money can’t buy happiness

Money can’t buy happiness, or can it? Does this phrase feed a confusing thought? Money and happiness are correlated but don't mean entirely the same.

mindset training, growth mindset

Mindset training can help you to achieve higher goals that seem impossible to you. You'll have to put in some work in order to acquire success mindset.

engineering mindset

To develop an engineering mindset, you must think outside the box and your comfort zone. You have to be knowledgeable of basic processes of your analyzing topic to find root problem and solve it.

money mindset

Changing your mindset should start from identifying your mindset and putting every ounce of energy to change it. A mindset change happens due to consistent work.

abundance mindset

People have scarcity mindset due to lack of self-belief and ambitions. To get abundance mindset, people need to set higher goals above the expectations and act immediately.

money mindset

You can double your income with a healthy money mindset by simply managing your time better and having a financial plan. Play smarter, not harder.