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October 18, 2021 · 8 min read

success manifestation
You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. - Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever heard stories how some couples start relationships?


“Hey, would you like to go out with me tonight? I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”


“Yes, absolutely! I’d love to. I’ve been also thinking about you.”

This can be summarized in three words: Law of Attraction. The more you think about it, the more likely it’s to become a reality.


Personally, I truly believe in the power of thoughts. Your mind defines your character and your desires.

What does success manifestation mean?

Success manifestation is an ability to attract your desires using the power of thoughts and make them a reality. In other words, your beliefs become a tangible success.

Success manifestation means utilizing a spiritual force to create life of your dreams. It’s based on understanding your intentions very clearly without any misinterpretations.

10 signs you’ll manifest success

Here are the signs that you can manifest success:

  1. You religiously believe in your thoughts.
  2. You don’t let yourself get demotivated.
  3. Mr. (Ms.) positivity is your second name.
  4. You stay focused on one goal at a time.
  5. You know when to change your strategy.
  6. You are open minded.
  7. You are persevering.
  8. You practice gratitude.
  9. You challenge your mind with difficult questions.
  10. You are connected with your emotions.

How to manifest success?

Manifesting a success is accomplished by focusing your mind to one specific goal with a positive attitude. Thinking about a success without having faith in it doesn’t work.


Success can be manifested consciously and subconsciously.


A subconscious manifest means to have an unclear goal and achieving it mindlessly repeating constantly same activities.

success manifestation

 Imagine this – you’ve thought in the back of your mind a while ago that you need a new car, but it’s not your priority and you still don’t mind driving your old car. After a while, you have accumulated enough money and you can afford a new car.


A conscious manifest means focusing on your goal and attracting it. It means understanding what you really want and making it a reality.

Why is success manifestation important?

Success manifestation is extremely important to visualize your goals and to understand their concepts. Success manifestation not only lets you to comprehend your goal, but also sets you in favorable position to start taking actions to achieve success.


While some goals might be achievable by just thinking about them, some goals must be worked for to accomplish them. Whenever you are manifesting, you also must make very clear for yourself whether this goal needs extra work or not.

Play the picture in your mind—focus on the end result. - Rhonda Byrne

I know some people that are very pessimistic about their future and are certainly not manifesting their goals. Some of them don’t have clear intentions in life.


They live by the motto “Go with the flow”. Those people are underachievers and don’t employ their full potential to make their relationships warmer, they live on minimum wages and do nothing about it.

What I’m trying to say is that you must start manifesting your success. It’s extremely important step to achieve whatever you want. If you don’t want to be underachiever, use the power of thoughts to your advantage.

11 steps to manifest your success

1. Release yourself from limiting beliefs


Negative thoughts are a barrier for success. People that manage overcome these limiting beliefs are the ones who set themselves apart from the crowd. They take the leap to unknown and hope for the best.


You have to determine what makes you doubt and limit your mind.


Do you believe that you lack technical skills?


Do you think that you aren’t confident enough in your actions?

manifest success

Just because no one in your family has done anything similar like you want to achieve doesn’t mean that you can’t.


Just because people are making fun of you and telling that you won’t make it doesn’t mean that’s true.


Just because you feel like you are not special in any particular way doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed.

It’s all in your mind. It’s playing games with you and testing your determination and will.


It’s up to you what you are going to achieve. Will you self-pity yourself or will you take actions to change your current state?


Tell nay-sayers “No” yourself.


Tell them that you’ll achieve everything you want and you’ll overcome all barriers to success. Prove them with your actions and determination.

2. Set clear intentions

Understanding what you want is not only important in manifestation, but it’s also critical in any area of your life.


For an instance, if your goal is to become the greatest musician in the world, it’s an unclear intention. You should also understand why you want to become one and why that would make you happy.

You manifest what you believe, not what you want. - Sonia Ricotti

Is it because you want to be famous? Do you want to master an instrument?


Do you want to be more respected? Do you want to earn more?

Making more specific intentions helps you understand your initial idea. You must understand what’s the reason behind your goal. Only such approach will allow you to manifest a success in a proper way.

