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August 14, 2021 · 7 min read

money can’t buy happiness
Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings. - Carl Sandburg

To live a prosperous life, we need to add two essential elements in our lives that are money and happiness. Without money we can’t manage our basic needs but, without happiness, we can’t live peacefully.


But, the question is – can we get both together? In other words, can money buy happiness? Or why money can’t buy happiness?


We all need an accurate answer to these queries. Before that, we need to understand that happiness is an emotion, a mental state, an optimistic thought, a feeling of contentment, a sense of satisfaction, and many other positive emotions.


Happiness is a state of mind that we need to create from the inside rather than buying. However, we can buy things from money that add up a sensation of happiness temporarily, but not permanently.


However, spending money in the right way can buy us happiness. Because helping others through money and feeding hungry people with food can buy us and others happiness.


So, here we’re going to clear all doubtful thoughts regarding money and happiness in this article. Let’s discuss whether can money buy happiness or why money can’t buy happiness.

Why do people thrive for money?

Money could be a source of happiness to a few people while it can be a source of stress to others. Because all of us have different priorities in our lives.


If a person is unable to make enough money to buy food and other necessities then, money means happiness to him.


However, if a person has enough money but is still unhappy due to a stressful situation then, money can’t buy happiness for him.

money can’t buy happiness

It’s a matter of priorities and mindset. Therefore, most people try to thrive on money rather than spending it on others.


Because they believe that their financial security will save them. So, they want to spend a life with financial freedom and enough resources.

Pros and cons of having money


  • We can fulfill our all basic needs by spending money
  • We can help others to manage their basic survival requirements
  • We can donate money to patients for their treatment
  • Money can satisfy our all desires
  • Money provides financial security
  • With financial freedom, we don’t need to work long hours
  • We can live a luxurious life
  • Financial independence can buy freedom
  • With money, we can experience different adventures



  • Money makes humans anti-social
  • People become selfish with money
  • Having money could be stressful
  • We can’t buy real tangible peace in return for money
  • Money can only help us to buy materialistic stuff

Importance of having sufficient money

Money is cushion for financial freedom and satisfying our materialistics needs.

Without any doubt, we can buy comfortable stuff with money but money doesn’t buy happiness. Having enough money to satisfy all the needs of life, we can enjoy our lives without stress.


Because happiness is an emotion that we have to create. If we have money to buy all groceries and to pay our bills, then we should cheer all blessings in life with an attitude of gratitude.


Having sufficient money can be peaceful, because you don’t need to worry about more work. Working more could result in depressing moments and a busy life where we have no enough time for ourselves.


On the other side, you have to carefully invest your money and should save a specific amount to deal with all emergencies.


Therefore, do not stress yourself and be happy with what you have now. So, you can sleep peacefully without worrying.

10 Proofs why money can’t buy happiness

Money can’t buy happiness because happiness is a mental state and for a specific mental state, we need a specific mindset.


Here are 10 influencing ways that can help you to understand that money doesn’t buy happiness.

money can’t buy happiness

1.Happiness is a choice

You can buy a bed with money, but you can’t buy peace.


You can buy food, but not appetite.


You can buy a house with money, but can’t buy a family.


The obsession with money is turning people into materialistic hollow creatures that can do anything for the sake of money.


But, here’s a misconception that we can buy everything from money including happiness. However, happiness is only a choice that we can earn from gratitude, by helping others, thinking positively.


Our self-beliefs drive our mindset. We need to train our mindset to express happiness over small acts of kindness.

2.Can’t buy emotions with money

Emotions are intangible goods.

Can you buy emotions with money?


No, because we can’t buy feelings with money.


You can, for example, buy a materialistic thing that can make a person have a temporary feeling of satisfaction, but it fades away eventually.


This is the most important fact that we need to know.


Happiness is not temporary, it is a long-term lasting emotion.


Emotions are our responses to different situations and money can’t help us to buy emotions.

3.Money makes people selfish

People become selfish when they have a lot of money in their pockets.


A superiority complex commands their lives and they try to invest their money in themselves.


Their selfishness turns them into inhumane creatures who aren’t concerned about others.

4.Money can only buy materialistic things

Buy a new phone, a new house, branded jewelry, or new clothes with money.


You will temporarily feel a sense of happiness that will start vanishing after a specific period.


As a result, you will try to quench your thirst with new things that will also become old and this cycle will continue.

5.Money can’t buy you relationships

Money doesn’t buy happiness – loyalty and love.


Because you can convince someone with your luxurious lifestyle, but you will soon become fed up with fakeness and infidelities.


You can’t buy a loving family with money. Love is not exchangeable for a few pennies

money can’t buy happiness

6.Money increases stress

Money can be a source of stressful days and peaceless nights.


Because when you have more money, you have more work and less time to manage all tasks.


As a result, you will have no time for yourself and will surrender to depression.

