going to be okay

You are going to be okay no matter what situation you face. That’s because everything is temporary and happiness comes in waves.

feel like something bad is going to happen

You feel like something bad is going to happen because you have unease mind. You either overthink or believe in superstitious events.

what is wrong with me

If you have ever thought “What is wrong with me”, don’t fear - it’s completely normal. You can change this thought by reversing your mind to your advantage.

eye opening

Experiences that are eye opening shape our character. If you embrace them with an open mind and opened eyes, they will change you for better.

living for yourself

We have only so much time on Earth. You need to enjoy life and start living for yourself by setting boundaries and standards for your own life.

mind boggling

Challenging ideas are mind boggling even for the greatest minds. Nevertheless, they spark curiosity because they provide us with excitement and exploration.