3. Focus on one goal

Falling into the hands of wind and letting it carry you anywhere is not the right approach. There are too many distractions nowadays. It’s hard to focus on one thing. That’s why people give up on their “goals” too quickly – they can’t stay on it for too long.

manifest success

For example, people tend to set multiple goals at a time:

  • I want to build a business.
  • I want to find my significant other.
  • I want to master public speaking.
  • I want to eat healthier and exercise more.
  • I want to revive my old friendships.
  • I want to redesign my house.

While it’s great to have ambitions, it’s impossible in this case to fulfill all these goals above at the same time. Not only that, but some of these goals are too abstract and don’t reflect clear intentions as we’ve discussed in previous section.


In addition, these goals require not only manifestation, but also actual work. You’ll feel burnt out and very unproductive if you’ll decide to cope with all these tasks at once.

You must focus on one goal and believe in it. You can’t build a business if you have 10 other things on your wish list. Once you get a hang of one goal or start thinking and working smarter, you’ll be able to implement another goal in your daily routine.

4. Feel your success

Once you clearly define your one goal, try to understand how you’d feel after accomplishing your success. Trying to perceive your accomplishment with feelings is, perhaps, the strongest tool in manifestation.


Such approach lets you to live in that moment. It allows you visualize it and understand the emotional psychology behind your goal.

success manifestation

A very simple example: your goal is to free yourself from negative thoughts. You can’t be happy when you have negative thinking, right? Close your eyes, visualize, and feel the peace within yourself. Feel the happiness and ease of pain.


To achieve goals, you need to be connected with them. Feeling your successes allows you to evaluate how meaningful they are. The most important, desirable goals make us feel excited, curious, positive about them.

If you feel disappointed, frustrated, it means that it’s not the right goal for you right now. You need to find either another way how to achieve your success, or you need to readjust your goal.


If you feel fear of failure, self-doubt, it means you are taking a leap to something meaningful. Readjust these fears to your advantage and take it as a challenge to grow yourself. These emotions separate people from greatness and mediocrity.


Once you taste success, you can’t stop.

5. Write your goal down

After you’ve analyzed and have felt the success in your mind, it’s time to write it down.


Having a clear goal in front of you increases the chances of you succeeding.


Imagine this situation: there are two people with the same goal of losing 10 kg (22 lbs) of weight in 3 months. Joe keeps this goal in his mind, while Jessica keeps this goal written down in front of the fridge and her working desk.

You are the creator of your own reality. - Esther Hicks

The psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University has done research on achieving goals with almost 270 participants. The results were astonishing – your chances to succeed are 42 percent higher than those who don’t write goals down.

Therefore, the probability of Jessica succeeding is far greater than Joe’s. That’s not only because she’s written her goal down, but she has also put a sticker on the doors of the fridge. It strictly reminds her to stick to her goal and not to let herself down.

6. Leverage happiness to your advantage

Happiness can increase your productivity from 20 to 30 percent, according to psychologist Shawn Achor.


One study was also conducted which proved that happiness leads to success. That’s because when people feel happy, they are more optimistic, have positive outlook, feel more confident, and a lot more.


The problem with modern society is inability to enjoy life. That results in worse overall quality of life and it becomes unmotivating to cultivate personal goals.


The reason for this is simple – people believe that they can start enjoying their life only if they accomplish their goal, for example, become a millionaire, be famous, have lots of friends, etc.

success manifestation


Once the goal is achieved, people get temporary satisfaction feeling. After that initial moment, happiness disappears. Then the goal becomes more complicated and the hamster wheel race begins again.


The secret to success and happiness manifestation is to enjoy the present moment. If you can’t find joy now, you also won’t be very happy when you achieve your success.

This is how you can enjoy present more:

  • Meditate. In fact, this is ancient success manifestation technique. Meditation helps you to clear your mind and focus on one thing better.


  • Exercise. Exercising has been proven in a lot of studies to increase positivity, uplifting mood.


  • Journal. Writing down one positive thing that has happened in 24 hours allows you to relive the moment and feel happy once again.


  • Practice gratitude. Write down 3 aspects that you are grateful for today. It can be anything that you feel happy for.


  • Deliver random acts of kindness. Make sure to share your happiness with someone else. Give someone a compliment, lend a helping hand, volunteer, etc.

