Every situation has a silver lining – discover a mindset that heals and enlightens.

March 11, 2021 · 7 min read

The right mindset will put you forward, while the incorrect will push you backwards.

Is your poor background a barrier to your pathway to change the poverty mindset?


But, here’s a piece of good news for you. You can adopt an abundance mindset by only changing a couple of your habits.


If you like to travel, then you will be aware of the importance of a map during traveling. Without a map, you can’t reach your destination.


Indeed, your life is a journey and you’re a traveler. Human minds work like maps that can lead them toward their ideal destinations.


poverty mindset

Therefore, mindset is considered as a set of key tools to accomplish a worthy life.


The right mindset can put you in a forward direction while the wrong one will push you towards the backward direction.


So, if you have a poverty mindset and want to know how to escape the scarcity mindset, then don’t worry! Here’s a solution to your every query.


Let’s see the world from a different lens and adopt a wealthy mindset to gain financial freedom.

What Is A Poverty Mindset?

A poverty mindset is a set of beliefs, habits, behaviours and decisions that will result in worthless outcomes.


It’s all about believing that I only have sufficient resources and income that always influence my life decisions.


Without a doubt, if you believe in a poverty mindset, then you can’t make money in life like others.


This mindset lacks all solutions and ideas to gain money. For this reason, most people with this mindset live in a prison of fear and are deprived of basic life needs.

poverty mindset

Are you a sufferer of a poverty mindset? I can imagine your situation, but your ability to make wise decisions in the hour of need could save you from arduous moments.


“I can’t manage it right now! I can’t afford it! How can I fulfill my needs with these few cents and pennies?”


If these kinds of thoughts rollover your mind, then you’re a victim to the poverty mindset.


Luckily, you can change your mindset and grow in your life, but you need to change your thoughts.


Let’s discuss the similarities between poverty and the scarcity mindset.

Similarities between poverty mindset and scarcity mindset

There are several similarities between poverty and scarcity mindset. Some similarities between both mindsets are as follows:


  • The scarcity mindset is all about thinking within limits and enslaves to inner fears and the same goes with the poverty mentality. The poverty mindset will never enable you to grow in your life and will limit your every thought.


  • People with a poverty mindset always consider themselves inferior to others as in a scarcity mindset.


  • Folks with both kinds of mindsets don’t have enough power to decide rightly. Because of poverty and scarcity mentality, people deprive themselves of self-confidence and will-power.
poverty mindset
  • People having scarcity and a poverty mentality do not accept changes and predict negative outcomes in every situation. They live with a self-believe that nothing positive is going to happen in this miserable life.


  • Poverty mentality strives to meet their all basic needs to maintain a healthy life. While people with a scarcity mindset also put effort to maintain their physical and mental health. But, all in vain.


  • Individuals with both types of mindsets compare themselves to others. They always command their minds through the inferior complex.


In the end, both mindsets are not exact the same, but do have similarities. As both believe in adopting a life full of compromise.


So, if you’re dealing with a similar situation, then you have to move out of these toxic zones.

Why poverty mindset is unacceptable?

A poverty mindset is highly unacceptable and here are five major reasons that made this mindset undesirable:


  • Firstly, this mindset can only induce fears and thoughts of rejection that you’re not enough. It can only make people slaves to their fears and judgemental inner voices.


  • Secondly, this mindset is unacceptable because it will never help you to grow. You will always find yourself imperfect for every task.
Poverty mindset creates a mental barrier from achieving success.
  • Thirdly, You can only think within your limits rather than broadening your vision. That’s why the poverty mindset is unacceptable.


  • Most importantly, it always provokes a sense of inadequacy. As a result, you will think that your situation is permanent and nothing will change.


  • Lastly, this mindset will paralyze your potential and fill your life with barriers. Consequently, people with this mindset start devaluing themselves.

10 productive ways to escape poverty mindset and develop financial freedom

To escape poverty mindset, you have to change the way you think. You have to develop healthy mental habits and stay consistent with them. Only then you will be able to shift from scarcity mindset to a wealthy mindset.


Here are 10 productive ways that will assist you to get rid of every negative and toxic situation.

1. Become Productive

Do you know that your competition is not to compete with others?

However, you have to compete with procrastination, overthinking, lack of discipline, self-doubt, and your inner fears.


So, to solve all these problems you have to change your mindset. Adopting a wealthy mindset can lead you towards financial freedom.


In that regard, you should become productive. You have to utilize every second of your life to do something that can brighten your future.


Take time to read your favorite book.


Learn a new skill that could make your lifestyle better in the coming days.


Make an action plan of 24 hours and follow your plan strictly.

poverty mindset

Never waste your time on useless activities that promote only procrastination.


So, your path to financial freedom is only possible when you work passionately and sacrifice your time for your goals.

2. Believe in power of words

Constant repetition of same set of words creates a belief, which translates to actions and results.

People with a wealthy mindset can enjoy financial freedom because they believe in the law of attraction.


