not make it a matter of life and death.


During the whole scenario, elevating your standards and increasing self-worth are the best answers for how to value yourself after rejection.

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you're worthy of the trip. - Glenn Beck

Moreover, rejection should not take the form of self-rejection. If someone is rejecting you, say thank you to them for saving your valuable time.


Undoubtedly, this will save you both time and energy rather than putting all your energy in the wrong person or place and ending up with no results.

8.Do not allow everyone to access you easily

You should not be available and easily accessible for everyone. Limiting your boundaries and maintaining your mental health from all negativities is the biggest achievement for everyone.


So, strengthen your privacy and only allow those who can align according to your standard.


If they’re incapable of reaching your standard and you need to lower your standard to meet others, this would be the weakest step from your side.


Moreover, keep in mind that only people who are compatible with your mindset could argue with you.


Arguing with people of different mindsets will only drain your energy.

9.Kick out all self-doubts

Replacing all self-doubts from your mind with self-esteem and self-worth will make your life more meaningful.


Watering the seeds of self-doubt within yourself or doubting your potential will only result in negative outcomes.


Therefore, kick out all self-doubts and be take care of yourself.


Be everything means that you should become strong enough and believe in your energy instead of relying on others.

how to value yourself

However, I have gone through a period that’s called masturdating and I am in love with the concept.


Masturdating is actually a simple term that relates a person’s love to herself/himself. This concept revolves around a single person who loves to accompany herself and enjoys dating.


Without a doubt, this concept will enable you to boost your self-worth and self-esteem and it will ultimately relieve stress.

Final Verdict

For increasing self-worth, stop negotiating your value with others. This is the most helpful strategy that everyone should adopt in life for the sake of self-love.


In that regard, the above section has multiple secrets to help you in succeeding in your life journey.


To conclude, loving yourself and investing time in yourself will always yield positive outcomes.