And that’s how you can become more satisfied in life. Leveraging happiness will allow you to manifest success in a more efficient way because you’ll feel more positive about the journey.

7. Challenge your mind

Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. - Lisa Nihols

This quote above explains the power of questions and challenging your mind.


Success mindset can be achievable through your mindset training. The latter is achieved by challenging your mind to approach life in different way.


Instead of thinking “How do I accomplish a goal?”, think “What does it take to accomplish a goal?”.

Such question is more accurate and will provide you with more value. It extends the “how?” even further.


The importance of questioning your goal is to align your values, possibilities and power of will with the actual goal. If you notice that something doesn’t align with your moral values, you should switch the goal or approach it from another way.

8. Adopt abundance and motivated mindsets

Abundance mindset is all about attracting positive thoughts.  People with such mindset believe that there’s plenty of everything for everyone and only the sky is the limit. In other words, there’s nothing that they couldn’t achieve.


Such approach of mind focuses on taking risks, broadening your vision, and expecting even more than your expectations are.


The best thing is that you can also adopt this mindset too! The only thing that it will require is your efforts to change for the better.

manifestation success

Motivated mindset is a product of positive thoughts in a conjunction with a crisp of motivation which leads you to grow in life. In other words, it leads you to personal growth. It’s similar to a vehicle that can drive you to any destination that you want.


The most ridiculous thing is that you almost automatically adopt a success mindset with all these mindsets combined. That’s because these mindsets have a lot of common with success mindset.

The outcome of this is that you manifest success with an ease once you get a hang of it. You will possess an ability to attract anything you want.

9. Accept signs and opportunities

You might sometimes feel that there are signs related to your goal. You might not be entirely sure, but deep down you know it.


The only way to find out is to dive in and embrace them. At worst, you’ll gain valuable experience which can be interpreted and adapted to your goal.


For example, if you manifest an opportunity to join a language learning course even if your goal is to find more friends or your life partner, you might as well take it.

You create your own universe as you go along. - Winston Churchill

Most likely it can be a double win: such courses require lots of interactions with strangers that are likely to transform into a relationship. In addition, you’ll learn a language which is highly valuable in a world where soft skills dominate.


Universe is an unpredictable phenomenon

Some of your life skills which you never found useful can be extremely valuable for you in the future. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. It might never come. Take advantage of your manifested success sign.

10. Leap into actions

Now you’ll have to put manifestation into real actions. In some scenarios you could’ve already achieved your success just by thinking about it.


However, in majority of cases you’ll have to take your own hands and put them into action.


A successful business won’t fall from the sky.


You won’t find a meaningful relationship without searching yourself.


You won’t develop muscle memory for a musical instrument just by thinking about it.

manifestation success

Don’t worry! You have already done at least 50 percent with your power of thoughts. If you’ll leap into the unknown to achieve your success, you’ll already be another 30 percent in. You’ll be already 80 percent ahead of everyone else.


That leaves only 20 percent of actual work which should be enjoyable if you’ve done everything right. You have all the tools, now you’ll have to work smart not to forget to be consistent with it to attract anything you want.

If the work is not enjoyable, you can always readjust your plan accordingly and don’t be afraid to make some corrections.

11. Take not only actions, but also risks

Risks are the terror of our life. They might break it or make it.


Risks are what separate the special people.


Most people who became successful manifested their success. They believed in their idea and stayed positive about it.

Risks help grow our personality exponentially. We become more confident and resilient. We grow our skin and are not that prone to changes anymore.


If you have that fire in your heart, you should go for it and risk it. Take a look at this video about risks that explain the importance of them. It will scatter all your doubts:

Final Words From Delightful Mindset

Success manifestation is a very powerful tool to visualize your successes and improve your likelihoods to achieve them.


Here’s a summary what you should be doing:

  • Clear all doubts from your mind.
  • Be very precise about your one goal.
  • Use the power of feelings to identify your goal importance.
  • Stay positive and happy and leverage it to your advantage.
  • Challenge your mind.
  • Get to the action.

That’s about it. If you follow this guideline, it should dramatically help you to create your dream life and attract your desires.


Believe in your thoughts and most importantly believe in yourself.