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August 17, 2021 · 7 min read

innovative thinking
The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. - Albert Einstein

Can you imagine this world after a few decades? Living in the 21st century, we’re already witnessing the wonders of technology as a reward for innovative thinking.


With the launch of every innovative product, we all are amazed by the miraculous development around the globe.


Moreover, this world is also updating day by day. From robotic cleaners to robotic servants in restaurants, we’re stepping into a robotic world. With advanced computer programs and automatic software, human labor is in lesser demand.


On the other hand, robotics and other machines don’t have a superpower that humans call “mind”. This powerful tool could conquer any battle and have the capability to change the map of the world.


However, everything is only possible when innovative thinking is in action. Without a doubt, innovative thinkers are playing a central role to change the outlook of the world.

What is innovative thinking?

Innovative thinking is the way of thinking about problems and deriving novel solution of every problem by coming with new ideas consistently.


The human mind is a powerful tool and acts as a magnet. What you will think, your mind will attract that towards you. This could be any thought or a situation that you want to create.


However, there’s a misconception about innovative thinkers that they have been blessed with this skill as a part of their genetic makeup.


Most people think that this type of thinking only comes when you’re naturally brilliant or have a higher IQ. Fortunately, these all are misconceptions and not backed by any research.

innovative thinking

Indeed, thinking about ideas or creating new things will only become a part of your nature, when you develop an innovative mindset.


Due to an innovative mindset, it is quite easier to develop problem-solving ideas. There are four major steps that everyone should follow to develop an innovative mindset.

4 Major steps to develop an innovative mindset

Step #1 - Identification of the problem

Firstly, you have to identify the real problem. The primary step to develop an innovative mindset is to recognize the problem.


Without recognizing the problem, you can’t proceed further. Knowing about the exact problem will activate your mind to think about a solution.

When all think alike, then no one is thinking. - Walter Lippmann

But, if you’re unaware of a problem and have a vivid picture of the problem, then you may feel difficult in thinking creatively.


Therefore, you should focus on the problem and dig down to drive problem-solving ideas.

Step #2 - Working on hints

Secondly, after identifying the problem, you should work on hints. Every problem leaves different clues in the mind of an innovative thinker.


You just need to organize all statistics in the form of data.

innovative thinking

This data will become a helping tool to suggest conclusions and summarized solutions for the problem.

Step #3 - Hitting by the real idea

Thirdly, after concentrating continuously on a problem, you may become successful to grab the idea or a vivid idea that requires exposure.


Watching your favorite show, observing nature with fondness, sipping your favorite coffee, reading a book, or taking a bath…


A problem-solving idea will hit on your mind because you’re continuously nurturing innovative thoughts in your mind.

Step #4 - Experimentation

Lastly, you have enough data and an idea that will help you in experimentation.


However, with experimentation, you can disclose your idea to the public and support it with different positive outcomes.


Share your idea with others and modify your idea with useful suggestions from others. This act will help you to present yourself confidently in front of an audience.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs

What does it mean to be an innovative thinker?

Innovative thinkers are the leaders of new concepts, technologies, business methodologies, mental and physical health and much more. They think outside the box that a normal person would usually not do.


The recipe of an innovative thinker is simple but requires consistency and patience.


By catering to innovative skills and creative thinking within your mind, you can become an innovative thinker. Your dedication and commitment to take action at the right time will turn your manual thinking into innovative thinking.


Undoubtedly, Innovative thinkers don’t own creativity as their crown or having creative thinking as an in-built character lying within their DNA. Innovative thinking is a skill that everyone should learn in life.

innovative thinking

Without learning creative thinking, how can you tackle modern-age problems?


Modern-age problems require modern solutions. Therefore, it’s an essential skill that will ultimately help you to stand alone across the crowd.


To conclude, this world cannot proceed forward without creative thinkers. Become an innovative thinker and come out with various ideas to solve the problems like never before.


 Indeed, this world and its people always welcome new ideas.

Benefits of Innovative thinking

Benefit #1 - Helps to enhance problem-solving capabilities

The innovative mindset and creative thinking will help you to enhance the problem-solving capabilities. Through these capabilities, you can chase your dreams and goals smoothly.


If you’re willing to step into the world of higher competition and want to become a part of a competitive market, then this capability will pay you.


This is because most companies prefer those individuals who can solve problems with innovative thinking rather than applying old thinking patterns that are now old like fossils.


In this way, you can land your dream job successfully.

Benefit #2 - Catalyzes other skills

You can also polish your other skills by adopting an innovative mindset.


Innovative thinkers become pillars of society because they can transform others’ problems into solutions.


With these most demanding skills, your skillset will also grow with time.

No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered. - Winston Churchill

Suggesting a solution to every new problem will reveal an easier and less complicated life to you.


Innovative thinking can transform to a better social life, becoming more efficient at your tasks, earning more money and a lot more.