7.Money can’t buy you peace

Wars begin because of money problems. However, money cannot restore and buy peace back.

You can’t buy comfort and peace with money.


Peace is a mental state that is the absence of stressful and disturbing thoughts.


But, if you have more money, then it will be difficult for you to manage both professional and personal life.

8.Money can’t buy you health

If you’re a wealthy person, but incapable to manage your health, then you can’t buy it.


Because money can only buy you medicines, expensive treatment but not health.

9.Money can’t change our mindset

Money can’t fix your mindset.


If you have a scarcity mindset then you will try to pile up your money and wish for more.


In that case, money can’t change your mindset.

10.Money makes people antisocial

People become antisocial when they have money.


The reason is that they believe that people will ask them for money and they become reluctant to the idea of sharing money with others.

10 Ways How money can buy happiness

Money can partially buy you happiness. It is expressed in temporary joy and satisfaction.

The other side of the coin is completely different, because money can be a source of temporary happiness.

1.Money buys us groceries

We can buy food with money to satisfy our appetite or hunger.


Without money, people starve their basic needs of life and wish to have at least enough money to fulfill their groceries needs and other bills.


People living beyond the poverty line burn the midnight oil to buy food for themselves. So, if you have enough money to buy food, then you’re the luckiest one.

2.Money buys us shelter

You can buy a shelter with money and can enjoy your life living within your own house rather than living in rented houses. Living within your home offers a feeling of security and you can fearlessly enjoy your precious moments with your family.


But, if you don’t own a home then difficulties will accompany you in every path and you will experience a lack of concentration on your work.


Consequently, you will start spending more time thinking about managing your house dues and bills.

3.Money can buy transport

You can buy a vehicle to go outdoors and to the workplace without going through the pain of waiting for different buses.


This is only possible when you have enough money to buy a vehicle.


Thus, money relieves your pain and offers ultra-comfort to enjoy your outdoor moments without depending on anyone else.

4.Money can buy our favourite stuff

Every one of us wants to look classy and different from others by adopting various styles and buying designer clothes.

When we buy our favourite items, we endure a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

Because when we wear our favourite clothes and designer jewellery, it helps us to look good and gorgeous. As a result, we feel pleasure when people compliment us.

money can’t buy happiness

5.Money can provide us financial security

Financial security is the basic priority in everyone’s  life. When we have financial security, we feel protected from all mishappenings that can affect our basic lifestyles.


During this pandemic, poverty levels elevate because most people lose their jobs, while people with financial security were free from all distressed and pessimistic thoughts.


When you’re financially secured, you can enjoy happiness. Therefore, we can consider happiness as an integral part of our lives and can be a reservoir of happiest moments.

6.People respect rich

Rich people usually earn more respect as compared to poor people. Most people believe that rich people can help them in the hours of need as compared to the poor.


Whereas poor people always seek for helpful sources from others to meet their requirements.


Therefore, people offer respect to rich people that make them happy and this sort of act satisfies their attention-seeking nature.

7.Money can buy experiences

You can experience all the adventurous and valuable moments with your family and friends with money. Indeed, buying materialistic stuff doesn’t provide happiness.


But you can buy experience by investing money. You can enjoy parties, trips, concerts, new courses and can visit your favorite sport events.

8.We can help those in need

The whole world revolves around money and everybody living in different corners of the world wants to get money.


Undoubtedly, you will experience an elevated level of happiness by helping others. Donating money to people who are starving or waiting for funds to treat their diseases will buy you happiness.

money can’t buy happiness

If you’re successfully helping others, then you’re buying happiness in return. We can’t deny the fact that money can’t buy happiness, but the reality is we’re not using our money in the right way.


If we spend money on others and buy them some gifts or fulfill their needs, we will become happy. Because hoarding money and keeping it yourself will not buy you happiness, but sharing with others will do.

9.Money can bring comfort to us

We can buy all the comforts of life with money. Because money can buy you a beautiful house, a car, a comfortable room with a comfortable bed and every luxury.


Moreover, you can assign your tasks to others and in return, you can save valuable time to invest in productive ideas or spending time with family.

10.Money reduces stress

If you have money to buy everything that’s necessary for you, then nothing will stress you.


One exception is only that if you work long hours to acquire a huge amount of money, then it will have diminishing returns due to the many responsibilities.


If you don’t have money, you may feel constantly burdened which will affect your mental health.

Final Words

We all have a self-belief that money can’t buy happiness. But, we need to prioritize between both money and happiness.


Because we are trying to balance both sides of the equation. However, both are related to each other but at the same time different.


Look around and see people living happily with money, while few people have money but they’re not happy with their lives.


In short, it’s the state of mind that determines a factor of happiness that you need to fix by yourself. Lastly, you can enjoy both blessings by adjusting your mindset.


Therefore, if you feel like money is taking control over your life, then it will not buy the proper happiness you need.


Money is comfort and in some cases happiness.


Money is not the end goal, happiness is.