To escape poverty mindset, you have to change the way you think. You have to develop healthy mind habits and stay consistent with them.

not good enough

You feel that "I am not good enough" due to lack of self-confidence. You don't believe in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. However, that can be changed.

I waste so much time

The answer to the question “Why do I waste so much time?” is because of time management mistakes. People are not lazy, they just have goals and tasks that don’t inspire or motivate them.

healthy mindset

To create a healthy mindset, you have to approach with different mindset strategies. Healthy mindset comes from altruistic point of view, which is opposite of egoistic.

how other people see me

How other people see me or you is different. They can see either better or worse than you think they would. How other people see drastically changes from person to person.