Benefit #3 - Modify your team-working ability

Creativity will modify your team-working ability and when more people are supporting your idea, you will become more confident.


Working with a talented team will expose more ideas and solutions to you.


This will modify your team working ability and communication skills.


As a result, you will experience greater results.

Benefit #4 - Rescue you from failures

Innovative thinking has the power to rescue you from failures and will smooth your pathway to success.


Remember that, creative thinking is not the product of intelligence, instead, it requires effort, empathy, creativity, ideas, patience, and the ability to execute ideas rightly.

innovative thinking

Benefit #5 - Assist in every aspect of life

Working in a workplace or dealing with relationships, you can utilize an innovative mindset to solve all problems.


This skill will assist you in every aspect of life.


Using this skill continuously will increase your expertise in various fields of life so you can master the art of problem-solving.

Benefit #6 - Give you a stress-free life

Innovative thinkers generally enjoy a stress-free life as compared to conventional thinkers.


The basic reason is, they believe in themselves and they know about their potential.


With the advent of every new problem, they always come with novel ideas.


Therefore, they live freely without depressing themselves, which could hamper their productivity.

7 Powerful Tips for Innovative Thinking to Acquire Greatness

Innovative thinking is a skill that everyone should master to compete in a world of higher competition. Not only you appear to be smarter, but people will respect you more. Innovative thinking can be achieved by consistently updating yourself on the latest news and thinking outside the box.

1.Work on making better than existing

Firstly, you have to think out of the box. For that purpose, you have to target the mind of your audience by identifying their problems.


Sort out a common problem that every individual is facing in life but does not have any reliable solution.


You have to think by stepping in the shoes of others and come up with a specific solution that will eradicate the root cause of the problem. With the magic of creativity, you can grab people’s attention toward your ideas.

innovative thinking

Nobody could deny the efforts of Steve Jobs behind his successful innovation of IOS. Although, he was not the creator of smartphones. Despite this, he recognized the requirements of people and introduced Apple.


You just need to get inspirational from all successful people and try to follow their footprints by showing your creativity.

2.Develop a curious nature

Your practice towards your passion will enhance your level of productivity. All of us need to practice our dreams to turn them into reality.


This will be possible when you start investing your time to enhance your productivity.


To pursue your dreams, wander in search of solutions and feed your curious nature. To feed your curiosity with perfect answers, you will learn more about creativity.


If you’re desiring to know about the secret ingredient of innovative thinkers, then you will find curiosity among the top elements. To satiate your curiosity, you have to move forward without being stuck anywhere.

Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there. - Barbara Corcoran

One of my best friends was crazily in love with gaming applications. He tried almost every game, but his intentions were beyond playing.


Often, he notices different features of games that are more interesting and grab the attention of the audience.


To fuel his curiosity, he became an IT professional and started developing gaming applications.

3.Execute your ideas in reality

If you have ideas, then you should have enough confidence to switch your ideas to reality. This is possible when you start pitching your ideas to the audience.


A powerful idea requires no detailed descriptions.


If you can explain your idea within two to three lines, that will compel the audience to think about your idea. Quality always dominates over quantity.


Moreover, if you have an idea, then after discussing your idea with your family and team members, you should start working on it. Without working, your idea is worth nothing.

4.Welcome to suggestions

If you’re striving to turn your society into a better place, then you have to build a team of creative people.


Discussing your idea with creative people will cater to your productivity and nurture your creativity.


Provide your team with the freedom of speech so they could participate in healthy debates.

innovative thinking

With everyone’s creative skillset, you can embellish your idea with more features.


Moreover, you can also discuss your idea with experienced people in the field. Due to their experience, they will help you to highlight all pros and cons that will ease your decision.

5.Allocate specific time to innovative thinking

Innovative thinkers always allocate a specific time for innovative thinking.


This step secures thinkers from distractions and they could think about ideas from new perspectives.


Therefore, most successful people allocate time for creative thinking, it could be an hour, a day, or a week or according to their priorities.

If I have 1,000 ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied. - Alfred Nobel

6. Commit to yourself

You may be thinking about how you can acquire greatness in life by following these time-consuming steps.


However, your patience and firm commitment will pay you in the future.


Without any commitment, you can’t proceed further.


Your intention will never reap benefits until you take action for the sake of your bright future.

7.Solving problems

Try to solve the most common problems of others.


For an instance, the founder of the Uber driving application created a connection of the needs of people with technology and comfort. A driving service that will be available after a few clicks will solve your transport issues.


Moreover, the founder of Amazon completely changed the outlook of markets by providing everything online within a few clicks.


In this way people could get their favourites without stepping out of their homes in the era of pandemic.

Final Words

Innovative thinking can completely change your perspective of thinking and observing everything differently.


Without a doubt, you can also become an innovative thinker because it’s a skill, not an in-built trait.


Although learning this skill is a time-consuming process, it will be a life-changing experience for you.


Giving a try will be helpful to fulfill your dreams and live your life the way you want to.