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November 3, 2021 · 7 min read

mind boggling
Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. ~ George Addair

The clearest lake in the world is found in New Zealand that has crystal clear visibility up to 260 feet.


Some stones of Egyptian pyramids weighed more than an elephant.


Some Dinosaurs had over 45 feet long tail. Its purpose was to help keep the balance while they were running.


Every galaxy has a supermassive black hole in the center. It is still unknown why they are there.

Sounds unreal, but true. Some thoughts and facts are too mind blowing to understand their existence. For example, dogs can smell cancer. Surely, they aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing.


But, why are mind boggling facts so interesting? What makes us to be so curious about them? Here we will reveal the reasons behind that.

What is a mind boggling fact?

A mind boggling fact is a phenomena that’s extremely difficult or too hard to understand for our brains. Such facts require us to deeply think about them and try to comprehend.

While mind boggling facts are very difficult to understand, they spark curiosity within us.  Some of mind boggling facts can scare you, some of them can fascinate, some of them can make you rethink your whole existence, and so on.

15 Confusing questions with no answers

Here’s a quick list of questions for boggled minds that seek to break their minds:

  1. Does free will exist or is everything already predetermined?
  2. What’s the purpose of right and wrong?
  3. Do we live in a simulation?
  4. What’s your purpose in this moment?
  5. If some things are considered unacceptable, why are they happening then?
  6. Expecting the unexpected is predicting the unexpected and it’s not anymore unexpected, is it?
  7. Was there always something that existed or was there a time when nothing existed at all?
If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. ~ Seth Godin
  1. If everyone has the same negative opinion, e.g. life is unfair, does it make life fair?
  2. How do you justify if your memories are true and not a simulation?
  3. Are we already slowly dying from the moment we are still in the womb?
  4. If a person purposefully tries to fail and succeeds at it, is it considered a fail or a success?
  5. If a soap gets dropped on the floor, does it mean that the floor is clean or the soap is dirty?
  6. How does your pet name you?
  7. Is suffering necessary to feel happiness?
  8. What’s the purpose of our achievements if they don’t matter after we die?

Are humans curious by nature?

Humans had and still have to adapt to the changing environment. This occurrence sparks curiosity and the need to adjust. Curiosity has an evolutionary purpose which serves as a survival instinct. Therefore, humans are definitely curious by nature.

However, the curiosity nowadays differs drastically depending on the person. While some are academically curious and seek for technological advancements, the others are curious just to fulfill their basic needs and to slowly adapt to changing technologies.

10 Reasons why mind boggling facts are interesting

1. Make you think differently

When people say they’re stuck in the traffic, the reality is that they are the traffic.


According to the human brain, the human brain is the most complex structure in human’s body.


You’ve never seen your face. You’ve seen only a reflection of it.


An asteroid composed of metals named Psyche 16 is valued at $10,000 quadrillion.  IF this asteroid would be brought to Earth and the price of metals would stay the same, everyone could become a billionaire.

mind boggling

See, challenging thoughts make us experience a boggled mind. Can you imagine being a billionaire and fulfilling your all materialistic goals? That’s a challenging thought to our mind.

Essentially, it makes you think differently and revalue your thoughts. Hypothetically, what if you chased the money for your entire life just to become a billionaire in your 70s? Your whole life would become meaningless because of neglecting the happiness. We all should enjoy the moment and live our lives to the fullest.

2. Schools teach mundane things

Schools provide very little reason why a certain thing is just the way it is and why it’s important.


Math equations are not really fascinating, are they? We had no idea why we used them and where we could apply these principles in real life.


Or… The history was taught in a very dry manner and didn’t spark much interest. So were the physics – at best, the teachers provided with very simple and basic examples not to make their job too difficult in explaining mind boggling situations. So many opportunities were missed to engage students into science.

mind boggling

I vividly remember being fascinated by Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it works. I’ve heard so much about it and wanted to learn more from an expert who teaches physics. When we finally approached the topic, the teacher was like: “So, here’s the theory of relativity: kinetic energy of a body is equal to mass of a body times the speed of light squared. Okay, the other equation we have to cover…”

I was like, really? That’s it? Unfortunately, that was it. No interesting explanations, no examples, no interesting facts. It was dry as bread after being left out for two weeks.


Imagine the teacher saying: “theoretically, time could go reverse if you travelled faster than speed of light”. That would blow our minds as teens. However, nothing similar happened.


Therefore, people are deprived of very interesting and mind challenging thoughts. They find them fascinating.

3. A type of entertainment

Everybody loves watching funny videos on YouTube, laughing from goofy things, having a fun time in cinema, etc.


Mind boggling facts are also a type of entertainment for our brains. It can secrete dopamine, the happiness hormone, and make us feel enlightened, curious.

People are naturally attached to emotions. Feelings that make a person feel happy and delighted fascinate and bring positivity to life.


We love being entertained and pleasured. It keeps our attention and focus on place. Getting mind bogglingly curious serves that purpose.