Yes! This law of attraction will make impossible things possible for you when you have a firm belief. This is the most effective way to step out of the poverty mindset.



In short, the law of attraction works on the basic principle of getting what you want. For that purpose, you have to set a target for yourself.

Get a paper and pen and write down the target income that you always wish for. Write an affirmation about your monthly income and read it loudly ten times every day.


Consequently, you will experience a flow of cash to your pockets. But, it’s not a magical process, you still have to put your efforts to get your desired results.

3. Save and invest for rainy days

Investing smartly can be single handedly the best financial decision for your financial freedom.

You can make a budget and divide the whole amount to all specific needs. But, you have to adopt the strategy to save 20% of your income monthly.


Saving is not the only option, because money sitting idle within banks will lose its original worth.

Poverty mindset

Therefore, you need to save money for more than 6 months and start investing smartly. This will increase your money and will enable you to step out from a scarcity mindset.


So, save for rainy days and work smarter rather than working hard.


This pathway will enable you to enjoy financial freedom when you start receiving passive income.

4. Do not compare yourself to others

People with a scarcity mindset always blame others for their failures. They only see others  to others rather than owning their own problems.


Remember that, only people with scarcity and a poverty mindset criticize others. Because they can’t do more than criticism.

not good enough

People who are incapable to do anything start condemning others. The only reason behind their criticism is their failure.


Successful people do not waste their time belittling people or holding them liable for their actions.


So, you have to become an optimistic person. Also, put a deaf ear and blind eye to words and actions of toxic people.

5. Be Grateful

Your attitude of gratitude can also help you to escape the poverty mindset.


Poverty mindset is not only confined to deprive of money or basic needs. It also keeps you unhappy, unsatisfied, and toxic.


On the other hand, people with a wealthy mindset always stay positive and grateful for everything.

poverty mindset

Thus, if you’re willing to gain wealth and peace of mind, then be grateful for everything.


Your attitude of gratitude will be a source of magnificent and splendid moments in your life.


When you start counting all blessings, then you will find yourself a complete person. This act will boost your self-confidence.

6. Apply for new opportunities

You have to improve your mindset to adopt broad visions and start to take risks in life.


If you have enough audacity to take risks, then you can enjoy a life with a different perspective.


Successful people who adopted a wealthy mindset always put all their efforts in risky tasks.

poverty mindset

As a result, they became successful. This is only possible if you can set your goals and leave no stone unturned.


Most importantly, only focus on one plan and bless yourself with a period of six months. Six months without taking a break and confronting your comfort zone.


You will be a different person with a different perspective after six months.


New opportunities can bring positive changes to your life. You just have to prepare yourself for opportunities.

7. Adopt the habit of helping others

Become a guide for others. Be someone else's support.

You can cultivate a wealthy mindset by helping others. You will experience the best feeling of the world after helping others.


Help others financially, spiritually, offer food to a person in need, help someone in completing the task by giving a seat on the bus and do similar things.

poverty mindset

Whenever you spend your money on others, then money flows back towards you.


Although, getting something in return shouldn’t be the main reason to help others.


Nevertheless, this habit can open new doors of prosperity for us.

8. Accept changes

If you want to kick out your poverty mindset, then you have to accept changes positively.


People who fear changes, cannot change their life and stick to their own set of beliefs.

poverty mindset

You can only experience financial freedom if you are open for new challenges and development of your mindset. 


Losers always give up after the first attempt while winners try until they win.


So, if you want to enjoy financial freedom then start to travel for an unstoppable journey of growth. Start your own business, make your assets and invest in worthy projects.

9. Do not make excuses

A goal should scare you just a tiny bit and EXCITE like nothing would stop you from achieving it.

The poverty mindset is a hub of excuses that always believe in delaying every task.


If you want to accomplish your goals and are willing to adopt a wealthy mindset, then simply don’t make excuses.


poverty mindset

Only lazy people who lack determination and consistency try to give excuses for everything. Therefore, if you can overcome this habit then you can defeat anyone in your life.



Now, Just look at yourself in front of the mirror and say that “I am going to be a millionaire.”


As a result, your mind will build connections of your positive thoughts and will enable you to reach greatness.

10. Explore your inner potential

If doubting thoughts are still rolling over your mind that you’re not enough, then you still are have not achieved anything great.


You have to earn perfection by working flawlessly. In order to become successful, you have to follow footprints of successful people.

i waste so much time

They explore their inner potential and master the art of self-love.


They know that they will grow themselves to higher levels by exploring their inner strength.


Therefore, to adopt a wealthy mindset, you have to completely resign from your poverty mindset.

Final Words

There’s no magic trick behind financial freedom, you have to sacrifice your valuable time and efforts to gain it.


But, your goals could get easier by turning all optimistic thoughts into intentions and then intentions into actions.


If you’re still a prisoner of your poverty mindset and scarcity mindset, then replace these mindsets with a wealthy mindset.


This mindset will be main force of pleasure and will act as a money-making tool.