4. Finding out the purpose and truth

I vividly remember myself being blown away by cars and planes when I was young. It’s a mind boggling experience flying with a plane for the first time. Just by thinking of the possibility of getting up 30,000 feet is absolutely insane.

boggled mind

Some experiences spark curiosity to find the reason behind it. Planes very designed to make the travelling process faster. It may further spark questions, like how it was designed, what was the story behind it, what will the future look like, and so on.


There are still occurrences that can’t be explained and needs to be further investigated, for example, black holes and time travelling. The truth behind them is still in early exploration and there’s no certain answer about these marvels.

5. Our minds are designed to explore

Human brain is the most complex part of the body. Throughout the evolution human species survived because they adapted to the environmental situations and explored the new possibilities.


The hunger for exploration can be only satiated when the queries and imaginations are satisfied. The creativity of people discovered a lot of beneficial new technologies, invented languages, simplified our lives in general.

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. ~ Edwin Louis Cole

It’s inevitable that people will become interstellar species. They will adapt to new situations and explore even further from the galaxy of Milky Way. Mind boggling encounters drive humanity to seek for answers and satisfy the hunger for the knowledge.


What seemed mind blowing a few centuries ago, that’s not the case anymore. People leveraged their brain power to their advantage.

6. Stimulating our imagination

If you looked at the Earth 65 million light years away, you’d see dinosaurs.


Such incredible statement makes you question yourself if you really think about it: “What was life on Earth 65 million years ago?”, “What is 65 million anyways? How do I visualize it?”, “How would I look like and how would I have to live if there were dinosaurs in our modern days?”, “Were the dinosaurs even real, or is this just science fiction?”

It’s impossible to replicate some things. That’s why our brains try to imagine the exact situation and try to relive it. People are looking for challenges, especially the ones that feel exciting and joyful. Sometimes, fear can be the main cause for people to push their imagination to absolute limits.

7. Boredom and routine

The more we live in our small world, the more we get bored. While doing a comfortable routine can be fun for some time, after a while it gets mundane. Watching TV, laying all day in bed isn’t really exciting. But hey, it’s great to unwind sometimes, isn’t it?


Naturally, people aren’t the most impatient beings in the world. They need the thrill and excitement in their lives. Mind boggling and provoking thoughts keep people from getting incredibly bored and these thoughts nurture our creativity and mind.

mind boggling

Essentially routines are mind killers. People unconsciously fight the routine with worries, doubts, fears, and mind blowing thoughts. People challenge their thoughts with questions like: “Are smarter people less happy than those who aren’t that smart?”, “What is the point in this life?”, “Will I ever become a millionaire?”, “Can I achieve absolute mastery of my skill?”, and similar.

8. They make us think deeply

You will eventually go south if you go far enough north.


Wait… What?? Yes, exactly. Some facts can be less challenging, some may be more challenging. The truth is, whatever the challenge is, we face a mystery that makes us not only think on the surface level, but also think deeper.


Thinking deeply provokes us to question the reality, whether that’s true or not.

We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are. ~ Anais Nin

National parks remind us how environment would look like if there were no humans.


Human interference has a tremendous impact on the world. It would be hard to imagine how Earth would look like without us. It makes us think deeply and start having a lot of questions.

9. Uncertainty indicates valuable knowledge

Have you ever heard of Elon Musk?


He became almost broke despite his all efforts that were put in Tesla. While the situation was uncertain, he believed in his ideas and never gave up. Now, everyone is blown-away with his success and pace of innovations. He is a great visionary who has seen value in the new technology.

Similarly, mind boggling thoughts and facts can indicate a very high value. For example, by utilizing genetic engineering, we can theoretically revive species that are extinct by now. Such mind blowing thought sparks curiosity and makes us being interested in the future.


However, fear of the unknown stops a lot of people from facing the challenges and difficulties. Our mind becomes the biggest enemy.

10. A spice for an interesting life

Like pizza loses its value without tomato sauce, so does life without the curiosity. If people weren’t curious and challenging their minds, we’d all be gathering forest berries and other edibles instead of reading this article. We would live in a stone age.

The ability to skydive, travelling to space, driving a car 200 mph (please don’t!), exploring the depths of the ocean, is mind boggling if you really think about that. It gives that spice of thrill that pushes us through everyday life.


Uncommon thoughts and activities enlighten our lives like a rainbow after a heavy rain. Everyone needs a little spice in their lives to live an abundant life.

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

Despite the challenging thoughts that our minds have to go through, we are still fascinated by mind boggling facts.


The primary reason for that is because they make us excited, thrilled, and adventurous.

Humans by nature love reliving past and living in the future. That’s where most of the challenges come from. Consequently, challenges provoke curiosity and the need to overcome them.


That’s why we experience a boggled mind and seek for answers to satisfy our curiosity. Having a curious mind is a great characteristic, because it’s a sign of a innovative mind that looks for new ideas and solutions.